You’re not the boss of me!

From BUSINESS INSIDER (March 31, 2011):

Last night, Lawrence O’Donnell went on a tirade after showing House Majority Leader Eric Cantor saying that he would pass a bill in the House that would automatically become law if the Senate did not act on it.


“Of course, a bill cannot become the law of the land unless passed in word for word identical form by the House and the Senate, and then signed by the President of the United States. Those three things must happen, as every American child knows who has seen any version of how a bill becomes a law, animated or not. No other member of Congress in it’s history has ever believed that a bill could become a law with only one of those three things happening.”

Original DVD cover

“Michele Bachmann has inured [the media] to utter idiocy. They are impervious to it now. A room full of Washington reporters can sit there and hear a Republican leader of Congress say the stupidest thing that’s ever been said in a congressional news conference and not respond in any way.”


“The luckiest man in the United States House of Representatives now is Eric Cantor, lucky that rank stupidity is not an expellable offense. He is also lucky that the press core has unanimously, in this era of overwhelming Tea Party idiocy, as exemplified on a daily basis by Michele Bachmann and others, defined idiocy down to the point that Eric Cantor is, even after today’s press conference, taken seriously by the political press. Every day that Eric Cantor lets pass without an apology to his constituents, to the congress, to the President, and to every high school student in America who knows more about government than he does, Eric Cantor stands as an unpardonable embarrassment to every adult in his congressional district who voted for him, and a stain on the intelligence of every Republican House member who voted for him for leader.”

Click on the BUSINESS INSIDER link, and watch the video for yourselves, kids. You won’t be disappointed.


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43 responses to “You’re not the boss of me!

  1. jeb

    O’Donnell can rant all he wants. We’ve long since passed the point where the press will let facts get in the way of their toadying and bootlicking of anyone in power who will give them the time of day. They aren’t about to let a bunch of damned facts interfere with their livelihoods.

    • the press is lazy, and that’s not going to change as long as there are 24 hours of dead air to fill every day. however, i’m still glad that larry o’d called them out as well as widdle ewic.

  2. elizabeth3hersh

    How is this consensus building? I find O’Donnell as repugnant as I do Hannity or that Savage fellow (disclosure: this was my first ‘snip’ of O’Donnell and I don’t always go by first impressions). I like to think to think of our ‘best and brightest’ sitting down Think Tank style (more along the lines of Thomas Friedman and David Brooks) and not berating each other (“Thomas, you fucking idiot!!”…”Fuck you Brooks, what the fuck do you know anyway? Moron!!”). You get my drift. I became an atheist after realizing early in life that one’s religion (for the most part) is determined based on upbringing. So it is with politics. Any of us could have had a radically different upbringing with different viewpoints (Many Worlds Theory). I try to be more tolerate of idiots (hehe). Passion is for the bedrooms. I want my politicians and pundits to sit down like CEOs (or New York Times columnists) and build consensus, not berate each other. More sociology and less WWE. IMHO.

    None of us will be around centuries from now and see how this all played out. Nor will we know if there were any true idiots.

    Second disclose: I’m not really tolerant of idiots (see paragraph two).

    • it’s not o’donnell’s job to build consensus. he used to be a staffer for the late and great senator daniel patrick moynihan. plus, he’s a lawyer. unlike hannity or savage, he’s educated and extremely intelligent. he doesn’t spout out talking points like those idiots. i’ve disagreed with him in the past, but i applaud that he speaks from conviction. he heard what cantor said, and he was appalled by the stupidity, as the journalists who listened to him should have been. he wasn’t just calling out cantor, but every journalist who didn’t stop him and point out how full of shit he is.

      • elizabeth3hersh

        The late, great Niels Bohr was horrible at writing (needed writing assistants all his life) and probably even more so when he didn’t have enough sleep or was on the precipice of some discovery and the math didn’t quite add up or was feeling frazzled. Suppose he (Cantor) was dead tired or ill or hadn’t been laid in weeks and simply misspoke? I don’t see Ginsburg pelting Scalia with matzo balls or him trying to strangle her with a rosary. Somehow they manage to engage in civil discourse in spite of widely divergent views (and I believe they are still BFFs). My point is I just don’t get the vitriol from some of these pundits (the right and the left). What is the point? How does it help? Yes, the Peter Principle is alive and well in politics, but I don’t see any of them not TRYING. Most seem like decent folks. Again, I’m just a political novice, but definitely in the Friedman/Brooks camp.

