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Let’s see: There were so many union supporters that Sarah Palin was drowned out at this Madison rally yesterday, yet the AP just can’t estimate how many of the thousands of people who attended were supporting unions. Here’s a clue, guys: They’re not the ones with the misspelled signs:

Capitol Police estimated about 6,500 people converged on the building Saturday, but said it was impossible to tell how many were tea partyers and how many were labor supporters.

Tea party activists are a loose coalition of community groups largely made up of people with conservative views who believe government has grown too large.

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“Loose coalition of community groups.” Nothing about Dick Armey or the Koch brothers’ money that’s funding this, not even a mention of where these demonstrators came from — and who paid for their buses. Even though the media always makes a point of saying unions bused in their members!

The tea partyers appeared clustered in front of the building, waving “Don’t Tread on Me” flags and signs that read “Public workers β€” the party is over,” ”Thank you, Scott,” and “Tax and spend brings the end.”

Counter-protesters surrounded them, banging drums, bellowing into bullhorns and ringing bells. Bitter arguments broke out along the edges of the two groups over everything from the size of government to corporate power. At one point conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart took the stage and told the labor supporters to “go to hell.”

“I’m serious!” he screamed. “Go to hell! You’re trying to divide America!”


Palin told the tea party rally that Walker is working to solve Wisconsin’s long-term budget problems so it can honor pension commitments to public workers.


Oh, Mrs. Palin. Are you simply woefully misinformed, or shamelessly cynical? (I’m going with the latter.) Wisconsin’s public pension fund is fully funded.

Just keep shifting the goalposts. That’s why you get all that money, after all.

Oh, and by the way, Proud Defenders of the Constitution: Gov. Scott Walker plans to get rid of any elected officials he wants, just like the Republican governor [Rick Snyder] of Michigan did. Freedom!

(Videos at CROOKS AND LIARS link)


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36 responses to “Infamous & Andy

  1. John Erickson

    I hate to argue with you, Nonnie, but I think Palin is just woefully misinformed. After all, once you pound those facts through that solid granite that keeps her ears from collapsing, it’s hard to get anything new in place. Kinda like the ROM (Read-Only Memory) in your computer. Pity we couldn’t all chip in and buy her an upgraded motherboard! πŸ˜‰
    Or maybe she got one of those 1st-gen Pentium chips, the ones that couldn’t do math correctly. Might explain where HER programming went wrong! (Yeah, I know the old saying – GIGO – Garbage In, Garbage Out!) πŸ˜€

    • i was just quoting crooks & liars, john. i never said she was woefully misinformed or shamelessly cynical. i think she’s lazy and stupid. she doesn’t care what’s true and what’s not. i don’t even think she’s cynical. that would imply that she has some convictions about issues. the only thing she cares about is making money, and these appearances at embarrassingly low-turnout teabagging events is all she has left to keep her momentum going.

      • John Erickson

        Sorry, dear lady, the old eyes don’t work so good (and the glasses are WAY past replacement date), and I have troubles telling what’s your stuff and what’s clipped. I promise to look more closely – or get a seeing eye dog that reads computer screens! πŸ˜‰
        Do you suppose, if we help keep her momentum up, that we can steer her off the continent? Then again, she wants power so much, I say drop her over Fukushima Daiishi! Give her ALL the power (and radioactivity) she can take. Uh-oh ….. troubling thought …… radiation gave us the Hulk …. a giant green Palin? (SHUDDER!) I think I just scared myself! πŸ˜€

        • Friend of the court

          seeing eye dogs are smart. if he saw Palin he would probably hike his leg on your screen and cause keyboard damage.

          • i don’t know if a dog can get close enough to pee on her. they have a very strong sense of smell, and i don’t think many creatures could bear to be anywhere near that stench.

        • no worries, john erickson. no need for apologies.

          i think princess sarah will sink all on her own. no need to even give her a push. every time she opens her yap, she swallows more water. instead of steering her off the continent, we should use her to our own advantage. whenever she says something stupid (which is every time she speaks), the “real” candidates should be asked to diss or defend whatever it is. then, we sit back and watch the rethuglican civil war.

  2. jean-philippe

    This tongue move from Palin is nightmare material… πŸ˜₯

    • and it’s exactly as i found it. i was looking for a pic of her in which her head was tilted in just about the correct direction, and when i found this one, i thought it was perfect, especially the tongue.

      oh horrors! i just saw about a thousand mistakes i made. must fix and post new pic. 😯 nobody look until i replace the poster!!!

