If He’s Ryan, He’s Lyin’

Paul Ryan unveiled a spending plan that would put the country on a “path to prosperity.”

To Eddie Munster Paul Ryan, a path to prosperity means screwing over kids, seniors, the disabled, and the poor.

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His plan doesn’t inflict any pain on the richest among us.  Instead, it would repeal President Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act, which would leave over 30 million people uninsured.  Programs totaling about $750 billion that are aimed at helping the poor would be cut, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.  Medicaid would become a block grant program.  It would give a certain amount to each state, and the state would decide how to spend it.  It would not be enough to cover the needs of all those who need assistance.

In 10 years, Medicare would become a means-tested voucher system.  It would give money to private insurance companies to cover seniors.  It would start at about $8,000, which is not enough for any halfway decent plan.

While he’s screwing the poor and the elderly, Eddie Munster Ryan is protecting the very rich by locking in the Bush tax cuts and reduces the top income tax rate by 10 percent.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, his numbers don’t add up, and his plan will not solve the deficit problem.

(NOTE: This post was edited to delete any traces of a story from the San Jose Mercury News. The reason can be found here.)


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22 responses to “If He’s Ryan, He’s Lyin’

  1. Great title! And those are tea party snakes. Awesome. You were so much more thorough than me. 🙂

  2. jeb

    “Unbelievably, the Republican plan spares those at the upper end of the income scale from any sacrifice at all. ”

    Unbelievably? Really? I find it unbelievable that anyone would find this unbelievable. What the hell did they think the Rethugs were going to offer? Of course their budget is about making the tax cuts for the wealthy permanent. They’ve whined incessantly about that forever.

    The other unbelievable thing is the number of people in this country who are buying this snake oil. How is it such a difficult concept to understand that if you reduce a large part of revenue, the deficit increases? Or that you’re going to have much higher deficits if you don’t address health and take care of problems up front before they become catastrophes that are unbearable later?

    The stupidity of it all makes my head hurt.

  3. A sample of the “logic”
    • EPA -$1.6B (Notice this is a “B” for billion in cuts- we don’t need to protect the environment?)
    • Food Safety and Inspection Services -$53M (“Taint” a problem?)
    • EPA State and Local Air Quality Management -$25M (Hey! You are already eating tainted food, have toxic water, why do you need clean air?)
    • Poison Control Centers -$27M (You are already eating tainted food & breathing polluted air, and have bad water… adding some poison to the mix – what’s the big deal?)

    GOP building blocks
    or blockheads— you decide.

    • notice how the rethugs are never specific when they talk about what they want to cut. they just keep saying they want to cut spending.

      • In the end they are quite specific– anything that makes sense, is for the good for people, or stands in the way of almighty profit is on the chopping block.

  4. Why don’t they cut the crap and just introduce the Leona Helmsley Act that would stop all obligation to taxes when a persons wealth exceeds one million dollars. Should be an easy sell in this rancorus environment. The great news from this darling of the POGs is that we are all going to be rich. This is great news, as I was getting tired of waiting around for my richness to arrive. If you make another label for that 100 proof goof, might want to do “Old No. 2 brand”.

  5. the leona helmsley act with the marie antoinette rider.

  6. //a trickle-down fantasy with no basis in history//

    actually, everytime that stupid maxim gets run out, I grab an umbrella…. cause it means I am about to get pissed on again.

    • a lot of people have realized that they had better grab their umbrellas. if the rethugs know what’s good for them, they had better not bend over. 😉

      p.s. you’re never going to fix your link, are you, okjimm? you’re using the broken link just to see how naughty you can be without me slapping you on the hand, aren’t you? 😛