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Icky Leaks, the Saga Continues

Sorry I wasn’t around yesterday. Well, I was around and read your comments, but I was just too dead tired to answer. We left off with 2 possible leaks and the water left on. Here’s the rest of the story. I was so looking forward to a nice hot shower Thursday night to get all the dirt off me and to soothe my achy muscles. I turned on the water, pulled the lever that redirects the water from the tub spigot to the shower, and there was just a bit more than a trickle. What the hell? I turned the water on and off, but always with the same result. I was too tired to worry about it, so I got in the shower and ran from drop to drop in order to get wet and then rinse off.

I got up early (not bright and early, because I am not a morning person, and I only got a couple of hours’ sleep), and I went into the kitchen. I checked where the leak had been, and there was no water! Mike (not Joe) the Plumber had said he would return between 8 and 9 Friday morning, and he got here right on time, 9:30. He brought the shiny new water heater (not hot water heater, because that would be redundant 😛 ), and took it out to the back outside closet. I told him there was no water on the floor in the kitchen, and he went to look. He didn’t see any either. He said that that meant that there was probably no loop leak after all, and the ground had probably been saturated from the xhotx water heater after all.  That was good news.  However, the sceptre of the evil polybutylene pipes still hangs over my head (literally and figuratively, as a lot of it is in the attic).

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