You’re Tho Groth, Man!

From Crooks and Liars:

Wisconsin state Senator Glenn Grothman apparently doesn’t think much of the protesters spending the night in the capitol building and used the excuse that they’re just a bunch of “slobs” trashing the building as the reason why Governor Scott Walker decided to lock them out.

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I guess after this greeting he got from the protesters today while trying to enter the capitol building that they were locked out of, he’s even less happy with those “slobs”. I refuse to link to him, but this video is posted at The Gateway Pundit’s site, or as Media Matters calls him, the Dumbest Man on the Internet, under the breathless headline Breaking: Wisconsin GOP Senator Glenn Grothman Mobbed at Wisconsin Capitol. I guess if by “mobbed” you mean followed and having a bunch of people yell “Shame!” at you and then after being talked to by one of the Democratic congressmen and some others, people leaving with chants of “Peaceful protests!”.

Tensions are running high right now in Wisconsin, but I didn’t see anyone looking like they were going to threaten the Senator.


It’s funny how the right seemed to love this stuff when it was bused in teabaggers screaming at Democratic members of Congress during the health care debate, one of them apparently armed that wingnut and now sadly CNN contributor Dana Loesch defended here, or when there were gun nuts showing up outside an Obama rally in Phoenix with assault rifles, but when one of their own elected officials who catered to them has a group of actual grass roots protesters yelling at him, he’s being “mobbed” by some dangerous crowd of “union thugs.” Quite the double standard out of these so-called “lovers of democracy” I’d say.


[Transcript, The Last Word, MSNBC:]

GROTHMAN: Well, we’re trying to keep some people out of the building because right now the building is becoming a pig sty. People are staying overnight, the building smells. We used to have nice little groups of fourth grade children walking through the building. There was something called the Senate Scholar programs that would track us around. All of that is being shut down by a bunch of slobs taking up the building. We can no longer continue to have all of these slobs in the building.

[LAWRENCE] O’DONNELL: Well Senator some of these slobs in the building are elementary school students who may be learning something more interesting or valuable or real about government that’s going on there, don’t you think?

GROTHMAN: No. It would be embarrassing to me to take my child to that building today.

O’DONNELL: Cory Mason, you get the last word with us.

[DEMOCRATIC REP. CORY] MASON: I’ve had my kids here the last couple weeks. I am proud to see them witness this great moment in democracy. And these slobs that you’re referring to are police officers and nurses and firefighters and people who care for the state.

GROTHMAN: No they’re not.

MASON: And you ought to be ashamed of yourself. Yes they are! Come in and look. Come on in and talk to them.


O’DONNELL: Senator Grothman, before we go I just want to get one clarification from you about the crowds. Are you saying that all of the protesters there are slobs?

GROTHMAN: No of course not. But the people who are staying overnight are largely making a mess of our capitol and that’s what we were addressing. Why are we keeping people out of the building? Because we do not want to have so many people there overnight defacing our beautiful capitol.

MASON: Nobody’s defacing anything. They’re participating in a democracy.

(Videos at Crooks and Liars link)


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20 responses to “You’re Tho Groth, Man!

  1. jean-philippe

    It was priceless television. A senator insulting his constituants…

    From Wikipedia:
    Although Wisconsin suffered from a Cryptosporidium outbreak in 1993, when at least 104 citizens of Milwaukee died from unclean water, the Senator has introduced and supported Senate Bill 19, which removes the mandatory disinfection of municipal water systems.

    • i read his wiki page, and my jaw hit the floor. this guy is such a wingnut that’s he’s almost a cartoon. did you watch the video of him trying to get into the capitol? he was never threatened, but he sure didn’t look very happy. how much you wanna bet he’s an avid nra asskisser? i wonder how happy he would have been if he thought most of the crowd around him had been armed.

  2. MNLatteLiberal

    Watching him on Hardball now.
    What a galactic caliber asshole.
    He is going down hard next election.
    He looks like a major slob, btw.

