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The sordid tale of former Sen. John Ensign (R) of Nevada is casting its dark ethical – and perhaps legal – shadow wider and wider in Washington.

Aside from the likelihood that Ensign will face criminal charges, recent revelations don’t paint a very good picture of Sen. Tom Coburn, former senator and presidential candidate Rick Santorum, nor the Justice Department.

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When details of his affair with the wife of a former staffer and close family friend revealed what looked to many observers like a cover-up – including the payment of large sums of money via his parents – Ensign announced that he would not run for reelection. Then last week he abruptly resigned his seat in order to avoid having to personally face a Senate Ethics Committee investigation and his likely expulsion from the Senate.

This week, the bipartisan investigating committee, headed by Sen. Barbara Boxer (D) of California and Sen. Johnny Isakson (R) of Georgia issued its scathing report.


Among other things, the report alleges that Ensign and his parents made illegal payments to his mistress and her husband, made false or misleading statements to the Federal Election Commission, and “permitted spoliation [alteration or destruction] of documents and engaged in potential obstruction of justice violations.”

The committee has referred the matter to the Justice Department and the Federal Election Commission.

Critics wonder why the Justice Department appears not to have pursued the Ensign case with any sense of vigor. Last December, the Justice Department informed Ensign’s lawyers that he was “no longer a target” in a corruption probe.


Meanwhile, Ensign’s personal disgrace and political downfall appears to have touched at least two of his Senate colleagues.

Former Sen. Rick Santorum (R) of Pennsylvania – who lost his reelection bid in 2006 and is now running for president on a platform stressing family values – learned of the Ensign affair in an email from Doug Hampton, Ensign’s former chief of staff and husband of Ensign’s mistress Cynthia Hampton.

Hampton reportedly was seeking Santorum’s help. But rather than reply to Hampton, Santorum forwarded the email to Ensign, tipping him off to the impending scandal.

As the episode continued, Sen. Tom Coburn (R) of Oklahoma became involved in negotiating financial payment to the Hamptons (which involved Ensign’s parents) – apparently as a way of settling the situation in a way that would limit political damage.

As the Senate Ethics Committee report details, there’s much more to the story – including Ensign’s trying to generate lobbying business for Mr. Hampton after Hampton was pushed out of his job working for the Nevada senator.


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21 responses to “Tom Coburnt

  1. I knew about Senator Dr. Patient Privilege Coburn, but nice work, Santorum. Way to keep it in the Family. Freak. *head shaking*

    • i wonder if any other former residents of the c street house are sweating bullets, because they knew what was going on and said nothing. i hope there are lots of depositions taken, because i think most of those guys will fold like a cheap card table if they think there’s a chance they might be charged with something.

  2. Ya gotta love all these “family values” guys. Who would want to be in their family?

    • hey apples! 🙂

      that’s not a family. it’s a bunch of frat boys who think they’re holier than everyone else, and therefore entitled to do whatever they want without consequence. what fun when there are consequences, and they all freak out! 😆

  3. jeb

    It’s actually all about “family” and omerta. They’ll preach and legislate how we should live but that’s not inclusive of them. Not “la familia.”

  4. You know, one would think that these politicians would realize they shouldn’t dabble in dictating morality. Every time it comes back to bite them! Maybe if they didn’t try to tell others how to live, it wouldn’t make them look like such asshats when they get caught having homosexual encounters in restrooms (hello Mr. Wide Legs, LOL I don’t even remember his real name) or paying off mistresses >_<

    • hey mad, how’ve you been? 🙂

      the rethugs don’t think giant corporations should be regulated, but they think our personal lives have to be managed by government. of course, all according to their own skewed version of morality.

      larry craig was mr. wide stance. 😉

  5. C Street House. Why can’t the GOP have affairs that don’t have a creepy angle to it? Religious order/mafia/cult. Gives me the heebies.

