EXCLUSIVE: HBO has optioned the book Angler: The Cheney Vice Presidency by Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist Barton Gellman for a miniseries to be executive produced by Paula Weinstein.

Oh, please, please, please, please, pulleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze, let me help!
Original DVD cover

The mini, which will be based on the bestselling book and the FRONTLINE documentary The Dark Side, tells the story of Richard Bruce Cheney from his early days as Donald Rumsfeld’s protégé in the Nixon administration, to the nation’s youngest Chief of Staff under President Ford, to serving as Secretary of Defense under George H.W. Bush, through two controversial terms as Vice President under President George W. Bush. According to the producers, the project will center on Cheney’s “single-minded pursuit of enhanced  power for the Presidency (that) was unprecedented in the nation’s history.”

But every show needs romance!  Don’t leave out Lynne! I think Holland Taylor would be perfect!


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25 responses to “Mini-Sneeries

  1. sorry so late, kids. wordpress was broken all day. 😦

  2. Mr. Dithers from the Simpsons can play Dick in the animated version.

  3. Must mean Smithers, who took a job with the Dark Father in last Sundays episode after Burns flung himself off a cliff. He did question why his job was pulling the wings off of bees….but that poster captures that sneer just right. I recently saw the W movie on HBO and the weasely character of the VP was so well played that I didn’t even recognize it was Dryfuss playing him. You got to admit, he inspires scriptural references like “what gain a man to inherit the earth but lose his soul”. And now he is of the undead! Creepy.

    • i found that deadeye dick sneer, but the pic was cut off at the forehead. that sneer was just perfect, so i did some plastic surgery to give deadeye dick a big shiny pate. i think it’s exciting that hbo is doing its first horror miniseries.

      • I’m glad you said miniseries. Otherwise, I’d be insulted on behalf of True Blood, which is their big horror series–vampires, werewolves, and fairies in Louisiana. No I’m not making that up.

        • i watched true blood a couple of times, and it looked really good. however, i watch so many series that i didn’t want to commit to yet another one, so i didn’t watch any more.

          by the way, i misspoke anyway, as this is hbo’s first horror minisneeries, not miniseries. 😉

  4. Sara

    why so mean to Holland Taylor? meanwhile, one of your best covers EVER!
    and Tex West, right on about Dreyfuss’ role playing Cheney. It was perfect casting.

    • i wasn’t being mean to holland taylor. i think she’s an absolutely fabulous actress, and she can portray the inner evil that is lynne cheney. i think she’d be absolutely perfect in the role.

      i watched the entire series of ‘the tudors’ a few weeks ago, and i couldn’t wait to use one of the dvd covers. i thought this was the perfect opportunity. glad you like it, sara, because it’s one of my faves, too. 😀

  5. afrankangle

    Plain and simple, I’ll pass on the movie and the book … but I love the cover!

    • i’m glad you like the cover, afa. think i should send it to hbo? i think the title is perfect for the minisneeries. i can’t wait to see it, if only because i’ll be picturing deadeye dick squirming in his seat and mumbling under his breath at how unfairly they’re displaying the evil that is deadeye dick. in fact, i’ll picture the entire family settling down to jeer at the tv (scroll down).

  6. my vote to portray Cheney would be Jon Stewart, he doesn’t look anything like him but he’s got the evil emperor sneer & snicker down pat

    • i want jon stewart to portray queen elizabeth. there’s nothing guaranteed to crack me up immediately as much as when he says helloooooo. even when i know it’s coming, i guffaw every single time. just thinking about it cracks me up. maybe sean penn could play cheney. he might be able to pull it off, and the irony would be sweet, sorta like the stepson of barbra streisand playing w in the movie.

  7. jean-philippe

    Beautiful 😀

    • thanks j-p! 😀

      i had to update the poster, because i noticed yesterday that i had goofed on chimpy’s chin, and it was driving me crazy. i was going to leave it alone, but i couldn’t stop thinking about it. it was the first thing i’d always see when i looked at the poster.

      • jean-philippe

        Dubya has been quiet lately… Maybe he’s googling another book?

        • i think he finally found his calling. he was picking up barney’s poop and realized that was what he was born to do, so he now picks up all the poop from all the dogs in the neighborhood. it keeps him busy.

  8. one of your best
    do you think lynne cheney can emulate marie antoinette
    or mary queen of scots

    • so glad you think so, dcAp, because this is one of my faves. i think lynne cheney is more like lady macbeth, except she’ll never feel a shred of guilt for anything.

  9. jeb

    The problem I foresee with this will be the believability factor. I mean seriously, can they really capture the greedy mean mofo that is Dickhead Cheney in a way that people won’t think they’re just taking artistic license?

    • making deadeye dick even a tenth as evil as he really is will take some heavy-duty special effects. it will be a horror movie, but i’m glad they’re making it, if only to open the eyes of some people who don’t follow politics and don’t realize just how dangerous the chimpy administration really was.