Weak Tea

From POST POLITICS at the Washington Post:

A sparse crowd of tea party activists gathered beneath the U.S. Capitol on Thursday to urge Congress to cut more spending from the current federal budget and to cheer on some of their favorite politicians, including Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), Mike Pence (R-Ind.) and Steve King (R-Iowa).

One organizer estimated that a couple of hundred protesters had gathered near the Robert A. Taft bell tower north of the Capitol at lunchtime Thursday. According to a media sign-in sheet, at least 50 of those present were journalists documenting the latest tea party rally in Washington.

Because there’s nothing more important for them to be covering than a handful of members of the Batshit Bachmann fan club?


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The rally was billed as a chance to tell lawmakers, particularly the Republican leadership and those newly elected with tea party support, that they must push for the full $100 billion in cuts from the current federal budget that they promised — and also for the elimination of $105 billion in federal spending to begin implementing the health-care legislation enacted last year.


“You’re revved up!” Bachmann declared to the cheering crowd. “You’re fighting! What I’ve seen across America is, you’re paying more attention than ever!”

But after a few days of buzz on the political blogosphere, the grassy expanse where organizers had set up a tiny platform for speakers and a wide riser for television cameras seemed more of a showcase for the Washington media than anything else.


Most of the ralliers had traveled from nearby communities in Virginia and Maryland — although an organizer said buses had come in from New Jersey, New York, North Carolina and Pennsylvania as well.

From David Weigel at SLATE:

At 10:51 a.m. on Thursday, the speaker of the House took questions from reporters about the tick-tick-tick toward a possible government shutdown. “Democrats are rooting for a government shutdown,” said John Boehner. “Our goal is to cut government spending, not shut down the government. […]”


An hour or so later, a couple of blocks away, about 200 Tea Party activists trod over damp grass to hear their leaders respond to Boehner. There was at least one reporter for every three or four activists. They were there to hear conservatives rip into Republicans for statements like the one Boehner had just made. “I think there are more press than Tea Party Patriots here,” joked freshman Rep. Jeff Duncan, R-S.C., in an aside to one of the organizers.

Jenny Beth Martin, the national coordinator of Tea Party Patriots, kicked off the rally as Republican members of Congress lined up to give their speeches. She didn’t contradict Boehner at all. “They’re blatantly saying that if we go to a government shutdown, it’s the Tea Party’s fault,” said Martin.


The Tea Party’s role in this has been wily. While Jenny Beth Martin was echoing the GOP’s message, her co-leader, Mark Meckler, was telling the Associated Press that Boehner would “face a primary” if he compromised. Most of the speakers at the Thursday rally avoided that talk. When Rep. Mike Pence went there—carefully preceding the shutdown talk by blaming it on Democrats—it did get applause.

“If liberals in the Senate would rather play political games, and shut down the government instead of making a small down payment on fiscal discipline and reform,” said Pence, “I say shut it down.”

“Cut it or shut it!” yelled some protesters near the front of the stage. “Cut it or shut it!”


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27 responses to “Weak Tea

  1. You know, it’s kind of sad when people don’t realize that a fad is over and keep clinging to it, desperate to look cool and not realizing how out of fashion they already are.

    • it reminds me of american idol contestants who are practically deified after the show and then become nothing more than a trivial pursuit answer.

  2. jean-philippe

    Poor Michelle, she had a hard week… she’s losing her place as the nuttiest teabagger to Trump…

  3. Of course they want a government shutdown simply because they don’t believe in government. And now the government will simply “wither and go away”. Only commies and repubs believe that crap. Couldn’t help but to notice the trend of doing the Emmanuel Goldstein thing on Real Time tonight. If a current goper, like the NRC capo on the panel, can go two sentences without using the names Pelosi and Reid, he must be banished forever. I used to observe the former roomate when these words would appear and endure five to ten minute rants. Alec Baldwin was a solid quarter hour!

    • i wonder how many of the freshman will want a government shutdown when their paycheck doesn’t show up in their checking accounts.

      i wanted to smack that gooper on real time in the mouth, especially when he said that corporations aren’t citizens. funny how they get treated like they are when they want to put millions into political campaigns. by the way, did you notice how he couldn’t look anyone in the eye when he was spouting his talking points? i guess the latest one is to hoist bronzo the clown on our shoulders for rescuing the poor black kids in d.c. while he’s simultaneously pulling the rug out from all the other kids in the country.

  4. Fred

    I wonder if anyone showed-up wearing a leisure suit or “Rodney Dangerfield” plaid, Sansabelt slacks?

  5. jeb

    Dear Michelle, thank you for the lovely tea party but truthfully dear, the tea was tepid and the milk has soured. One other word of advice, if you hold another tea party, try serving some scones or biscuits instead of just nuts,

    Emily Post

    • even when the offerings don’t taste very good, the party can be a success if the hostess is gracious and entertaining. i guess it’s a fail by that standard, too.

  6. de-cafe tea…… looks the same, smells the same, tastes the same……. just no zip to it……. besides, doughnuts tast better with coffee.

    • i think batshit bachmann would be better off with less caffeine. or maybe the rest of us should do without it so we can sleep while she’s screeching her bullshit.

  7. “‘There were tens of them here yesterday. That’s a chosen word, tens of them,’ Reid said on a conference call with reporters.” 😆

    YAY my brooch is back!

  8. “Cut it or shut it!” yelled some protesters near the front of the stage. “Cut it or shut it!” shouted the angry villagers, until they realized this meant no Social Security check in the mail. Soon they were scrambling to find their pitchforks & torches, to unleash the angry mob after whomever was responsible for this financial catastrophe.

    The true Queen of the tea party, one Sarah Palin sure has gone quiet.
    What do you suppose she is up to – cramming for the debates, or realizing she can make more $$$ doing her speechifying tours?
    Because, for one thing, if you are president, you do have to answer questions from the press. She would make less money. Her options are so limited-
    She’s already played the Maverick card.
    She went Rogue with her book (oh that could be her grifter angle– during the debates she could repeatedly pitch her book, instead of answering questions– for details read all about in my book…. )
    What’s left? She’s done the pitbull/hockey Mom schtick.
    Calling Obama a terrorist landed him the presidency.
    Other dirty low down tactics backfired.
    She tried the “I’m an advocate for special needs kids” tactic, but she’d be hard pressed to say where the kid is & who is taking care of him!
    That leaves her with, “Look at me, I can do a beauty queen runway strut, while saying “You betcha”.
    That & she can see Russia from her house.

    As for Trump & that wretched hair….. he’d never make it as president because you just can’t tell ornery members of congress “You’re fired”.

    • princess sarah has been busy trying to pad her foreign policy resume. of course, she just winds up appearing even more clueless than before.

  9. Good photoshop. And talk about the batshit crazy leading the insane…

    • nice to see you over here again, batocchio. what’s really scary is that most people who don’t follow politics don’t know who batshit bachmann is, so they don’t realize that there’s a deranged element in congress that has way too much power. bronzo the clown is scared to death of them, and widdle ewic cantaw panders to them, because he wants to stage a coup against bronzo in the not-too-distant future.

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