  6. The Uganda dictator that The Family has made such a special case is fixing to start executing homosexuals soon. And arresting anyone who knows of them and didn’t rat them out. Coburn used to brag how he got the settlement with the cuckold reduced so much. And senator Rick is not the only one who was warned….Megan Kelly at the Fox party organ also rated him out instead of going on air with a scoop…not the party line. This is only going to get worse for all involved. I expect senator John will get some time in the end and maybe a little santorum to call his own.

    • the rethugs should take a look around them in the cloakroom and think about whom they can really trust. they’re such a bunch of backstabbers. this isn’t going to do little ricky any favors. even the wacky fundies will wonder how much they can trust him if his friends can’t.

  7. Distributorcap

    These people are so awful you can’t even laugh. Sad thing is that americans love the soap opera and will continue to vote for entertainment above problem solving. Ps all entertainers are greedy hence the votes to keep giving themselves tax breaks

    • most people won’t hear the whole story, so it’s a toss-up how they’ll react. people who actually read the whole story will regard coburn as an aider and abetter. if they only hear what faux news will tell them (if anything), he’ll come off as someone just protecting his friend. unfortunately for ol’ tom, he’s not well-liked at all, so i don’t think anyone will go out of his/her way to plead his case.

  8. Snoring Dog Studio

    I swear, spit and sputter. Really? My solution? Forbid the male members of Congress from using Viagra. Clearly, it produces some kind of hormonal insanity that drives the already emotionally and ethically compromised from doing the work they were elected to do. If you can stomach it, the tale of Sen. John Ensign “pursuing” this woman is sordid to the extreme – it includes all the creepy elements of a very bad soap opera. And look at this sweet, lil’ good ole boys network–protecting their man. I can hear the equally compromised voters, though, shrieking, “This is his personal life and it has nothing to do with his office!” yeah, right.

    • in a lot of cases, it really is just personal stuff, but this is a case of sexual harassment and crime. it’s all quite sordid. i hope there will be a full and public hearing. i want to see coburn squirm.

  9. propagandee

    Heard today on Ian Masters’ show the author of “C Street” Jeff Sharlet say that when fellow C-Streeter Mark Sanford’s wife went to one of its counselors about his affair with his Argentine mistress that she was told that it was her role to be more sexually attractive to her husband so he wouldn’t be compelled to cheat (as recounted in her own autobio).

    Another tidbit: In his presence, Sharlet describes an orientation meeting conducted by a C Street director who asks a young recruit: What do you think I would think of you if I heard you raped 3 minors…reply: you’d say I was horrible…Answer: Wrong, because you are one of THE CHOSEN, citing the biblical passage where King David arranges for the murder of the husband of the woman he desired…

    Ensign, Coburn, Sanford, Santorum, Heath Shuler, et al are THE CHOSEN…to whom the normal rules of human morality/ethics/law do not apply. That’s what they are taught and that’s what they believe.

    Coburn is of course one of the leading voices in the Senate pushing the Rehtugs’ economic agenda and Santorum wants to be president. These are some seriously sick assholes…

    • props, i heard that about jenny sanford on one of the shows on msnbc. these guys are so arrogant, and any woman who listens to any of their edicts should have her head examined. they’re still living in the 1950s when the little woman was supposed to just stay home and keep her mouth shut, even when the hubby strayed. on the other side of the spectrum, we have cherie daniels, mitch’s wife. she left ol’ mitch with the 4 kids to be with some guy who ditched his family. she married the other guy, divorced him a few years later, went back to ol’ boring mitch, and married him again. they call it a love story with a happy ending. i wonder how many women will call it that. i don’t care that she dumped mitch. i probably would have, too. however, ditching the kids is a whole other story. i don’t like when men do it, and i don’t like it when women do it.

      i hope the rethugs make this all about values. that would be very entertaining.

  10. Little Ricky was ok with it because the family pets were not involved.



    PS – the whole thing is just holier-than-thou GOPers at its best, huh?