Randy Randy (Bed)Hopper

From the fdlreporter:

State Sen. Randy Hopper has hired a high profile national campaign manager to help him defend his seat against a recall effort and an allegation that Hopper no longer lives in the district he represents.The Fond du Lac Republican and seven other GOP state senators are the subjects of recall efforts following the tumult in Madison over Gov. Scott Walker’s budget repair bill and their votes to eliminate collective bargaining for state workers on issues other than pay.


This week, Hopper’s wife said the senator had moved out of the couple’s Fond du Lac home. In a statement, Alysia Hopper said her estranged husband moved out of their Rienzi Road home in May 2010 and lives “mostly in Madison.”

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Court records indicate that Randy Hopper filed a petition for divorce in August.

On Monday, a complaint was filed with the Attorney General’s Office claiming Hopper has not been living in the district. In an interview Tuesday with The Northwestern newspaper of Oshkosh, Hopper said he has not been living in Madison.


Hopper said he has rented an apartment in Fond du Lac since he separated from his wife. He declined to release the address, citing the threats of physical harm he has received.


Hopper, a businessman, was first elected to the Senate in 2008, defeating Democratic challenger Jessica King by a margin of 163 votes, with 83,645 votes cast in the election. The 18th Senate District includes Oshkosh, Fond du Lac, Omro and Waupun.

Jeff Harvey, Hopper’s recently hired campaign manager, said he arrived in the state during the weekend. Harvey is a veteran of Republican campaigns and most recently worked on the election of Rep. Dave Reichert, R-Wash., and was previously coalitions director for the campaign of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

And then, there’s this:

MADISON (WKOW) — Sen. Randy Hopper (R-Fond du Lac) says he played no role in the recent hire of a state employee.

Sources say the employee is the same woman Hopper’s estranged wife, Alysia Hopper referred to as Hopper’s mistress in a public statement and in a letter to a radio station.

Department of Regulation and Licensing spokesperson David Carlson said the woman was hired in February as a limited term communications specialist.

Carlson said he had no details on whether the woman was hired to a newly-created position or a vacant, existing slot.


Hopper’s claim of living in a Fond du Lac area apartment was supported by the property’s owner.   The owner is also an employee of Hopper’s group of radio stations.

Hopper is one of sixteen state senators subject to recall in the fall out over Governor Walker’s budget repair bill.


In a telephone interview with WKOW27 News,  Hopper initially refused to respond to whether he had written a letter of reference or recommendation,   or intervened during the woman’s hiring process.

“I want to keep my involvement of anything as a private matter.   So, I’m going to maintain that.”

But Hopper later called a WKOW27 News reporter and said he had no involvement in the woman’s hiring.

A spokesperson for the Madison-based political consulting firm Persuasion Partners Inc. told WKOW27 News the woman, 26,  worked as a coordinator of voter direct mail for six months,  leaving the firm in January

Did I forget to mention that randy Randy ran as a family values candidate?


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18 responses to “Randy Randy (Bed)Hopper

  1. Where’d everybody go? “And the Last shall be the First” This happened once last year Nonnie and now deja vu. In the case of the randy goper, my only surprise is that it is with a woman. Looks like all the recall petitions floating around are going to give us a week by month series of mini-elections for the next 12 to 16 months.

    • i wish i knew where everyone is, jerry. i know m’liss is at the family motel, partying it up for spring break. as for everyone else, i don’t know, but i’m very sad, because it gets lonely around here. 😦

      i’m always surprised when a gooper’s affair is revealed and it’s with a woman. then again, i’m always surprised that anyone of any gender would want to get their dinky stinky with any of them.

      the recalls are going to be very fun to watch. i can’t wait. not only will they be fun to watch, but i think they will keep the momentum going. at least, i hope so.

      • I’ve been very busy with Coffee Party USA. Being a member of leadership is a lot of work, but it’s quite worth it. Just the same, I miss hanging out here with you.

        • and i miss you, neon vincent. if you need any photoshopping done, let me know. anything for the cause! 😀

          • I’ll pass that along to Annabel Park and the rest of leadership. Better yet, photoshop a sign or T-shirt about tax fairness. Right now, the leader is this one:


            If you want other targets, read the list in the editorial at the next link.


            When you figure it out, send me the link and I’ll pass it on to everyone else and give you credit.

            • i might use that editorial as tomorrow night’s post. i’m working wounded, so i might decide to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. i have a couple of things i just p’shopped. i hope you’ll like them.

      • jeb

        I’m back! I was actually down in your neck of the woods Nonnie. My new fiance and I were enjoying a beach holiday in Miami.

  2. He wants to keep his involvement in a public matter private? Exactly how does that work?

    • and you’ll never guess what the update is, kurt. this is from wkow:

      A state worker with ties to Sen. Randy Hopper is being paid $11,000 more annually than her predecessor in a position at the department of regulation and licensing.

      State officials said the woman, 26, was hired to a limited term, communications specialist position last month, with a salary equivalent to $42, 328 annually.

      State officials Friday said the woman’s predecessor left the position in January, with a salary equivalent to $31,200 annually. No explanation was given for the new hire’s higher pay.

      Sources told WKOW27 News the state employee was the same person referred to by Hopper’s estranged wife when she publicly stated her husband started an affair in Madison.

      i wonder if she’s a union worker now. that would be the supreme irony.

  3. Why on Earth do they keep doing this? After so many “family values” Republicans have been caught with their pants down, you’d think he’d be, if nothing else, just too spooked to have an extra-marital affair, never mind put her on the payroll. Even if there weren’t the startling appropriateness of his name to remind him. I guess each one thinks he’ll never get caught.

    • i think it’s either arrogance or lack of character or both. they all think they’re smarter than the other guys who got caught, or they just can’t help themselves.

  4. John Hoffman

    Is this chrome-plated asshole collecting a per diem as if he was still living in Fond du Lac, and not residing in Madison?

    • hello john hoffman,

      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      i don’t have an answer to your question, but i love your description of him as a chrome-plated asshole. 😆

  5. why cant Newt’s ex-wives or Rudy’s ex-wives or Sanford’s soon to be ex-wife or one of Rush 54 ex-wives help get rid of those assholes too

    • because faux news is there to promote and defend newtie and rudy. randy randy bedhopper isn’t famous or rich enough to warrant a lot of attention from faux.

  6. <>

    I think it comes from the theory of what you focus on tends to come into fruition. If a person is constantly bible thumping or scrutinizing other’s moral code, they are pretty much heading for a fall. (down of their pants or worse.)