Uh-oh, now he’s gone and pissed off St. Ronnie!


Herman Cain’s camp is firing back at Rick Santorum after the former Pennsylvania senator challenged Cain’s electoral viability while on the stump in South Carolina.

Slate reported that Santorum, chatting ahead of the question-and-answer portion of an Aiken, S.C. luncheon, challenged the notion that Cain was a viable candidate.

“He’s never won an election,” Santorum said. “And it’s not that he hasn’t tried. He’s run twice and lost.”

Cain spokeswoman Ellen Carmichael, responding to Santorum’s comments, said Republicans shouldn’t attack each other in the run-up to the 2012 primaries.

“We are disappointed to see Senator Santorum violating President Ronald Reagan’s ‘Eleventh Commandment:’

Original DVD cover

‘Thou shalt not speak ill of fellow Republicans,’ Carmichael said in a statement emailed to POLITICO Friday night. “As conservatives, our mission should be to beat President Obama in 2012, not beat each other up in the process.”

“We are certain that President Ronald Reagan would be proud of the man that Herman Cain is and the class act he remains,” she said.


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20 responses to “Uh-oh, now he’s gone and pissed off St. Ronnie!

  1. The Eleventh Commandment has been observed mostly in the breach for a long time. It certainly wasn’t much in evidence during last year’s primaries, when the Tea Party crowd was out to get the moderates and mainstream conservatives.

    Finally, it’s about time someone gave you the inspiration to create this poster. It really needed to be made.

  2. This poster deserves the appropriate background music.

    • LOL re the theme music!. WE always joked there were more than 10 Commandments, Moses just dropped a few of the stone tablets on the way back down the mountain.

    • thank you for the musical accompaniment, neon vincent.

      the 11th commandment went down the toilet long ago. st ronnie would be spinning in his grave, but the hair gel got him stuck to the bottom of the coffin.

  3. Next, Sick-Rick is gonna want to see Cain’s birth certificate…

  4. Neon Vincent nailed it.

    The 11th commandment has been a joke for a long time … the TPers have declared it null and void, and anyone who watched the 2008 primary has to have noticed that it was clearly not in the rule book.

    By the way, for my money the Eleventh Commandment was called by Colin Raye. Far more important than anything the Republicans have to say …

    • that, without any doubt whatsover, is the most depressing song i’ve ever hear, wken.

      • Oh, yeah … I probably should have warned you about that.

        I think “Concrete Angel” by Martina McBride is the single saddest song ever written, but this one’s a pretty close second. If at any point in your life you’re able to listen to either of those without tears, then there’s probably something wrong with you.

        • well, i had better not listen to ‘concrete angel’ because ’11th commandment’ almost had me hurling myself off the roof.

          • “Concrete Angel” is about a little girl who’s being abused.

            In the first chorus, the concrete angel is her as she’s trying to look stoic and strong every day when she goes to school.

            She dies in the second verse. In the second chorus, the concrete angel is on her gravestone.

            The point of both songs, of course, is that we’re supposed to care about kids more than we do, as a culture. Both of those songs get mentioned by anti-abuse and anti-bullying groups.

            But they’re not exactly happy songs …

  5. They are all sharks, they might even dis St. Ronnie if it meant they could win the election . Hell, last election even turncoat Lieberman got up there @ the repug convention hawking for the McCain /Palin ticket.

    Now it will feel like a rerun.
    Hukhabee, Mitt, Ron Paul
    Now for entertainment value, they will add Trump , replacing Grandpaw McCain, and Gingrich.

    • they’d stab their own mothers in the back (and on mother’s day!), if it would help them in their careers. some people work hard to get ahead; these clowns just say whatever outrageous bs that comes into their heads, and they have faux news acting as their megaphones.

  6. 11th my ass. When the big boys start the moefest it’s going to be more shit slinging than a trip to the monkeyhouse. They should take all things Reagan and build an Ark of the Ronament. Even if that goes well, they will have one hell of a time down at the Home Depot finding poles of shittum wood. And the wingers will get all out of sorts when they see the cheribum aren’t wearing panties.

    • they really don’t give a shit about st ronnie. his name is invoked as a trump (no pun intended) card. no matter what the subject, they throw in st ronnie’s name to either make their point or to diss someone else.

  7. Sheeesh… gimmee a break…. everyone knows Reagan could not count over ten….

  8. jeb

    St. Ronnie would be eaten alive by this crowd but he’d have no one to blame but himself because he spawned this progeny. Besides, as I recall, he gave HW a pretty good shellacking in the 80 campaign. He only threw out the 11th once he was firmly in place with no challengers.

    Personally, I’m stocking up on popcorn. This should be entertaining.