Icky Leaks

I apologize, Raisinettes, but there’s been some trouble at Raisin Headquarters (or should I say Headquwaters?). You see, I went into the kitchen last night, and there was water all over the floor.
raisin closed for repairs

The same thing had happened years ago, and it turned out to be a leak under the foundation. It’s a long story, but the condo had a plumber thread evil polybutylene pipe through the attic and the walls in order to bypass the leak. Last night’s leak was in the identical place. I went and got the condo president, because the management office was closed. He came over and turned off the water and called the condo association manager to tell him to make sure to get a plumber here as soon as possible. No water all last night, so I made sure that any urination was flush-worthy. Two bathrooms, so I didn’t have to go thirsty. Well, the plumber got here about 1 this afternoon. He had to move the refrigerator, and then he cut a big chunk of drywall to see the leak. I told him that I noticed that the back stoop had been wet for the last couple of weeks. At first, I thought the sprinklers and the accumulated leaves were keeping it slightly flooded. When I saw the flood inside, I knew it had nothing to do with sprinklers. Mike (not Joe) the Plumber said that there was a leak under the floor again. However, when I told him about the back stoop, he went back there and asked what was in the outdoor closet. I told him it was the hot water heater, and he said he should look at it. Sure enough, the closet floor was covered with water. Mike (not Joe) the Plumber vacuumed out the water, and we could see that it had a leak. It was almost rotted away at the bottom. Another chunk of drywall was taken out of the inside wall to see if it was wet. Nope. Mike (not Joe) the Plumber shut the heater off, and then he went back to the front of the condo where the water meter is to see if it moved. It only moved slightly. Then we went back to the kitchen to see if it was still leaking there. It was. I’m a little confused now how Mike (not Joe) the Plumber figured it all out, but when he explained it to me, it made sense how he figured out that there are 2 leaks, one under the slab and the water heater. He told me he could replace the water heater tomorrow morning to the tune of $695. I’m not in the mood to shop around, so I said okay. He said the other leak is too big a job, so he will tell the condo manager to send out a couple of other plumbers who do bigger jobs like that. Before he left, I asked him about some drywall that didn’t look very dry in the living room. Yet another chunk of drywall fell to the wayside, and Mike (not Joe) the Plumber determined that there was a leak inside. The trifecta! I thought it was the evil poly pipe, but it wasn’t. Instead, my genius contractor who redid my bathroom (which is on the other side of the wall) didn’t solder the pipe that goes to the shower correctly. Mike (not Joe) the Plumber cut a piece of pipe and soldered on a new piece. One leak fixed, and it only cost me $89.

So, to make a long story short, Mike (not Joe) the Plumber will install a new hot water heater tomorrow morning, new plumbers have to come to fix the underground leak, the condo might finally replace the evil poly pipe that might burst at any moment, and I can barely move, because I was up all last night wringing out towels and moving stuff around and then putting everything back where it belongs today as well as mopping the muddy floors. The good news is that the water is turned back on, so that I can not only take a shower, but I can take a leak, too! 😉

I hope to be able to crank out some new posters soon, but I hope my dearest Raisinettes will understand if I can’t. I’ll still be around to visit in the comments.


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52 responses to “Icky Leaks

  1. Holy cr*p. Sorry you had to go through all that. You close to a Y or a gym for showerin’s?

  2. Sara

    Nonnie, I have a nice guest room!

    • thanks, sara! you’re so sweet. no worries, my sister would take me in if i show up on her doorstep and look sad enough. 😥 i’ll be fine, though. running water is a wonderful thing when it’s through the faucets and not the floor. 🙂

  3. John Erickson

    Oh Nonnie, I KNEW I shoulda just bit the bullet, grabbed my tools, and came and bailed you out (literally!). Sorry to hear of all your troubles. If you need, I got some REALLY good waterproof boots, and some WW2 helmets that work great for bailing water! 🙂
    Stay as dry as you can, dear lady, and be sure to get yourself a dehumidifier or two. Otherwise, you might end up with mold, and that’s the LAST thing you need, trust me! Good luck!

    • it seems to be surprisingly dry now, john. i was surprised. of course, the drywall will have to be replaced, but the studs in the walls are metal, not wood, so that’s a good thing. this is nothing compared to when the ceilings were leaking and falling down after hurricane wilma. now, that was nasty!

