Did Katherine Harris relocate and change her last name?

From the Appleton Post Crescent:

MILWAUKEE — The campaign manager for state Supreme Court Justice David Prosser says he’s open to a recount of Waukesha County votes.On Thursday, Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus said “human error” resulted in the city of Brookfield votes not being counted in their Tuesday tally to The Associated Press. The change gave Prosser a 7,500-vote edge over challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg.

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Kloppenburg’s campaign has made an open records request with Nickolaus.

Campaign manager Melissa Mulliken said they are trying to get relevant documentation to get more of an explanation about what happened.

In a related development, U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin asked for a federal investigation into the surprise discovery of 14,000 votes in Waukesha County for the Supreme Court race.

The Madison Democrat sent a letter to U.S. Atty. Gen. Eric Holder on Friday night asking him to assign the Justice Department Public Integrity Section. It oversees the federal prosecution of election crimes.


In the letter, Baldwin says the Waukesha County mishap raises serious doubts as to the integrity of the state’s electoral process.


Kathy Nickolaus, the Waukesha County clerk at the center of the disputed state Supreme Court election, is no stranger to controversy. Nor is her former boss, Supreme Court Justice David Prosser, whose candidacy got a boost Thursday when Nickolaus revealed the results she gave to The Associated Press on election night failed to include more than 14,000 votes from the city of Brookfield.


In 2006, Nickolaus, who was elected Waukesha County clerk in 2002, was criticized for posting election returns that temporarily skewed results of a Republican primary for the 97th Assembly District. At the time, Nickolaus told reporters some returns from the city of Waukesha were entered in the wrong column.

And last summer, the Waukesha County Board ordered an internal audit of her office, citing concerns Nickolaus was secretive and refusing to cooperate with the county’s technical staff in a security review of the computerized election system.

Some officials also were critical of Nickolaus’ decision to stop posting municipal results to save time. Auditors who looked at the Waukesha County system found 26 of 62 counties surveyed also did not post local results — a step that might have revealed the missing Brookfield numbers.

Brookfield City Clerk Kris Schmidt said she learned her community’s votes weren’t reported by Nickolaus two days after the election, when Nickolaus called a press conference to explain the discrepancy.


Years ago, Nickolaus worked for Prosser at the Assembly Republican Caucus, one of the four legislative agencies that conducted secret, illegal campaign work for legislative leaders. The four offices were closed at the end of 2001 after the Wisconsin State Journal exposed the widespread covert campaigning carried out by the ARC and the other three partisan caucuses.


A few high-level staffers were charged or fined in the scandal. Nickolaus, a computer expert who handled lists of registered voters and other tasks, was among at least 18 Republican and Democratic staffers who avoided prosecution in exchange for testifying before a secret John Doe hearing in Dane County Circuit Court.

When [including then-Assembly Speaker Scott] Jensen went to trial in 2006, Prosser — by then a Supreme Court justice — served as a character witness for Jensen, who paid a $5,000 fine in December in exchange for dismissal of the charges.

Prosser was never questioned under oath about illegal campaign work, but in a statement prepared by Jensen’s lawyers, Prosser said he also used state staff and resources to run Republican campaigns during his seven years in leadership.

“The legislative branch is the political branch of government, and a legislative office is a thoroughly political office,” Prosser said in the court brief. “For the most part, every activity that could be characterized as a campaign activity can be conceivably construed to be an act that furthers the legislative process.”


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34 responses to “Did Katherine Harris relocate and change her last name?

  1. Prosser was her boss, too?!? Scummy low-lifes.

    • but it’s all coincidence! 🙄

    • SaberRulzz

      Yeah, Prosser was Kathy Nickolaus’s ex-employer. Kathy was involved in Republican caucus scandal in 2001. They are pros at making chicken salad out of chicken-you-know-what when elections went the wrong way.

      • nice to see you again, saberrulzz? i was just saying yesterday (i think it was yesterday) that rethugs hand people shit sandwiches, tell them that they’re BLTs, and think that nobody is going to notice the smell.

  2. elizabeth3hersh

    nonnie999 has with artistic flair, and age progression technology unveiled what Jeffrey Dahmer would have looked like today had he lived.

    P.S. That is really not nice, but I couldnt help myself.

  3. elizabeth3hersh

    Oops, I left the 4th 9 off again (think of it as a dangling chad).

    • it’s funny that you said he looks like dahmer, because when i saw that pic of prosser, i immediately thought that he looks like ary ridgway, the green river killer. the reason that i remember what ridway looks like is that he looks a lot like my ex-husband.

