Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Orange


So maybe it wasn’t the best timing in the world: Even as House Republicans face tough questions at their town hall meetings about Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget plan, Speaker John Boehner has given an interview in which he said Ryan’s plan was an idea “worthy of consideration” and that he wasn’t “wedded to it.”

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Democrats and liberal groups said Boehner’s comments to ABC News, in an interview posted Tuesday afternoon, make it sound like he’s backpedaling from the House vote two weeks ago in which all but four Republicans voted for Ryan’s budget plan — including the Medicare overhaul that’s raising so many questions at their town hall meetings.


“I voted for it. I’m for it. It’s our idea,” Boehner said. But then he added: “It’s Paul’s idea. Other people have other ideas. I’m not wedded to one single idea, but I think it’s — we have a plan. Where’s the president’s plan to deal with the nightmare that’s facing Americans?”

Technically, Ryan’s plan is only a non-binding spending blueprint, and is just the start of a longer process that would be needed to make the actual changes, including legislation in more House committees and negotiations with the Senate and the White House.

But it’s not clear that any of the other steps would actually happen, since officials at the House Ways and Means Committee — which would have to write the legislation to change Medicare — declined to say whether or when the panel will do so.


The group Americans United for Change, which has been running ads against Ryan and other Republicans who voted for the budget, quickly circulated Boehner’s comments in an email chiding the speaker: “Sorry Speaker Boehner, there’s no ‘take-backs’ or distancing from this one — you and the 224 other House Republicans that voted for the Ryan plan for turning Medicare into Coupon Care now own it.”

And Nadeam Elshami, a spokesman for Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, said “the vote was clear in his support for the proposal” and that Boehner “sold it to his conference as an answer to these problems.”


Ryan’s office didn’t respond to requests for comment, but Boehner spokesman Michael Steel insisted the interview wasn’t intended to back off of his support for the Ryan plan.


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31 responses to “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Orange

  1. Wow. With that orange and white, Boehner looks like a dream…cicle.

    No one (except the sadly gullible) can trust Republicans now. Undoing Medicare came out of no where…after years of lips service to protect the service for seniors.

    • dreamsicle!! 😆

      the rethugs screwed themselves in the long term when they started with the dire death panel warnings. yes, they won some seats, but now they look like utter imbeciles. they made their beds, now it’s time to sleep in them, and those mattresses are going to be awfully lumpy.

  2. John Erickson

    I don’t know about that title for this post. From the sound of Boehner’s … less than enthusiastic support for Ryan, I think the title could be “Something Old, Something New, Boehner’s Flipping, Ryan’s Screwed”. 😀

  3. Need to add TEABAGGER, Carpetbaging, Congressperson Tom
    McClintock. He is soooo adoring of Rayn that this art may push him over the top. BONER better be looking over his shoulda, both of them.

    Tonight he is at, and I ain’t making it up, a Tea Party Town Hall in Grass Valley, CA.

    Thanks for All You Do for those of us that still believe in America.

  4. This graphic is ruining my mind while enhancing my reality.

    I’ll be back for seconds.

  5. jeb

    Sound’s like the Boner is deflating on this one. Of course he could have had his spokesman borrow from the Rethug playbook and told us that his vote for the Ryan plan was not a factual statement.

    • hey mr. newlywed! welcome back! we celebrated your wedding here at the raisin, you know. 😀

      the new frank luntz talking point is the the eddie munst…i mean paul ryan budget isn’t really a budget; it’s just a blueprint. so they have a blueprint for a condo, but they plan on building a mansion. 🙄

      • jeb

        I’m glad you were able to join us Nonnie. As you can see, I am really happy but unfortunately she returns to Brussels on Sunday and we still have to figure out how we’re going to live together. Various plans are afoot but I really am going to hate to be separated from her again.