      • John Erickson

        Hey, drywall can be rehung, and plumbing replumbed. As long as you and yours are safe – THAT is the important thing. You just worry about the home front, and come back to post something when it’s convenient. We can all entertain ourselves while you get things straightened out.
        Good luck, and keep that snorkel handy! 😀

        • some good came out of this. my place looked like a warehouse. last night, i wanted to make sure the plumber could get to where he needed to go, so i got rid of a lot of stuff, cleaned out and rearranged my closet (that’s where the attic entrance is, and i thought they’d have to go up there), and generally straightened up the house. the place looked better than it had in years. i couldn’t move afterwards, but that’s okay. i have to see the neurosurgeon anyway, and if i have to have more back surgery, i want my money’s worth. 😉 of course, when the plumber left, the place looked like a bomb had gone off. drywall chunks all over the place, mud, and all the stuff from the kitchen closet had to be taken out, so there was crap all over the place. so, after mike (not joe) the plumber left, i had to redo everything and then mop the whole place. did i ever tell you that i am the worst housekeeper on earth? it’s a skill i never learned.

        • John Erickson

          Fear not the mess, dear lady. There are NO bare horizontal surfaces in our house, and any new surface vanishes in SECONDS. Oddly enough, I can still find things – I can remember which pile things are in, I just tend not to organise ANYTHING, and I’ve spread my disease to the wife! One thing for sure, you will NEVER find our house on the cover of “Beautiful Interiors”. You might catch us on one of those “found dead underneath a collapsed pile” shows…. 😀
          Do I have to go scream at The Idiot Speaketh for poisoning you with his back problems? 😉
          Take care, and don’t push yourself, okay? I’ve grown addicted to Raisins! 😀

          • i’m this far [ —— ] from being on one of those hoarder shows. organization is not my strong suit. it never was. people don’t realize that housekeeping is an art or a talent, and i am not exactly gifted. i look at something that has to be done, and i freak out, because i don’t know where to start. once i finally get going, though, i’m realize that i freaked out over nothing. the next time, i do the same thing.

    • kaylaspop

      Don’t mean to be snide but “hot water heater” is kinda like “ATM Machine. Why would you need to heat your hot water? Or use an Automatic Teller Machine machine? Sorry for your troubles, my daughter has been out of her house for 3 months due to frozen pipes caused by natural gas outage here in northern NM in Jan. Could be worse, we could be in Alabama.

      • John Erickson

        Oh, admit it, Kaylaspop, you’re a Gallagher fan too, aren’t ya? 😀

      • So, we share pet peeves, huh?

        “PIN number” is up there, too.

      • John Erickson

        As a car guy and a bit of a math nut, mine are “rpms” and “mpgs”. Since rpm is revolutionS per minute, and since mpg is mileS per gallon, when you add the S, you get the nonsense of revolutions per minutes and miles per gallons. Two variables in one equation – bad mojo!
        A fave to razz my dad with, when I was a kid, was when he’d say “Ready to go up the ladder?” “Well, gee, Dad, we’re standing on the ground, but I’d figure I’d try going down!” Dad was not renowned for his sense of humour – so I’d get the crappiest job (like running 80 lb shingle bundles up to him). Cured me of wise-cracking him, but never cured me of being a wise-acre (as many here will EAGERLY witness!). 😀

      • smart aleck! 😉 i’ve learned my lesson, kaylaspop. check the new post, and you’ll see what i mean.

        at first, i was going to say that there was a disaster at raisin hq, but when i saw what happened in alabama, i was not going to use the word so lightly. compared to that, this is nothing.

        p.s. i hope your daughter can move back to her house soon.

  4. elizabeth3hersh

    You have my sympathy nonnie. I rue the day your electric goes out and we don’t get one of your AMAZING posts. Sounds like you have things under control. Good luck and godspeed!

    • thanks, elizabeth! keep your fingers crossed throughout hurricane season (i mean that figuratively, because i don’t want your fingers to cramp up), so the power doesn’t go off. it was off for 12 days after hurricane wilma. to tell the truth, even with all the hassles, it was kinda fun.

      • A friend of mine lives in Homestead, FL (she hates it there; she’s planning on escaping to Canada). She had a terrible time in 2005 between Katrina and Wilma. I recall her college being closed for weeks between the two storms.

        • wilma made a mess in broward county. we were very lucky with some past hurricanes, but that one kicked our asses. still, it doesn’t compare with the devastation of katrina or the tornadoes in alabama.