        By the way, I’m actually learning a lot from your blog. 🙂

        • nothing that eric cantor says is said out of exhaustion. everything that leaves his mouth is carefully crafted and delivered. he’s trying to placate the tea party people in the house, because he wants to be brutus to boehner’s caesar.

          o’donnell was simply venting the frustration that many people feel when they see someone getting away with pure and utter bullshit without being called on it by the press. politics has been dumbed down so much that stupidity is being lauded as authenticity (and yes, it’s authentic stupidity), and intelligence and thoughtfulness is disparaged as elitism. is mediocrity (or worse) really what we aspire to, simply because it makes a good sound byte? do i like all the vitriol? no. however, it seems like the only ones getting any attention are the one who are screaming the loudest, and you have to scream, too, just to be heard.

          glad you’re learning from the raisin, elizabeth. the raisinettes are a very smart bunch, and i learn from them every day. 🙂

          • elizabeth3hersh

            You have to admit that the matzo ball/rosary scenario would make a great skit on SNL (followed by a playful potch on the tokhes, an offer of Communion and perhaps an illicit romp).

          • “brutus to boehner’s caesar”

            So, BooHoo Bronzo should watch his back when he’s around Cantor?

            • you betcha! bronzo knows it, too. widdle ewic panders to the teabaggers, and bronzo is scared to death that he’s going to be primaried if he pisses the teabaggers off. that’s why he’s always weeping.

        • Suppose he (Cantor) was dead tired or ill or hadn’t been laid in weeks and simply misspoke?

          Then why hasn’t he retracted what he said and apologized?

          • ‘zactly! and don’t forget that he had his young guns buddies standing behind him. they implicitly endorse everything he says, so they all look like idiots. if he had misspoken, they would have rushed to the microphones to explain that he didn’t mean what he had said, and they don’t endorse it.

        • kaylaspop

          Feiedman/Brooks are both horridly shallow. Have you ever actually read anything they’ve written? I think you need to dig around Driftglass’s archives, He’ll set you straight. David Fucking Brooks indeed.

          • elizabeth3hersh

            Yes, I read Friedman and Brooks (weekly). I read ALL viewpoints and am proud to say so. I’m curious as to why would you ask this question? As someone in the psychiatric field, it is my job to understand and to be understood. Someone I admire deeply is the evolutionary biologist (and Oxford emeritus) Richard Dawkins. He was rebuked smartly by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson at a panel (vid below) for his barbed commentary. Tyson felt as an educator, Dawkins should resort to persuasive powers and not the “you’re either an idiot or not” rhetoric which he sometimes (often) projects. I don’t need to be “set straight” but I am always open to learning and a good laugh (thank you nonnie9999). 🙂

  3. Reminds me of a school field trip to the State legislature- the how a bill becomes law presentation, complete with a giant scroll replica bill that gets moved to the different branches.

    Cantor must have been absent that day??
    He’s only been in politics since 2001– He’ll figure it out.

  4. You did heed my advice! That token made me laugh out loud and get big smile. You have been redeemed. Yea, Larry gets on a tear now and again, but a lot of it is ethnic, as I experienced by taking to wife many years ago a young maiden with red hair and O’ in her name. All I can say is I don’t argue for sport. On the other hand, the economy must be turning around, because I played an open mike event tonight and afterward, the lady proprietor gave me MONEY! Sure wasn’t expecting that, though I did perform over 3 hours. Now, again, I can boast “Get money for nothin’, chicks for free”.

    • i can’t believe that it didn’t occur to me long ago, jerry. i’ve been calling widdle ewic the token for forever. when larry o’ goes off on a tear, it’s for good reason. even though he’s now part of the media, he gets as frustrated with them, just like we do. that said, i’ve been frustrated with him when he spends too much time on celebrity nonsense.

      congrats on the paying gig! that’s exciting! 😀

  5. jean-philippe

    We really lowered our expectations about our leaders… We ask more from crazy hoboes…

  6. Sara

    Cantor is stupid like a fox…he will get a bill passed in the House and when it doesn’t get signed into law, the meme will be “those rotten libruls refusing to do the will of the people.”
    And the great masses of undereducated Americans will buy it, because the media gives scum like Cantor a free pass. These GOP leaders have no moral or ethical compass whatsoEVER.
    Great cover, nonnie, as always!

    • exactly! they lie and bullshit away, and faux news comes along and reports it as though it was the truth. then the meme becomes some people are saying… of course, it’s only faux news and then rightwing radio who “is saying,” but cnn will pick it up and make believe that it’s an actual logical point-of-view that has to be explored in the name of fairness. it’s like reporting gossip as gospel. so-called journalists have no business disparaging the national enquirer, because they’re no better.

  7. These people have for years been used to just dismissing objective reality whenever it’s inconvenient. The Earth is 6,000 years old, anthropogenic global warming is a hoax, tax cuts don’t increase the deficit, and spending cuts during a recession are good for the economy. Capo di tutti capi? More like crapo di tutti batti. The Constitution says whatever they want it to say. If the First Amendment doesn’t prohibit establishment of religion, who’s to say Cantor can’t just make up whatever legislative processes he wants and decide that they’re real?

