The Artful Dodger

From Jonathan Capehart at POST PARTISAN at The Washington Post:

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) is pushing Sarah Palin off her throne as queen of the Tea Party. This considered opinion comes after watching Bachmann on “Meet the Press.” I didn’t agree with 99.9 percent of what she said, but in 12 minutes on MTP she demonstrated why she is a better leader of the angry wing of the Republican Party than Palin.

Bachmann, who is in her third term in Congress, is relentlessly on message. Her main talking point was that “secretly, unbeknownst to members of Congress, over $105 billion was hidden in the Obamacare legislation to fund the implementation of Obamacare.” No matter the question asked — Will there be a government shutdown? Has Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) failed the Tea Party? — she came back to that $105 billion.

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Unlike Palin, she doesn’t lard them with extraneous information that fail to make her sound smarter than you think she is. Still, Bachmann’s answers overflow with information.

We’ve identified $100 billion in cuts off of the president’s proposed budget, $60 billion if you compare it to the 2010 budget. So we have done our part to look for cuts. …

I am not in favor of raising the debt ceiling. In the last 10 years we have raised the debt ceiling 10 times. …

I think that it’s been troubling the way that the president has responded. For instance, in Libya during the unrest, we had at least 600 Americans who were there. The Chinese were in the process of removing 12,000 Chinese, while Americans were waiting for an American response to be removed from Libya. …

The economy is simply not improving. Just consider, the day before the president took office gasoline was $1.83 a gallon. There are places today in the United States where it is over $4 a gallon. It didn’t help that the president had the Interior secretary cancel 77 oil leases as soon as the president came into power. …

And Bachmann always has a prop. On MTP, it was a placard that read “$105,464,000,000.”


Bachmann made it clear that she hopes President Obama holds the office for one term. She stood behind her specious charge that his administration is a “gangster government” that has taken actions that are “corrupt, thoroughly corrupt.” Bachmann has also dabbled in the offensive Obama-is-a-secret-Muslim-and-noncitizen nonsense. Something Palin, to her credit, has refused to do.

But Bachmann’s harsh characterizations and pandering are devoid of the sarcasm Palin uses to lash out at critics and buttress her arguments. On the other hand, Bachmann has been known to buttress her Tea Party view of the world by sharing her selective knowledge of our nation’s founding.


So, if you’re nestled in the angry wing of the Republican Party, Bachmann is the kind of leader you need.


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22 responses to “The Artful Dodger

  1. I think this image would, in and of itself, scare the public far, far away.

    • you know who she scares more than anyone else? the person (using that term loosely) peeking in the window (anyone notice her? first time i’ve put her in a poster in months).

      • Princess Sarah wants to run, but I now think she isn’t going to. After, she’s all about the money, and running would mean that she can no longer be paid by Uncle Rupie. The same is true of Huckabee. With both of them out, Madame Representative has the Batshit Theocrat vote all to herself. She won’t win, but she could be the running mate of any major candidate except Pawlenty. Fortunately, the Constitution essentially forbids a president and vice president of the same state (we got close with W and Cheney, but Cheney could claim to be a resident of Wyoming even when he was spending most of his time in Texas). If Pawlenty wins, then someone else would have to shore up his right flank.

        • i think princess and chuckleberry will keep flirting publicly with running for prez, but neither one will actually run. the first reason is money. that’s why they’ll continue the charade. if they aren’t running for anything, then who wants to hear anything they have to say and who will buy their crappy books? throw in the salary uncle rupie gives them, and the money is just too tempting. neither one wants to give that up.

          i don’t think there’s any love lost between timmeh and batshit bachmann. batshit has stepped on timmeh’s toes at every turn. if timmeh is the nominee (and i doubt he will be), batshit bachmann is the last person he’d pick, even if he could legally pick her. as for the others, they’d love the money she can rake in, but there’s too much videotape of her saying batshit stuff, so nobody would pick her as a running mate.