        • i don’t care about the royal wedding, but i actually set my alarm so i wouldn’t forget to watch yours. i was the idiot crying in front of the computer monitor. thanks for allowing us to share your special day.

          i’m so sorry your lovely wife has to leave. i hope you can figure out something soon. look at it this way–absence makes the heart grow fonder, and you’ll never get tired of each other. 😉

          • jebccom

            Nonnie, I invited FB friends, family and colleagues. The other name on my “to do” list was yours. How would I leave you off the guest list?

            Royal wedding? What do those snot-nosed Brit brats have on us? We’re battle tested (both on our second marriage). Seriously, I’m so honored you attended.

            • jeb

              Meh, too much red wine? Don’t know what happened to my handle there. I’m definitely not “jebccom”

              • John Erickson

                I just thought you had incorporated, for tax purposes. That way you can duck the taxes on all those millions of dollars of wedding gifts! 😉

            • awww, i am so touched that i was on the guest list. i was honored to “be there” and wish you and geri nothing but the very best, jeb.

  6. Oh, my, a GOoper other than Lindsey-Poo in drag!

  7. Am I out of the loop or what??

    Boehner spokesman Michael Steel ??!

  8. Boner says one thing to TV while his handlers walk it back before he finishes the sentence. And they thought it a good idea to piss off all the old people? Watching the Donald today affirms the scientific explanation of the universe expanding (so his ego will fit inside it). Highlight of the day had to be the attempted interview with the crazy Moldavan woman by O’Donell that went badly, as it only could! Barney Franks refered to her in the next segment as that “strange woman” and I feel it greatly validated his homosexuality.

    • i still can’t understand why the rethugs chose bronzo to be slurrer…i mean, speaker of the house. he’s not well-liked, he sounds like he’s shitface drunk when he talks, he can’t keep his caucus together, and his judgment really sucks. oh well, they’re stuck with him.

      i think your theory about the universe is correct. not only does it have to expand to fit his ego, but his hair as well.

      larry o’d does the best takedowns! just in case anyone missed it…

  9. 1) Boehner will distance himself from Ryan when the political winds change directions.

    2) Speakers of the House don’t always vote.

    3) I don’t think I can ever have another Dreamsicle.

  10. Ryan is basically clueless….. his budget is basically a hack job written by the Heritage Foundation. Lately, see, I got a bug up my ass on all the media attention for the “Royal Wedding” but nothing about the wars. If any Republican had any common sense, about a budget balance, they would be talking about ending the wars. But War is good business!!! I don’t believe anyone from the Republican side, not now. Not about anything.

  11. Oh dear! At least you didn’t call Howard, Fine & Howard. I got lucky on my problem. First the gravity feed from the old goldmine started playing out and while checking the outside piping, a extension with a faucet broke off with a foot of PVC in my hand. Next day after some measuring and digging through odd fittings, I did what guys do: sit there and stare at it until the light bulb lights up, like in the old Grampy cartoons. After a trip to the local hardware store, I threaded in a 2″ metal pipe with a good wrap of teflon tape and it fit perfectly, as did the metal cap end. Cost less than $2 to fix but I just got lucky. Brother-in-law did the hard fix up at the old mine, laying 80′ of new flex-pipe and renovating the collection system. He checked on it days later and found a bunch of .45 auto brass on the ground where some dickhead with a pistol was trying to shoot a hole through the iron pipe up there! But good luck with flooding. Why just tonight Sacramento TV was saying that 50-60% of the mortgages in this multi-county area are “underwater”.

  12. Odd! That was posted on the next day and showed up here for some reason??

    • no worries, jerry. i found it! 🙂

      teflon tape is one of my favorite things on earth! i love that stuff! when mike (not joe) the plumber’s teflon tape got all tangled, i whipped out my own for him to use. glad you got your pipes in order now.

      i was very careful not to say that raisin hq was underwater. i didn’t want the raisinettes to worry that we’ve gone bankrupt and might lose the place. it’s paid for, so it might get damp from time to time, but it’s ours for good!

  13. boner has nice legs – must be the golf