When is time up for those who should be doing time?

From THINK magazine:

National Public Radio Media Correspondent David Folkenflik raised serious questions about the latest James O’Keefe video tape, which showed an NPR fundraiser insulting conservatives, during a presentation to Stony Brook’s News Literacy Conference.

Fundraiser Ron Schiller, as well as CEO Vivian Schiller (no relation), were “ousted from their jobs” as a result, according to Folkenflik. Officially, they both resigned.

Folkenflik, who does not speak for NPR, described O’Keefe as a “conservative activist,” the video as a “sting” and the situation as an “astonishing episode.” He also joked that he introduced O’Keefe by a different controversy in each report he filed.


O’Keefe’s stunts include dressing as a pimp in a sting that took down ACORN, attempting to trick a CNN investigative reporter onto a boat filled with sex toys, and breaking into a Senator’s office in order to tap her phone lines.

Based on his resume, the conservative activist should be doubted by the media. Instead, most reporters and pundits from both sides of the aisle accepted the video as truth until The Blaze, a website owned by Glenn Beck, called it into question.


Editor Scott Baker was the first to provide evidence that the two hour ‘raw video’ may have been edited unfairly.

Baker inspired Folkenflik to follow up his coverage of NPR’s reaction to the video by performing his own analysis on it. He assembled a team of experts who concluded that the video was edited in a way that affected its content.

The analysts cited a particular flaw in the audio that indicates the use of two different editing programs. They also noticed that Schiller was referring to two Republicans, both of whom had expressed doubts about the direction of the party, right before he allegedly insulted the Tea Party.


O’Keefe interpreted NPR’s actions as proof of his video’s legitimacy, even though most outlets that have stayed with the story have raised questions about the tape.

The problem is, according to Folkenflik, is that not many have chosen to proceed with coverage. Newspapers such as the Washington Post and the New York Times have not extended the story past the ousting of NPR executives.

Some prominent bloggers, such as Dave Weigel, not only acknowledged the flaws in the video, but apologized for spreading it without mentioning O’Keefe’s questionable past.


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24 responses to “When is time up for those who should be doing time?

  1. jean-philippe

    Who raised that prick?

    • for all we know, his parents are decent people. however, little jimmy seems to need constant attention and validation. he’s going to implode very soon. he keeps having to outdo himself, and he cheats to do so. it’s just a matter of time until he does something so outrageous that nobody will touch him with a 10 foot pole.

  2. Eewww, he looks like the “after” picture of a meth fiend, hillbilly crack(er) —
    ugly is as ugly does

  3. The sad thing in Media did not do homework. Everything he has done was shown to be not even, purposely NOT ACCURATE. THANKS TO CORPORATE MEDIA AND SOME BLOGGERS, the outcomes were action by Republicans that hurt real folks because a lie on tape is still a lie.

    Final.: Repubs don’t care about truth and accuracy, only WINNING.

    • they didn’t do their homework knowing that he’s a liar. how lazy are they? of course, they’re way too busy reporting on the important things–lindsey lohan, charlie sheen, and who princess sarah thinks insulted her this week.

  4. The amazing thing is that it was Glenn Beck’s site that caught him. When the crazy man actually gets something right, that’s not a good thing.

    • maybe glenn blechhh (if he actually had anything to do with it) is trying to divert attention away from his own batshittery. his contract with faux is almost up, and it’s quite possible they aren’t going to renew it.

  5. Looks like this kid enjoys using entrapment tactics, and distortion of what transpired to play his *gotcha* games.

    If you want to find facts, fine, do so in a fair way. This kid like to be a poser to create set ups. He’s a bad version of candid camera.

    • i would bet that he never had a friend in high school or college, so now he’ll do anything in order to get attention. he doesn’t care what he does or says to do it. i really don’t care about that. he’s nothing but a flash in the pan. what’s really frightening is that, even though he’s been proven to be a liar and a criminal, the media uses him as a source, and those in congress respond to his bullshit by defunding sources of support for the poor and middle class.

      • What I’m saying is real journalists can’t create fake set ups to try to get a story. They have to find actual evidence.
        This kid just makes shit up to get his story & yes — how this little shit took down ACORN & may give an excuse to defund NPR is crazy.

        O’Keefe’s bogus sting operations should be nailed for taking false identity in order to entrap.

        In ACORN’S case, just those workers should have been disciplined or retrained– to lose all their Federal funding nationwide was a shame . NPR, they guy in the interview really just spoke the truth there is an anti Muslim sentiment in this country… but he’s already resigned.
        Still any excuse to wield the budget axe at socially helpful programs goes full lockstep, steam ahead.

        • real journalists, especially investigative journalists, use deception to get their stories, and there’s nothing wrong with that. what is wrong is to edit tape in a way that is totally misleading afterward so that you can “prove” what you wanted to prove when you started. this little piece of shit knows what he wants to smear the people he targets, so he does anything and everything to make them appear the way he wants them to appear, not how they really did appear.

          he has never uncovered anything untoward. the people at acorn were vindicated, and the guy from npr didn’t do or say anything incorrect or wrong. it’s a shame that anyone kowtows to this piece of shit and the teabaggers instead of standing up to him and unmasking him as the fraud and the rethuglican tool he is.

  6. The easiest and quickest way to shut up this little prick is to put a camera on him. Watched a link from Cesca showing him a a tea fundraiser and the handlers and lady organizer of the event went ballistic at the notion he would walk out and the “big money” there would not pay up. His only real fame in life is being the #1 buttboy for Andrew Bitefart.

  7. Correction: video is on TPMmuckraker…worth watching

  8. Shouldn’t he be in jail?

    Isn’t wiretapping a Congressional office kind of a crime?

  9. the media loves his soap opera – it looks like someone put a ciagarette out on his face – we should be so lucky

    • i can’t see why they like him. he’s so unappealing, and he doesn’t come off as very smart. he serves faux news’s purposes very well, but any journalist with a grain of integrity should ignore him.