Strong Tea

From the New York DAILY NEWS:

The Tea Party is steamed over DC’s budget deal.

While President Obama, Senate majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) hailed Friday night’s eleventh hour accord to avoid a government shutdown as “historic,” several Tea Party members did not feel the same way.

Tea Party darling Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) called the $39-billion slashing deal a “disappointment.”


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[“…We’ve] been asked to settle for $39 billion in cuts, even as we continue to fund Planned Parenthood and the implementation of ObamaCare.’

Bachmann, who is considering running for President in 2012, voted against a temporary bill to keep the government running while the deal moves through Congress.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky) echoed Bachmann’s sentiments.


The $39 billion in cuts for the rest of the fiscal year was far more than Democrats originally wanted to concede, but not nearly enough to satisfy the appetite for budget-slashing among Tea-Party backed Republicans, who had called for axing $61 billion.

The deal spared Planned Parenthood and environmental regulation riders the GOP had been pushing for.

Reid had repeatedly blamed the Tea Party for the breakdown in budget negotiations, placing Boehner in a sticky situation to make a deal with the Democrats and satisfy those in his own ranks, including Tea Partiers.

The deal is still tentative, and Congress passed a one-week stopgap budget to put the bill in legislative form.

“It doesn’t go far enough or fast enough for me, based on what we’ve seen so far,” Tea Party backed-freshman Rep. Bill Huizenga (R-Mich.) told Politico.  I don’t like the number that I’m hearing,”

Steve King (R-Iowa) was one of the 28 Republicans who voted [against] the budget compromise. He told CBS’ “The Early Show” on Saturday that the experience shows the power of the Tea Party.


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27 responses to “Strong Tea

  1. I love this post! I’m an Earl Grey fan…

    spread the

  2. elizabeth3hersh

    What I would give for Suze Orman to sit our collective American fat asses down and tell us what we need to do to restore our great country to financial SANITY and SOLVENCY. A two-part, 2-hr Suze smack-down on national TV. Few would be willing to make the sacrifices so I suppose it would be pointless.

    • i’ve only seen her a couple of times, and i wasn’t very impressed. i don’t trust anyone who is on tv telling us how to manage our finances. they’re on tv, being paid by giant corporations who have their own best interests at heart, not ours. it’s like some tv diet guru being paid by the high fructose corn syrup industry and telling us how to lose weight.

      • elizabeth3hersh

        Suze does not shill for corporations (that would be a complete turn-off). She is on the up-and-up and actually a lot of fun to watch. Suze just recently ‘came out’ on national TV and seems to be loads of fun and a straight-shooter. I would put her on my “A” party list (but then so is Ann Coulter…hahaha!!!…laugh with me here nonnie9999). BTW, I drink tea all day long too.

  3. jean-philippe

    These crazy teabaggers would like to balance the budget in one year. This equals to be on the highway and realise you’re in the wrong direction and set the car on reverse at 75 MPH.

    • jeb

      or more analogous would be steering a large ship. Since the American economy is such a large enterprise, it is akin to making course corrections on a big ship. If you need to change course 45 degrees, you don’t try to do it all at once because you’ll oversteer and go too far in the other direction (plus you risk causing a major list with other unintended consequences). No, you do it in increments of 5 degrees. As someone who has had their share of helm watches, I know how this works. It should be the same with our budgetary process and once they make these massive cuts, they’ll find were overshooting our course and blowing money out the other side trying to repair the damage.

    • well, they believe that batshit bachmann farts unicorns, so don’t take them too seriously.

  4. John Erickson

    Let’s see. The Democrats aren’t happy. The GOP ain’t happy. The Tea Party ain’t happy. The president ain’t happy. SO – nobody’s happy. Isn’t that THE definition of a compromise? 😀

  5. That shot looks a tad kinky.

    😆 G-O-P Presents in CinemaDopes and ORANGECOLOR

  6. They all have to posture for the upcoming “100 Moes” contest in the great cornfields of middle america. Does look like the bagger faction will go full Trotskyite by then. Suggest they bring out the special Borgia Blend!

    • i wonder how far they’ll go, especially the more (supposedly) moderate ones like mittsie and timmeh pawlenty, because they’re going to have to walk it back at some point in the future, if they want to get any independents to vote for them.

  7. That poster is too much! 😆

    But old people, poor people, women who want breast exams…the Republicans are onto them. The tyranny of the unproductive broke asses will end if it’s the last thing Paul Ryan does! 😯

    • i very, very rarely use vhs covers, because they’re too narrow and too long. howevah, i couldn’t find this pic on any dvd covers or movie posters, and i just couldn’t pass it up. it was just too perfect.

      by the way, did you know that eddie munst…i mean, paul ryan’s father died when edd…i mean, paul was 16 years old. he collected social security and used that money to go to college. just sayin’.

      • AFDC-Aid for Dependant Children. My mom got this when my stepfather Ben got killed in a car crash and left two infant children. If it weren’t for that support, I would have needed to quit school at 14 to help support the family.

        • that’s the story with a lot of families. i suppose widdle ewic and eddie munst…i mean, paul ryan would say that families should buy private life insurance policies and not count on the government to take care of orphans.

  8. Poster is a classic, but I keep waiting on Bronzo’s reversal to body slam a TP’er. As I’ve said before about the Tea Party folks – keep them talking!

    • i think bronzo the clown is going to have a nervous breakdown. i just hope that the c-span cameras are on when he does, because it will be so entertaining. 🙂

  9. Snoring Dog Studio

    Oh, I wish they’d all just shut up and stop trying to explain their partisanship away at the expense of us poor working slobs.

  10. Paul Ryan is just a mouth piece for the Koch Bros.