    • you mean the last word. what an asswipe! he’s probably in a safe district, but he’s giving dems a lot of free campaign ad footage. he could have just apologized, but instead, he double-downed, and he looked and sounded so arrogant and disrespectful. i hope that all rethuglicans are asked if the protesters are indeed slobs.

      • MNLatteLiberal

        yep, Last Word; i stand corrected.
        i had no idea O’Donnell/MSNBC already had the transcript out: i was under the impression i was watching it live. i make it a point never to post/surf drunk or mad, but i was so outraged at what i was hearing, i skipped the requisite reading to vent. grrrr.

        i am still mad.

        here’s etymological food for thought: with a last name of Grothman, i bet the kids teased little Glen in school. i bet he was called nothing but “Gross Man!”, and the deep injury to his fragile psyche can now be witnessed by all on national stage.

        kids can be so cruel.
        but also brutally honest.

        i am still outraged at this ass’ stupidity. the depth of his convictions blinds him to any sort of semblance of manners or decorum. i am heartened by the civility of our side, esp. the eloquence of the woman who is in charge of student services @ UW/Madison. i envy her calm.

        • i got the transcript from c&l, and it was from the day before. the moran did a repeat appearance, and he was still too stupid to apologize for his name-calling after thinking about it for 24 hours. i think we should take slob and make it our own. i’m picturing t-shirts (or maybe sweatshirts for the colder climes of wisconsin) emblazoned with PROUD WORKING SLOB, or some variation of that. the rethugs are good at stuff like that. don’t defend against stupidity, turn it around, and make it work for us.

  3. jeb

    A slob in my book is someone who has such a low disregard for humanity.
    What’s really gross is people in this country who claim to embrace the constitution but seem to have no understanding of the origins or the meaning of our democracy.

    On a different note (enough about Sen. Pigman) there was a pretty good piece on how the state compensation plan really works in Forbes magazine today. You can see it here.

    • i think we should embrace the slob characterization. working slob, lovable slob, average everyday slob. let’s run with it. let grothman be the snobby elitist.

      thanks for the link. i just skimmed it. i have to get tomorrow night’s poster ready, because i’ll be gone for most of the day tomorrow. i bookmarked the article so i can read it more carefully.

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  5. I really think they should go back to the silk top hats and diamond stick pins so we can more easily identify our betters in public. Men should know to keep those heads bowed and eyes averted. Women may need to courtsey, or worse, submit to sexual dispoilment. You have to do these things with “betters”.

  6. I hope the place REEKS of sweat. Grothman doesn’t realize that’s what work smells like. I hope Wisconsin Democrats and workers stay fired up.

    • i think wanker walker and his buddies not only awoke a sleeping giant, but they kicked him in the head to wake him up and really pissed him off. can you say backfire?

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  8. I tweeted this with the hashtag #grothisaslob. I hope it goes viral and infects his reputation.

    BTW, nice to see your blog is not one of the 18 million WordPress blogs affected by a DDOS attack. I was worried for a bit.

    • you’re so good to me, neon vincent! i would love it if someone in wisconsin blew the poster up and used it in the protest.

      i wasn’t here for most of the afternoon, and i didn’t even know that there was an attack on wordpress. i wonder why the raisin was spared. i hope it didn’t affect any of my wordpress buddies.

  9. Tech Note- I noticed all the gravitars had disappeared two days ago so I clicked on your “X” in the box and got a contact with: Web blocked by Trend Micro Titanium, gave a long gravitar address noting-Rating Dangerous….”Trend Micro has confirmed that this website can transmit malicious software or has been involved in online scams or fraud”….I wrote you a message about it at the time but the post click just swirled on and on and it finally cut off and then blocked the Raisin site! Go figure. My take was some super nerd at a consol somewhere was highly intimidated by your fiery red hair and threatened by your squirter. Either that or that troll from a couple of years back has the Official California Dancing Raisin Police hot on your trail. I knew it was too good to last! Burn all the documents and meet me in a month in Rio. At least we will always have Paris….J

    • that’s so weird. by the way, don’t tell whoever it was who was so intimidated by the fiery red hair that i’ve been a brunette for quite a while now. 😉