Does this shade of brown make my nose look fat?


Shortly before signing the controversial bill that ends collective bargaining rights for public employees in Wisconsin, Gov. Scott Walker appeared on Morning Joe today to lambaste the pernicious influence of “union bosses” and “outside money” on the debate in Wisconsin.


[He complained] of supposedly shady outside interests.

Over two weeks after receiving a request from One Wisconsin Now, Walker’s administration has refused to release details of its contacts with lobbyists from Koch Industries, run by billionaire arch-conservatives Charles and David Koch.

mybrotherskeeperOriginal DVD cover

The group requested “all email and written communications between Koch Industries’ lead Wisconsin lobbyist and the office of Gov. Scott Walker and the Department of Administration,” but has not yet received the information.

Koch Industries was one of the biggest contributors to Walker’s election campaign. Americans for Prosperity, a group created and financed by the Koch brothers, has organized rallies in Wisconsin, and “[e]ven before the new governor was sworn in last month, executives from the Koch-backed group had worked behind the scenes to try to encourage a union showdown.” Apparently Walker isn’t troubled by “outside money” when it comes from rich conservatives with a purely ideological agenda.

(Video at THINK PROGRESS link)


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11 responses to “Does this shade of brown make my nose look fat?

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  2. The hypocrisy of these people is always amazing to me. Do they think no one checks on these things? Or that they just think it’s different when they do it?

  3. Hahaha ew. Nice cheesehead pin though. 🙂

  4. MNLatteLiberal

    A couple of on-topic thoughts and then a completely irrelevant one, but first, and i NEVER thought i’d ever hear myself say it, but i LOVE Walker’s nose, nonnie. there. nice touch, nonnie, or as the French would put it, touchE!

    my definition of brown nosing is ass kissing gone an inch too far.
    (you can use that :).

    my second thought is the 100,000 folks who turned up to welcome the 14 Democratic Senators back today. wow.

    got a phone call from Wisconsin Democratic Party phone bank. didn’t talk the guys ear off, but did thank him for the time they are putting in to reach out to us across the river. phone banking is the part i hate the most in the grass roots thing. even in the friendly list, it does get tense at times…

    and now to my favorite topic: Michele [spit] Bachmann made the CNN ticker and a nice front page story both for her knowledge of American History and Revolution (Lexington and Concord and prob. Paul Revere too moving to NH from MA) and being booed for her actual Death Panel efforts to defund AIDS research by…well, you can read it yourself.

    ~ L

    • i’m still laughing (and gagging a bit) at your definition, latte! 😆

      i didn’t watch the news at all today. i forgot that the awesome 14 were coming back today, and i missed their triumphant return. 😦

      thanks for the link to the batshit bachmann story. i’ve bookmarked it.

  5. She claimed that Lexington happened in New Hampshire and some time later stated it again. The only thing this bimbo is qualified for is putting together the new Cupcakes of Conservatism calander. They could get all cheesecake while making their males practice strict constuction while tightening the choke collar, if you know what I mean…and on crazy…I think Mathews called it correctly when he said this looney tunes chorus is all aimed at the Iowa caucus crowd, half of them charismatic, and will quickly dissapate to the “serious candidates’ (read-mittens). It runs strictly by seniority, it’s Willards turn, and he will lose.

    • the guys will be busy taking their photos for their craig’s list ads. cross-dressing prostitutes have to make a living, too.

      this is why i hate the caucus and primary system the way it is. why should the choices of the rest of the country be dictated by iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina?

  6. nonnie you got it almost right
    walker’s head needs to be completely brown because it is completely stuck up one of their………