The Games Rethugs Play


In a statement this afternoon, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor acknowledged what top Republicans have hesitated to acknowledge since they won back the majority in November: a government shutdown is a real possibility and, he says, the country will blame Democrats if that happens.

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Through all the twists and turns of the spending cut fight, Republicans have been loathe to admit the real possibility of a government shutdown.


But now Republicans have been dragged across the event horizon. Or so it seems. They’re prepared to reject a fledgling White House spending cut plan, which includes cuts to both discretionary and mandatory spending. Democrats say they will not negotiate backwards from the much farther-reaching House position, but Republicans say that’s a predicate for reaching an agreement. And if there is a shutdown, these developments raise another question: will Republicans take a page out of their 2010 election playbook and attack Democrats for pushing cuts to entitlement programs.

Politically, this is dangerous territory for Republicans. They need Democrats to pass any budget that the Senate will accept and the President will sign. So they’re trying to maximize the Republican position in these negotiations without triggering a shutdown. But if they overplay their hand, and the government shuts down, it’s unclear who’ll be caught in the political fallout. […]

Full statement below.

“Senator [Harry] Reid failed to pass a budget last year and once again is abandoning his responsibility to offer a credible plan to cut spending and fund the government for the rest of the year. The Reid/Schumer leadership team has failed to take our fiscal crisis seriously, as members of their own Democratic caucus have pointed out.”Our federal government borrows nearly forty cents of each dollar it spends, yet Senate Democrats want to keep spending money that we don’t have. It is clear that because Senator Reid refuses to make any spending cuts, he instead plans to force a massive future tax hike on families and small business people.

“In the scope of our debt crisis, if Senator Reid and Senator [Charles] Schumer force the government to partially shut down over these sensible spending cuts, Americans will hold them accountable.”


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22 responses to “The Games Rethugs Play

  1. and yes, i know it’s the wrong end of the horse. i had only 4 hours sleep, i was gone all afternoon, and this was truly a last minute poster.

  2. 😆 Cantor looks so silly. 😆

    But seriously….Who’s House?

  3. jean-philippe

    It’s funny, this big oil subsidies scandal and the story about GE screwing the IRS made me forget about the shutdown…

  4. So let the finger pointing begin!

    I have a finger to point @ Eric Cantor!

    Furthermore, let’s not forget in part, these budget cuts are necessary BECAUSE the Republithugs insisted on tax cuts for the rich.
    Americans will hold THEM accountable.

    It the lockstep GOP wants the government to shut down, will their paychecks & socialist health insurance benefits be suspended too?

    For the record, I am in favor of that!

    • let’s make it a 21-finger salute.

      the dems had better make sure to let people know that the rethugs are the ones who don’t care about shutting down the government. they can’t allow them to spread their lies.

      • They sure dug in to make sure those tax cuts for the oober wealthy continued past the 8 years Bush put them in place.

        The rest of us are feeling the trickle (i.e. getting pissed on).

        So we have to keep the fact they were the ones who crafted that move in the forefront..
        Taking care of their base (the fat cats), even when this country is on it’s knees in financial collapse.

        If a government shutdown effected them personally, like it does the general public (no paychecks), they would abandon the practice.

        • they’re quickly reasserting themselves as the party of i got mine, screw the rest of you, and all the dems have to do is keep reminding people.

          • Yes! Being serious for a moment (your stuff always cracks me up) Democrats have a golden opportunity to win the all-important message war. Let’s hope they don’t blow it.

            • actually, dems really don’t have to do much except keep handing rethugs shovels, because they’re doing a very good job at digging themselves a big ditch. let them keep talking, and then pick out the best quotes for the campaign ads.

  5. jeb

    I hope it backfires on them worse than the Newtie shutdown in the mid-90s did. Newtie was so certain that Clinton would take the fall and instead it stuck to him – as it should. I just fear we don’t have anyone with the ingenuity of Clinton to ensure that they take the blame for it.

    • harry reid and chuck schumer are doing a pretty good job of painting bronzo the clown into a corner. not only does he have to worry about a government shutdown because of the teabaggers, but he’s got his own survival at stake, too. widdle ewic cantor aka brutus can’t wait to stick the proverbial knife in bronzo’s back.

  6. I like it. It has a creepy, Illuminati, one world government kind of look to it.
    But the Knight scares me. 😉

  7. Wouldn’t the proper place for Cantors face be on the token?