Americans for the Prosperous


Americans for Prosperity, a political action group financed by the billionaire Koch brothers, has been active in supporting Gov. Scott Walker and his budget-repair bill.

AFP director Tim Phillips said Monday that his group already had spent $400,000 on TV and radio ads in the state in support of the governor.

“Yes, we will continue to be very active,” Phillips said.

Phillips said his group’s efforts began in Wisconsin in January 2005.

Original movie poster

The Koch brothers also have donated to Walker’s gubernatorial campaign and the Republican Governors Association, among others. Organized labor and Democrats have accused the brothers and groups they support of leading the organizational efforts in Wisconsin to get Walker’s bill signed into law.

Phillips said he is aware of the attacks his organization has taken for supporting Walker. Organized labor groups have attacked Walker and groups including Americans for Prosperity as union busters


Phillips said he heard the argument that the budget-repair stalemate can be solved if Walker and fellow Republicans allow unions the right to collective bargaining in return for agreed-upon concessions.

But Phillips said he was unmoved. His group and Walker want the collective-bargaining language in the bill to stay.

“Collective bargaining is the primary reason why government employee benefits and pensions are so out of whack with what the private sector gets,” Phillips said.


By definition, collective bargaining represents a give and take between worker and management. Phillips agreed, but said that in the case of collective bargaining between state workers and the state, negotiators are bargaining with taxpayer money, not private money.

“And because of that, we have seen them repeatedly cave in to a very well-organized, very well-funded interest group,” Phillips said.

Phillips said former Gov. Jim Doyle and previous legislatures have to bear responsibility for signing off on collective-bargaining agreements.



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23 responses to “Americans for the Prosperous

  1. jean-philippe

    And now, a warm thought about the Koch brothers:

  2. MNLatteLiberal

    man…Jake and Elwood.
    i mean, Belushi, nonnie? Senator Blutarski?
    is nothing sacred?! 🙂
    it seems such a shame to waste such a classic of comedy on the Koch pair.
    i don’t think they’re worthy. they don’t deserve a Blues Bros car. Put them on a bus. one of them AFP buses.

    let’s at least save Python for dems? :)))

    • i wondered who would be first to yell at me for using the blues brothers! 😆 actually, there’s only one koch bro sitting on the car. the other guy is tim phillips, the head of afp. does that make you feel any better, latte? 😉

      • MNLatteLiberal

        yeah, now i feel TWICE as good, nonnie. lmao.
        it’s all in good fun; nobody is yelling.

        i’m willing to forgo a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes and two pairs of sunglasses – it’s for a good cause. *g*

  3. PSzymeczek

    Is that Shrub back there in the chauffeur’s hat?

  4. Chauffeur is an excellent metaphor for butt licker. 😀

    • where were you yesterday, m’liss? it was a vintage ad night!

      • It’s been warm; so, I’ve started running again. Four miles on vintage night. Only one mile Tuesday, officially known as “everything hurts” day.

        I’ll back track. :mrgreen:

        • look at you bein’ all fit and healthy! you’re probably a commie like michelle obama. 😛 i do my walking on the treadmill. i do at least a couple of miles a day, sometimes more. and i’m still not fit or healthy. 😦

  5. jeb

    We’re on a mission from Koch.

    Hit it!

  6. And another tweet for the #kochsuckers hashtag on Twitter!

  7. You have never seen..?..?..the greatest movie in the world dealing with those magical words: “We’re getting the band back together”. This was the last movie I ever saw at a drive-in. In the rain. This is one of the greatest films of all time! And Carrie Fisher should have won an Oscar for playing Jakes jilted girlfriend left at the alter. But I won’t criticize using the sacred poster for the Koch suckers because now you just gotta see it (you won’t be disappointed)….interesting sidenote….Evil Ruperts attempt to launch Sun TV News have been thwarted in the Great White North. Seems they have a silly liscensing requirement that says you can not lie on news broadcast and fot that reason, he was denied. The conservative PM has been trying tirelessly to nullify the law with no success.

    • i’ll watch it when it’s on tv again. i know i’ve seen parts of it. i remember the scene in the church.

      i heard about poor uncle rupie getting the carpet pulled out from under him. so sad! 😥 i’ll have to read more about it. i only got the bare bones of the story.