  5. jean-philippe

    From what I see the leak may come from Boehner’s poster…

  6. Yay for Mike, not Joe the plumber. These frigging household adventures…. turn into pandora’s box. Three leaks!
    You must feel like Cinderella– the Royals are all whooping it up & you are schlepping muddy water.
    Life can be cruel sometimes ~ but with all the extreme things Mother Nature is whipping up these days, it puts things in perspective, Eh?

    • mike (not joe) the plumber turned out to be a nice honest guy. that’s rare these days. i’d definitely call him again if i need a plumber.

      i wasn’t at all interested in the royals. i don’t find that couple compelling in the least bit. i wish i was cinderella. after all of her schlepping, at least she got a new pair of shoes! 😉

  7. My goodness!

    I hope that it’s all fixed and taken care of soon. Plumbling and water damage are no fun at all.

    Good luck!

    • thanks wken. i think i lucked out. i don’t think there was any bad water damage. the walls have to be repaired, but they didn’t look too good before.

  8. Snoring Dog Studio

    Oh, nonnie! Bummer!!! Listen, I am a drywall expert. I’ll be over to fix your drywall right away. Where are you in the U.S.?

    • i remember your post about drywall, sds, and i thought about it when i saw my walls. i live in south floriduhhh, and that’s a rather long drive from where you are. luckily, my sister’s boyfriend knows how to drywall. the only problem is getting him here. he works all week, and i feel bad asking him to work on weekends.

  9. Friend of the court

    oh nonnie, that’s awful. i thought the guy that did your bathroom was just bad at electric. looks like he is multi-untalented. i hate it when i have to wade through the kitchen.

    • i can’t believe you remembered that he screwed up the electricty, fotc! i didn’t remember until i read your comment. now i’m doubly pissed off at him again. he never did pay me back the 200 bucks he owed me, and now he cost me another 89 bucks. if i ever see him again, i’m kicking his ass 290 bucks worth.

  10. Oh crap … messes are never fun … especially when involving water. But, it’s obviously not enough to tame your sense of humor!

    • when faced with annoyances like that, afa, you can either laugh or roll up in a little ball and cry. i’m too sore to roll up, so laughing about it is all that’s left. 😉

  11. Hmm…I am pretty sure this means Jesus hates you. (I learned that at Jesus Camp and watching re-runs of Jimmy Swaggart).

    • tl! what a nice surprise! 🙂

      jesus was never crazy about me. i accepted that a long time ago. too bad, because he could have come over to my house. after all, he’s good at all that walking on water stuff.

  12. jebccom

    I’m with Fran. Hooray for Mike (not Joe) the Plumber. I hope it all gets sorted out in the end. When the power went out here for 5 days in January, after the big ice storm, my teenage son asked me how people survived in the old days. I explained to him that their homes were built to accommodate those conditions but we’ve become so ingrained to modern infrastructure that we have a much harder time. He thought it was cool that the six pack stayed colder on the dining room table than it did in the fridge.

    • jebccom

      Damn! I forgot to point out how awesome it is that amidst the crisis, you still came up with such a friggin awesome poster.

      • you’re jebccom again! 😆

        hooray for mike (not joe) the plumber, indeed. he could have ripped me and the condo off, and he didn’t.

        so glad you like the poster. doing a little bit of photoshopping relaxed me. i didn’t have time to read or watch the news, let alone look for a movie to use, so i decided to have a little fun.

  13. Poor Nonnie! Just remember that with all crapy situations (car breakdowns, job loss, putting the mate out) that this too shall pass.

    • John Erickson

      “Putting the mate out”? I’ve never heard that turn of phrase before. I’m assuming it is not a typo (for welcome mat or cat), and not a suggestion of a pyromanic tendency on your behalf……

      • great minds think alike. when i read “putting the mate out,” i immediately wondered if s/he deserved being set on fire in the first place. 😉

    • it already has passed, jerry. once i got over the initial freaking-out when i found the leak, i was pretty much okay. i just hope the condo replaces the evil poly pipe so i don’t have to worry about more leaks in the future.

  14. SaberRulzz

    Clicked on the site for my daily dose of Raisinettes, but see you are in a pickle. Sorry for the bad predicament you’re in. Remember not to ask Mike (not Joe) the Plumber how much he makes a year…socialism! And if he is operating as a “real” Plumber, although Joe (not Mike) the Plumber never operated as a plumber. Happy swimming and hope to see more posters soon!

    • thanks for stopping by, saberrulzz. things are almost back to normal at raisin hq. more posters will be coming soon. i promise. 😀

  15. ugh – you can move in with me anytime