  3. πŸ˜† Universal Laughing Stock. Nice.

  4. That’s really her tongue? Ewwwww.

    I love the Wisconsin video. Her shrieking barely penetrates the crowd’s angst.

  5. I now see the problem with my campaign. I can’t afford to bus in supporters. I can barely afford a Metro Card.

  6. β€œI’m serious!” he screamed. β€œGo to hell! You’re trying to divide America!”

    See– these Tea Party crackpots make being a comedian sooooo easy. They don’t even have to rewrite the material– just deliver it verbatim & you will have people laughing their arses off.

    Nothing like screaming β€œGo to hell! You’re trying to divide America!”
    to be a uniter.

    Only Palin would be stupid enough to step into the heated fray in Wisconsin.
    The GOP must have told her no presidential run for her in the party… because yesterday she was dissing them & the dems… saying only the tea party has it together. Do I sense some strategery????

    • breitbart reacted like a toddler would react, by yelling. to his credit, he didn’t say, “go to hell, doodyheads.”

      princess dissing the rethugs didn’t surprise me. she’s following in donald trump’s footsteps, just as she did when she suddenly decided that the birthers had a point. she wants attention, and trump is getting it all, so she needs to do something to get the spotlight back on her. in a nutshell, she’s desperate.

  7. The has-been and the half -ass. Mrs. Bearwoman has no idea of how irrelevent she has become. And Bitefart thinks he’s a sixth grader on the playground wanting to beat up the little kids. Too bad his weasel minion O”Keefe couldn,t make the rally since it conflicted with a fundraiser in the bus station mens room around the glory hole. That $50,000 ain’t going to raise itself. The people have spoken, and yelled a bit. Democracy in action.

    • i think princess knows exactly how irrelevant she’s become, and she’s freaking out. however, i don’t think that’s the reason she’d go to some crummy rally in madison? the organizers knew that they weren’t going to get the big crowds of the past, so that makes me wonder who paid her to be there and how much. you know that she doesn’t go anywhere unless there’s money in it for her. i think the americans for prosperity group (funded by koch) got her there as a desperate last-ditch effort to attract teabaggers. look how well that worked out for them. πŸ˜†

  8. jeb

    How dare those protesters divide the country? Who the hell do they think they are? Don’t they know the minority-majority is all for moving worker’s rights back 100 years?

    I wonder if deunionized workers had to clean up the slime spot left by the quitter and her puppy dog?

    Photo caption contest: Brightfart – (thought baloon) “Hey, that was my fly.”
    ex-Gov Quitter – “Mmmmmm”

  9. I got a damn headache watching Ms Pavlovian lad dog doing a temper tantrum and thought, here comes the foam. By the way, a couple of Advils cured the headache.

    • she doesn’t give me headaches, she gives me earaches. that voice is worse than fingernails on a blackboard. it’s gotten worse. you’d think she’d hire a voice coach. then again, she’d never admit that she’s not perfect, so no coaches for her.

  10. I’ve always said “Keep her talking” so she can continue to discredit herself. Now I can add, “Keep her showing up & talking at Tea Party rallies” so she can continue to discredit the entire group.

    • not only will she discredit the teabaggers (those that remain, they’re dwindling quickly, thanks to wanker walker’s attack on collective bargaining), but mainstream rethugs (if there are any left) will have to defend the stupid shit she and trump and the other imbeciles say.

  11. Debbbi

    The only thing I like about Sarah Palin is her glasses – my new glasses are exactly like the ones she is wearing in the poster and they are called Sarah Palin! Only in Canada!!

    • when did you add the extra B, debbi? πŸ˜†

      i read that her glasses are phony, just like she is. she had lasik surgery, but she wears the glasses, because she thinks they make her look intelligent. maybe she should try parading around in a cap and gown, because she needs more than glasses to make her look more intelligent than your average doorknob.

  12. Wait. Public workers are dividing America?
    ‘Splain me that one!

    • public workers refuse to be bulldozed by the likes of wanker walker and other rethugs who want to take away their collective bargaining rights. can you believe how selfish those teachers and firemen and policemen and sanitation workers are?

      • Walker wants the poor and the students to more taxes. That will solve his so-called ‘budget crisis’.
        And to bad they couldn’t recall that lying bastard now, instead of having to wait till next year.

        • that’s the game these asswipes play. they say they won’t raise taxes, and then they get rid of tax credits for poor and middle class people as well as raise fees on everything that used to be covered by taxes. i hope the teabaggers will think about that when they’re writing checks for much larger amounts to pay their property taxes.