ɥɔıɹbuıb ʇʍǝu

From The Wonk Room at THINK PROGRESS:

Newt Gingrich really doesn’t like it when Barack Obama takes his advice. It’s not just true of intervention with Libya — it’s also the case with fighting global warming pollution. In short, Newt was for carbon cap and trade, until Obama became president:

February 15, 2007: “I think if you have mandatory carbon caps combined with a trading system, much like we did with sulfur, and if you have a tax-incentive program for investing in the solutions, that there’s a package there that’s very, very good. And frankly, it’s something I would strongly support.” [Frontline, 2/15/07]

April 4, 2009: “And now, in 2009, instead of making energy cheaper—which would help create jobs and save Americans money—President Obama wants to impose a cap-and-trade regime. Such a plan would have the effect of an across-the-board energy tax on every American. That will make our artificial energy crisis even worse—and raising taxes during a deep economic recession will only accelerate American job losses.” [Newsweek, 4/4/09]

bigtoppeeweenewtgingrich2Original DVD cover

Gingrich’s full record on global warming is actually a series of epic flip-flops over more than two decades, with his positions mostly coinciding with whether the party holding the presidency is a Republican or a Democrat. Since 1989, when Gingrich supported aggressive climate action against “wasteful fossil fuel use,” until today, as he proposes abolishing the Environmental Protection Agency, the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has risen from 353 ppm to 391 ppm (from 26 percent above pre-industrial levels to 40 percent above), and the five-year global mean temperature anomaly has nearly doubled from 0.3°C to 0.56°C.

See all the flips and flops over at The Wonk Room link.


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32 responses to “ɥɔıɹbuıb ʇʍǝu

  1. elizabeth3hersh

    I have added this to my Netflix queue.

  2. Sara

    ok, nonnie, how did you do the upside down thingie?

    • ¿ɐɹɐs ‘ןɐɔıbɐɯ sɐʍ ı ʍouʞ ʇ,upıp noʎ

      it’s not really difficult, but it’s rather clumsy. first, you have to turn your keyboard upside down. then the monitor. of course, if you’d rather do it the easy way, you can just go here.

      ǝıuuou ‘ǝʌoן

  3. jeb

    Shocked. Shocked I am that Newtie would take positions that are politically advantageous for whatever crap he’s selling at the moment. Speaking of positions, the choice of posters is appropriate. Just as the actor in the original was caught engaging in self-stimulation in a porno theater, Newtie’s been doing that for years to his own reflection.

    • that’s the second time i used that poster, jeb. the first time, the movie starred capt underpants. i had to chub it up a lot for it to be newtie.

      what’s shocking is that newtie (and the rest of them) still don’t realize that everything is recorded these days, and when they contradict themselves, it’s so easily proven. the arrogance of thinking they can get away with it is stunning.

      • The modern GOP consists of the people who can be fooled all the time and the people who are fooling them.

        I wish I weren’t kidding, but there’s research to back it up.


        “Yes, experiments show they are almost totally uninfluenced by reasoning and evidence, but why are they so dogmatic? Yes, studies show the Religious Right has more than its fair share of hypocrites, from top to bottom; but why are they two-faced, and how come one face never notices the other? Yes, their leaders can give the flimsiest of excuses and even outright lies about things they’ve done wrong, but why do the rank and file believe them?”

  4. Weee! Newt takes off!

  5. kaylaspop

    ¡ןooɔ ooʇ sı sıɥʇ I had no idea.

  6. Newtie flip-flopping, how is that possible????
    is it because he’s now a devout Catholic…….
    “The whole effort to create a ruthless, amoral, situational ethics culture has probably driven me toward a more overt Christianity.”

    or because he cheated on his wives……
    “There’s no question at times of my life, partially driven by how passionately I felt about this country… I did things that were wrong, I wasn’t trapped in situation ethics, I was doing things that were wrong…”

    See..it’s not a flip-flop it’s just those darn situation ethics!!

    • what a coincidence. tengrain over at mock, paper, scissors just added you to the blogroll over there, and i just commented that i just recently discovered your site, and i love it.

  7. Whoah! Pass the Dramamine…. all this flipping & flopping is making me dizzy & nauseous!

  8. The Grinch of ginch should take up a career more suited to his forte in life, like start a swinger website. Photoshop tip: when a grinch requires chubbing get the bearwoman to show him her twits.

  9. Gingrich’s position is really quite simply …

    Pres. Obama is wrong.

    Anything else is irrelevant details, and he’s counting on dittoheads and Fox fans not to notice.

    • it’s like a game of madlibs that always starts with obama is wrong. the rest is really just random gibberish and doesn’t really matter to idiots who think that newtie has a shred of credibility left.

  10. jean-philippe

    ˙˙˙uɐıɔıʇıןod ǝuınuǝb ʇsoɯ ǝɥʇ ǝq pןnoʍ ǝɥ ‘ɐıןɐɹʇsnɐ uı buıʌıן sɐʍ ʇʍǝu ɟı ‘ʍouʞ noʎ

  11. elizabeth3hersh

    This gem was sent to me by e-mail this morning:

    You, who worry about Democrats versus Republicans——-relax, here is
    our real problem:

    In a Purdue University classroom, they were discussing the
    qualifications to be President of the United States . It is pretty simple:
    the candidate must be a natural born citizen of at least 35 years of age.

    However, one girl in the class immediately started in on how unfair
    was the requirement to be a natural born citizen. In short, her opinion
    was that this requirement prevented many capable individuals from
    becoming president.

    The class was taking it in and letting her rant, and not many jaws hit
    the floor when she wrapped up her argument by stating “What makes a
    natural born citizen any more qualified to lead this country than one
    born by C-section?”

    Yep, these are the same kind of 18-year-olds that vote in our elections!
    They breed and they walk among us…….

    • i had to read that a couple of times before i got the joke. that’s pretty funny. that said, there are a lot of 18-year-olds who take voting more seriously than a lot of 50-year-olds.

      • elizabeth3hersh

        I concur.

        • Here’s a classic Elizebeth from 15 years ago: An SMU professor was on local KERA radio talking about the ignoramus factor of students and mentioned “I had this young gril in my class who told me she was learning the Russian language so she could read the original text of Marx!” Just what is a German writing in London to do?

  12. Nonnie,
    Thanks for your kind words — I check in here & at MPS daily, you both have mad skills & wicked wit, I’m hooked!

  13. elizabeth3hersh

    Conservative columnist Jeff Jacoby (Boston Globe) even agreed with this one!! Wow!


    Flip-flopping doesn’t bother me too much as there are always many variables, and politics (like life) is dynamic and never static. I state this because I am a serial flip-flopper…keeps loved-ones on their toes.

    • there’s nothing wrong with flip-flopping, if you change your position based on new information. however, in the case of a lot of rethugs, they change their position just so that it’s the opposite of obama’s or some other dem. there’s no conviction or deliberation, just bullshit.