Koch Caca: It’s the Steal Thing!

From the StarTribune:

Former Minnesota Gov. Arne Carlson has weighed in on the Wisconsin labor protests, and is zeroing in on a measure that potentially could benefit Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s wealthy campaign contributors: the oil billionaire Koch brothers.

In a personal blog, Carlson, a Republican who served from 1991 to 1999, raises smart questions about a provision in Walker’s “budget repair bill” that deals with the no-bid sale of state-owned energy facilities.

Carlson not only questions whether the Koch brothers’ might have a business interest in this, but points out that this is the antithesis of the free-market philosophy at the heart of Republican party philosophy.

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“Certainly this empowerment should be disturbing to all particularly conservatives. How is it in the public’s interest to give such extraordinary power to one person (the Governor) who can dispose of taxpayer-owned facilities without public hearings, without legislative review, and without competitive bids?” Carlson writes.


Carlson also criticizes Walker for playing favorites with some public sector unions; police and firefighters are exempt from Walker’s bid to severely curtail other public workers’ collective bargaining rights.

Carlson also has sharp words about the prank phone call taken by the Wisconsin governor last week — the call ostensibly was from one of the Koch brothers. Americans for Prosperity, a special interest group with strong ties to the Koch brothers, is running ads in Wisconsin in support of Walker.

From Governor Arne Carlson‘s blog:

Now let’s ask two questions:
1—If collective bargaining is an evil that inflicts considerable harm on the public, then why does the bill exempt fire and police?  Governor Walker assures us that it is not political and the fact that some of these public safety unions supported his candidacy had nothing whatsoever to do with his decision.  Ok.  If that be the case, then why the exception?
2—We all know about the extended phone conversation with a fake Koch brother.  But what we do not know is why that call was accepted while calls from legislative leaders were shunted aside.  The Koch brothers run a privately held energy conglomerate headquartered in Kansas.  They reside in New York City and Wichita, Kansas.  They are also large financial supporters of Governor Walker.  Now we are assured that the acceptance of the call does not reflect any form of favoritism.  If that were the case then should not the Governor tell us why he so eagerly accepted this out of state call and refused the calls of legislative leaders elected by the public?
What is perplexing here is that governors are usually sensitive to the needs of the minority party and attempt to engage in negotiations in order that public policy decisions can have broad support.  That is what governance is about.  Certainly there may well be a need to reform the collective bargaining process.   Therefore, why not try to negotiate reform rather than refuse to bargain, and ultimately, create a bitter divide that can cause the Governor harm down the road.
[…T]he involvement of the Koch brothers, their energy conglomerates, their heavy financial interests in Wisconsin political campaigns and the Governor’s relationship with them and the language in the bill should at least cause thoughtful people to pause until the public receives solid answers.


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27 responses to “Koch Caca: It’s the Steal Thing!

  1. jean-philippe

    It’s amazing Walker has been able to create such a mess in less than 2 months. Well, 46 months to go…

    • i think it’s awesome that a former rethug governor, especially one from the same region, has denounced him.

    • I don’t think he has 46 months. He’s eligible for recall in 10 months.

      • i don’t think he has 46 months either. if he isn’t impeached for trying to use his office for soliciting donations, then he’ll be recalled. even if he’s not recalled, he’ll be so diminished that i wouldn’t be surprised if he pulled a palin and quit.

  2. jeb

    He has a well deserved R after his name which means he’s a Republican. I have no problem with well thought out people of differing philosophies who understand the principles of governance. Walker on the other hand, like so many of his political affiliates, should have a T after his name for Tool.

    • i think the T should stand for Teabagger. R doesn’t really fit most of the rethugs today. they make a mockery of what the republican party used to be, before it became the rethuglican party.

      • Over on the Big Orange, I made a comment that the current crop of Republicans hates at least one policy of every Republican president since Eisenhower, including W. I should write a diary about that.

      • jeb

        Teabaggers are Tools. That’s why the Koch-heads are funding them. They need someone with no principles or integrity to be their front. Scotty fits the bill perfectly. He’s ambitious, vacant and would gladly see his soul if he had one.

        • jeb

          arrrrrgggh, sell not see.

          • exactly, jeb. people like wanker walker have no integrity whatsoever, and he’s for sale to the highest bidder. too bad for him when he finds himself on the curb with the rest of the trash when he stops being useful.

  3. MNLatteLiberal

    Arnie Carlson is no rethug, nonnie.

    Arnie has supported several DFL candidates in the last couple of elections.
    When a wack job and a certifiable nutcase named Tom Emmer won the MN GOP nomination for Governor, Arnie refused to endorse the drunk driving moron. He also publicly endorsed Becky Otto, a DFLer and a good [old] friend of ours for State Auditor. Becky kicked the GOP/teabagger ass in the last two elections.

    In short, Arnie is a thinking, reasonable man. He is a shadow, a ghost, a reminder of the rational, thinking and reasonable Republicans now long extinct. Gone extinct long before the teabaggers ate into their hears and souls used to be.

    I think his blog shows just how wise and logical a man our former governor is. I have a lot of respect for him. Thanks for posting his blog piece.