          • jeb

            I agree Nons. I would assume that every Rethug who could potentially get the nomination will operate under the premise that CU already tried the crazy lady route in ’08 so no need in repeating that bonehead play. The pity is that these nimrods (Angle, Palin, Batshit and Ms. I-don’t-touch-myself) are getting all of the press instead of the many capable women in politics today.

  2. MNLatteLiberal

    i can almost hear her:

    i’m a teapot, short and stout
    and this is my anus from which i spout.

    and yeah, i have to agree to with Jillsy: you managed to capture her crazed glaze even better here. downright spooky. Twin Peaks spooky.

    • 😆 i was thinking of the teapot song while i was making the poster, latte! your lyrics are more fitting than the original version. 😉

  3. jeb

    $105B of hidden costs in Obamacare or $2M a day for the President’s trip to India, it doesn’t matter if it’s factual. If you repeat it often enough or loud enough, it must be true.

  4. How much is that doggy (beotch) in the window?
    Gregory looks so natural stuffed in that corner;
    awesome, nonnie.

    • that doggy in the window costs wayyyyyyyyy more than she’s worth. i think david gregory is afraid. that’s why he traded in his desk for a piano. then again, maybe he wanted to accompany batshit bachmann while she did her usual song and dance. 😉

  5. Brilliant! love the circling bats & lurking Palindrone

  6. Richard W. Crews


  7. Where was all her rabid fiscal responsibility when the Shrub was at the helm?

    So Obama wants to spend $ on healthcare….”secret money”. Because we all know there have been no discussions about healthcare in 2010, right?

    What not enough frigging tax cuts for the wealthy?
    Maybe more $$$ for wars???

    Loved this line: Americans were waiting for an American response to be removed from Libya. …

    Duh! If the foreign country you are in breaks out in violent civil unrest, you might want to consider getting your ass out of there.
    They piss & whine about less government, then take such a common sense item & twist it around.
    Did they want Obama to fly Air Force one to Libya & personally pick them up?

    Love that scowly Palin pic….. SHE wants the spotlight dammit!

    • silly fran! don’t try to make sense out of anything that comes out of that idiot’s mouth. it’ll only give you headaches and make you nauseous.

  8. The poor bearwoman. She is so yesterdays news. All the Moe-wanna-bees will sone drop off the radar too. Everybody knows the candidate will be Willard, a person that generates all the excitement of a piece of wet white bread. Did you know old daddy George was born in Mexico on a compound? Yes, we’re talking sister wives here. Old grandpa Romney had to flee because of revolution. They will play the same charade they did with old John last time and lose again. This country will not elect a mormon. Or a half term mean girl. Or a former preacher who seems to have lost his mind recently. This “I’m angry and badass” shit is wearing awfully thin. Michelle does have one chance though. She could gird up her loins (do women have loins?) , put on the ArmorAll of God and go into a fit of talking tounges. This would definatelly go viral. Wouldn’t accomplish much but we would all have a good laugh.

    • yep, things are gristly for mama grizzly. she’s just not getting any attention lately, so she’s switched from swiping at dems to swiping at rethugs. st. ronnie is spinning in his grave.

      i think the rethug nominee will be either timmeh t-paw or mitch daniels. the problem for rethugs is that they’re both as exciting as dry toast.

    • jeb

      Hmmm, and maybe she could get Charlie Sheen to be her running mate.

  9. I don’t know what would scare me more as a GOP presidential candidate – Whacky Michelle, Sarah Palin or Michael Huckabee. They all have qualities making them totally unfit as president of the country – and yet could conceivably win. After all, we never expected anyone to vote for George W. Bush, but look what happened – twice!

    • it’s unbelievable that the rethugs have such a weak bench. i hope that the country learned its lesson after the disaster that was chimpy. i also hope that the dems will finally have some momentum now that the middle class has finally woken up after the events in wisconsin. the rethug agenda is very clear, and if people don’t get off their asses and vote, this country will officially be a plutocracy.