    • the rethuglican party fringe has become a cult, where thinking is suspended. the teabaggers believe everything they’re told to believe. it doesn’t matter if it’s totally illogical. why they’re given any media attention at all is astounding. well, astounding that the attention is given as though they are rational political thinkers. the stories should be about brainwashing on a large scale.

  8. well….. it is time people really VOTED. When we elect idiots with only 50% of eligible voters….. this is what you get!!! Australia and Belguim both have laws that require eligible voters to go to the polls and VOTE… or face fines. I think we need to move towards this….

    • jeb

      Hmmmmm, no I can’t agree with that. Democracy should be voluntary, not compulsory. Better civic education might be one answer except, of course, the current Republican mission is to destroy public education in this country.

    • i don’t think voting should be mandatory, but i think there needs to be citizenship classes in schools. people used to think of voting as a privilege, and people were proud to say that they voted. now, they boast that they didn’t vote, because that means that they won’t be called for jury duty (and don’t get me started on that little rant).

  9. Cantor is symptomatic of the low info short attention span voters who are too preoccupied with their fantasy leagues, pornography, beer and flat screens to notice that their pals on FOX News have them voting for people whose campaign donors will foreclose on them, fire them,outsource their jobs to China and force them to work in unsafe conditions for shit wages. Dumberica gets droolier and droolier with each election cycle.

    • mick!!!! where have you been? what happened to the blog? i’m so happy to see you! 😀

      don’t forget that they’ll take away medical care from their kids, too.

      • Rastamick

        Nonnie, great to see you are keeping up the full court press on these dim bulbs. You are gonna love this – through a friend from my voice acting workshop I was offered an audition to be a tugboat captain on a Christian t.v. network’s show for kids. Between my real job, spouting off at my parrot sidekick from the helm of my scow, mama’s grad school and my 6 precious maniacs at home, it seemed something had to give. I started with dropping off of facebook then deblogged myself too since I still didn’t seem to have any time for anything and the more I did the more everything’s quality seemed to dip. We have taped 8 episodes of The Captain Chuckleberry Show so far yet they want a full 26 episodes completed before they will start showing them. It’s a lot of fun and insanely frustrating at times but I guess when the tide came up I wanted to be ready for it. Loving your work here as always and it’s a relief in the middle of the night to know that the good guys are still out there. More as it develops. Peace and Solidarity to my sister born from a liberal twister.

        • my brother whom i’d never smother (i couldn’t go with the other mother bit, and i couldn’t think of anything else that rhymes),

          congrats on the new gig. i had to google, because i thought you were joking about capt chuckleberry. i thought you might be referring to mike huckabee. 😆 if there’s a youtube available showcasing your dulcet tones, you had better tell us, or better yet, post it here.

          i know that you’re very busy, but i really and truly hope that you can find time to stop by and say hi whenever you can. we’ll keep holding feet to the fire when they try to buffalo us (i threw that in there just for you! 😉 ), and we’ll know that you’re with us all the way.

          love ya, mick!

  10. If I don’t get a chance to see the latest “artwork” at this blog it feels like I missed a meal!!!

    Check out uber-right, right wing Congressperson Tom McClintock. Once you discover his quite bizarre stuff you will have a subject for months to come. Great Blog and super post.

    • awww, thanks so much for that, curtis. i’ve been so tired lately, and i’ve been doing these posters at the last minute. i get frustrated at times when the stats are low, and i wonder why i bother. then i read a comment like yours, and i think to myself oh, yeah, that’s why! that, and so that i get to learn from all the raisinettes whom i love hanging out with. (they’d probably teach me not to end sentences with 2 prepositions! 😆 )

      • elizabeth3hersh

        The artwork IS amazing. I won’t ask you how you do it (proprietary?) but I did mean to compliment you earlier on your artistry. It’s good enough to be a stand-alone blog…no commentary needed!

  11. Debbi

    I’m just a bill.
    Yes, I’m only a bill.
    And I’m sitting here on Capitol Hill.
    Well, it’s a long, long journey
    To the capital city.
    It’s a long, long wait
    While I’m sitting in committee,
    But I know I’ll be a law someday
    At least I hope and pray that I will,
    But today I am still just a bill.

  12. Ah, yes … this kind of gets to that point that the TPers demonstrate abysmal ignorance of what is actually said in the Constitution.

    Very, very sad that this stuff is allowed to keep going on.

    • it’s one thing for the average teabagger not to know, but for members of congress to either not know or to push something so patently false is mind-boggling.