    ~ L

    • i was hoping you’d stop by, latte. i suspected that carlson might be more independent than republican, especially since he’s from minnesota. i think it’s a good thing that someone who was a republican governor from a state in the heartland is saying what a putz wanker walker is. i hope other non-teabagging repubs who still have an ounce of self-respect will do the same.

  4. hey! this is an awesome bit of design work nonnie — i’m really delighted that my “cause that represses” line was selected for inclusion. many thanks, and best regards — dave (homo neurotic over at the big orange).

    • hello dave,

      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      i’m so thrilled that you came over here and commented! great minds think alike, even though i went with oppresses instead of represses (though, if you had been here earlier, you would have seen that i originally posted a version that said represses).

      i hope you’ll stop by again soon, dave. 🙂

  5. The GOP “R” could easily be changed to an “L” for Lockstep.

    Apparently things don’t necessarily go better with Koch (brothers).

    Koch brothers = the new Halliburton ?

    Ain’t no bid deals grand for them???

    Nice to see you staying on this topic like a pit bull Nonnie….
    Ohio is in the thick of it too.
    Union busting must NOT go viral, for cripes sake– even if the Supreme Court deemed Corporations are “people”.

    • a pitbull with lipstick! 😛

      these people really piss me off, so i can’t leave the subject alone. they can’t be allowed to frame the argument. you see in the headlines all different versions of unions vs taxpayers. that’s pure and utter bullshit. union members are taxpayers. they pay a way higher percentage of their salaries in taxes than the koch brothers do. 😡

  6. Wonderful poster Nonnie. Always favor the ones that make me laugh out loud at first viewing. The petition to recall Walker will start circulating on March 3 and requires 640,000 signatues. Should be a piece of cake. And you were wondering about the billionaires attitude: they are Coch-sure! And we must remember in our zeal that there are really some human beings out there that vote republican. Some. A few. These are what I like to call “thinking republicans” but these days they are far and few between. A notable one, from that region a hundred years ago was William Alden Smith, a self made man who rose from poverty to become a US Senator. He’s the reason we VOTE for senators (they used to be appointed and it bugged the shit out of him). He’s also the guy who called a quick commitee investigation, mobilized a sheriff pal with subpeonas at the docks, and made damn sure Ismays little clique wasn’t going to skip out of the country after RMS Titanic met its doom. Truly a remarkable man.

    • jerry, i know you like the advertising posters. you know how much i love them.

      it’s really a shame that there’s no rethug who is still in office who has the balls to stand up the rushbo, glenn blechh, the rest of hate media, and the corporatists. there really is a silent majority out there who will support such a person. that should be obvious with the outpouring of support for the protestors. i would bet that there are a lot of independents and a few republicans in those crowds. i think one of the first things that needs reform in this country is how campaigns are funded and then how primaries are conducted. as it is now, even the moderate rethugs are scared shitless of the teabaggers, and they won’t stand up for what they really believe.

  7. I so crack up laughing when I see these posters. Have to be careful at work, people are all to quick to decide one is crazy around here.

  8. Al

    Hi Nonnie’!
    First, Hat tip to Arne Carlson for weighing in with an unbiased and objective viewpoint. In an ideal world, Governor Walker would do the right thing instead of doing Koch’s bidding–talk about conflict of interest. As much as it hurts me to say this, guess it’s the bottom line that’s more important in Republican circles than the line of people standing up for principles…

    Have a great week ahead. Carpe Diem!

    • hi al! 😀

      always a pleasure to see you!

      a hat tip to arne carlson, indeed. if only those in office had the same courage to speak the truth, and if only more republicans (not rethuglicans) were like you and didn’t make apologies for people just because they have the capital r after their names.

      • And just when you think somebody draws a line in the sand against stupid, they make it a trench and dive in headfirst. I refer to one Huckaby who said just last week that the birfer movement was silly and a distraction. I listened to the full remarks today from some minor toady of r/w/r and could not believe it! He turns right around to play to the pobucker crowd even building up this MauMau diatribe of those awful Kenyans wanting independence from the crown, those wonderful peace loving English colonialist who controled 1/4 of the world at the time. Indepenence? Freedom?? Self-determination??? This offends the Party of God? I once had some respect for Huck as not being like the rest of them, but no more. He is a windbag and a worthless bag of shit. That’s a bag twofer. Now I will imagine him in the bombadier postion of those Liberator squadrons dropping bombs on all those upstart nignogs hiding in the jungle.

        • i was telling j-p over at his site not to be tricked into thinking that chuckleberry is a nice guy. he’s a sonuvabitch phony grifter who would stab his mother in the back to get ahead. he uses religion, he doesn’t believe in it.

  9. naïf

    LOL! I’m a huge fan of “birch” beer (the real “real thing”) but I think I’ll stick with Boylen’s, I’m guessing the John Birch stuff probably tastes a little too much like kool aid.

    • hello naïf,

      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      i’ve never tried john birch beer myself, but i understand that it not only tastes like kool-aid, but it leaves a very bitter aftertaste. 😉