      • elizabeth3hersh

        You are not going to believe this nonnie999NINE, but Ridgeway looks like my ex-husband too!!! OMG! He (my ex) is a brilliant and scholarly man and under normal circumstances I would never make such a comparison, but I couldn’t resist since you went first…lol!!

        • at first, i was going to wonder if we were married to the same guy, but then i read the part about yours being brilliant and scholarly, and i knew that couldn’t possibly be the schmendrick i was married to.

  4. jeb

    Prosser is a real piece of work. Check out the Wikipedia article on him.

    I heard some conservative blow hard columnist blathering on about how Prosser will uphold any challenge to the Wisconsin budget law (removing the collective bargaining rights of public sector unions) and that his election was a referendum which proved Wisconsin doesn’t want unions. It was the first I’d heard of this election or of him so I should have known there were probably shenanigins involved. With the rethugs, elections they win have consequences and elections Dems win are obviously not reflective of the will of the people. Sounds like he and Kathy Nickolaus are Koch Bros sock puppets.

  5. jean-philippe

    Such incompetence is pure science fiction.


  6. John Erickson

    Hey, is it legal for a woman to dangle her chad in public? 😉
    You see, this is the key problem with Wisconsin politics. Now if this had been in Chicago, there would have been SO many extra votes (multiples, dead folk, pets, etc.) that a mere 5,000 here or 10,000 there wouldn’t make a difference. That’s what makes the Chicago political system so effective! (Well, that, and we’re always good enough to take the losers out for a midnight cruise on Lake Michigan. One way…..) 😀
    I will NOT comment on what it means in that every Chicago child, by age 4, can handle and work concrete. They start by making it into little booties, then scale up. And up. 😉

  7. Nah, Katherine Harris was better looking. Still, nice catch that they have the same first name.

    • i think it’s a rethug rule that the first name has to begin with K if your going to futz with an election. katherine harris, this asswipe, ken blackwell.

      p.s. we never saw katherine harris without her trowel-applied makeup. for all we know, she looked like broderick crawford when she sandblasted it off.
      p.p.s. does michele batshit bachmann remind you of katherine harris?

  8. That woman is an idiot. As they say down under, a thick head. A good example of Chicago style politics is Joe Kennedy calling every mob marker he held to sway the 60 prez race for the boy. The classic is landslide Lyndon taking the 52 senate race with that last minute ballot box from Duval county with all those dead people votes, about 150 of them from a “lost box”. And since we’re on the X subject, you would recognize mine by her bad attitude and semi-permanent scowl that gives her the personality of a female concentration camp guard.

    • and it appears she’s been coached by boohoo bronzo the clown on how to cry for the cameras. the voice catching was such a nice touch. i wonder if she does that every time she’s so sorry about human error compromising election results in her district. notice, she never points out that the ‘human’ in ‘human error’ is always her.

  9. A photoshop that you must “knee” to believe is now being pushed by the birfers from WND. Can be seen at The Dish/The Daily Beast. Do not have a mouthful of hot morning tea while looking at it. You have been warned!

  10. I thought Republicans were all about “Law & Order”? Oh that was a TV show that got cancelled.

  11. Joe the Pimpernel

    Ever notice how DemoRats always win close races by a couple hundred votes?

    That’s because the inner-city Democrat machines always holds back their tallies until they know how many votes they need to manufacture to win.

    That’s how Stuart Smalley won his Senate seat.

    This time, heh, the unofficial tally given to the AP was short 7500 votes.

    And lo and behold! The Democrats turned in just enough votes to win by a couple hundred.

    Until the true tally was released.

    How sweet it is.

    I know, I know, any time Democrats are not allowed to steal an election, they have been DISENFRANCHISED!


    • thanks so much for your opinion, joe the pimplyass. now, go back to watching faux news and listening to rush limpdick on the radio. i will not reply to you again, and i’m not promising any further comments you post here will appear for very long.

      • Word has it that paid trolls ($100k) are roaming about the intertubes and I was wondering why we wern’t getting any. The same underwriters are paying goofs to call into right wing radio and ask “the right questions” sort of like that fake journalist plant in the W news conferences. Maybe my previous remarks set him off but, alas, these things can be substanciated. My former right wing roomate used to harp on this phoney vote crap but he got his info from the same people that used to claim millions of infants were being sacraficed each year on alters to satan-never one proven case brought to light or prosecution. They bitch about losing elections because Gods Will(tm) has not been satisfied. Big deal, he could kill them all with balls of fire anytime it was deemed necessary.

  12. i bet koch was a bit perturbed he had to shell out an extra few bucks to find the right IT guy to “fix” that computer

    when oh when do we get angry enough to say ENOUGH

    • i used to think that people were just too busy to pay attention. now, however, so many no longer have jobs, so they should be a bit more informed.