Shock and Awww, Not Again!


GOP Looks To Shock Failing Medicare Plan Back To Life With New Message

Beset by a constant barrage of attacks from the left and increasing unease on the right, House Republican leaders plan to relaunch their proposal to turn Medicare into a privatized voucher program. Leading the charge will be the GOP budget’s architect, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), who is scheduled to deliver an address on the topic at the Economic Club of Chicago on Monday.

Because shit always smells better when you stir it up again.
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The party launched their budget to great fanfare last month as Ryan introduced his “Path to Prosperity” in a series of press conferences and speeches. Its large cuts to Medicare united even conservative Democratic lawmakers against the plan from the start, however, who followed President Obama’s lead in casting the budget as a cheap shot at seniors that simultaneously lavished the wealthy with new tax breaks.

Republicans began feeling the heat in their home districts after returning during the Easter recess, including an incident in which Ryan himself was booed by constituents at a town hall in Wisconsin. Public polling consistently showed decisive majorities of Americans opposed to cuts in Medicare, preferring instead to tax the rich.

Republican freshmen, who powered the GOP to the majority last year, did not abandon the budget, but became increasingly alarmed that criticisms of their plan were gaining traction. At one point a group of Republican lawmakers held a press conference calling for a bipartisan truce on attacks over entitlements.


Meanwhile, leadership began to waffle on whether the Medicare plan was even on the table in budget talks. On May 5, the Washington Post reported that Majority Leader Eric Cantor has abandoned Medicare privatization, forcing his office to reassert their support for the plan. But Speaker John Boehner hinted the same day that “political realities” made it difficult to gain traction. The Medicare proposal looked close to dead after a crucial House chairman, Rep. Dave Camp (R-MI), announced he would not advance Ryan’s plan through his Ways and Means committee.


Outside the House, both Senate Republicans and the 2012 presidential field were slow to embrace the GOP budget, with many politely congratulating Ryan on his effort even as they avoided endorsing his ideas. Not everyone was so polite: Newt Gingrich excoriated the House’s Medicare plan on Meet The Press this Sunday, dismissing it as “right-wing social engineering,” “radical,” and “too big a jump” for the country to take. His open revolt gives Democrats even more cover for their message that the budget is firmly rooted in the party’s Tea Party fringe.


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22 responses to “Shock and Awww, Not Again!

  1. You got the Eddie Munster in! 😆

  2. jean-philippe

    The funniest part is that Ryan considers running for Senate in the angriest state right now: Wisconsin.

  3. jeb

    Repackaging shit indeed. Or better yet, trying to gracefully scrape it off your shoe without anyone noticing. Get’s right up there in the treads and everyone acts polite when they’re actually thinking, “Man, you’ve got stinky shit on your shoe.” As apalling as their tone deaf approach to budgeting is, it’s still funny watching them all trying to cover their asses as they’re shocked by the anger and outrage.

    Go ahead, Rethugs, work for your corporate masters and tell the electorate how we can save money by putting seniors on vouchers because it isn’t socialism.

  4. Ryan’s name may be on the plan, but I have a difficult time believing he’s the architect. Meanwhile, he the the GOP leadership can dance all the want, but if the people at home aren’t happy about it, GOP members will bail faster than an Alaskan in the governor’s mansion … and Gingrich senses that!

    • the heritage foundation wrote the plan. why did the rethugs picked eddie munst…i mean, paul ryan to deliver that pile of poop is something i can’t understand. he’s not an economist. he has a b.a. in economics, and he never worked as an economist, but they think he’s qualified to manage the finaces of the entire country ❓

      • They think he looks like the right spokesmodel. He also has been working on the “serious economic thinker” schtick long enough that people are beginning to believe it. He certainly had one of Inspired’s students in Wisconsin fooled (Inspired used to live in his district; she never voted for him so it’s not her fault).

        • you’re probably correct. the real power is behind the scenes, and the rethugs pick the puppets who look like they fit the part. the puppets have no real knowledge or intelligence, but they come out of central casting, and that’s all that matters. spokesmodel is the perfect word, neon vincent.

  5. John Erickson

    It’s kinda weird watching all these right-wing disasters as they happen. It’s like watching “Cops”. You know there’s a LOT of MUCH better programming on, but the disintegration of people into complete jackanapes is morbidly fascinating. I’d love to see this joker run again for the House – we might actually get to see the first killing of a politician by a mob since the French revolution.
    Anybody got stock in whetstone manufacturers? 😉

    • too bad bronzo the clown is too drunk to realize that the “young guns” are just waiting to stab him in the back, and the teabaggers are doing him no favors. they’re making fools out of all the rethugs in order to further their own careers. i would love to see all of them lose their seats.

  6. Oh yea– “political realities” made it difficult to gain traction.
    t\The only traction they seem to be getting is skid marks in their skivvies when they realize how very unpopular the kill medicare, I mean medical voucher plan in the real world.

    Nobody is buying their steamy & stinky pile.

    Ryan is the fall guy & Newt is playing his strategy like a backstabber on an episode of “Survival”.

    • i thought the health insurance that the members of congress get covers hearing aids. i guess not, because how else to explain the tone-deafness that seems to be epidemic in the rethug party?

      • Maybe if they call them “Freedom Vouchers” & slap a flag logo on them, Americans will rally around the kill medicare program??

        Hey! I wonder if they can save some money by having the American flag logo vouchers Made In China???

        How’s that for efficiency? Kill the elders w no medicare coverage AND lose more jobs in the process. This has GOP written all over it!

  7. I saw that fool today on Cspan talking to the Club for Money. He was stressing the most important part of this scheme is to get rid of inefficient insurance companies. Fuck! While grandpa is dying, we let the marketplace play capitlaist musical chairs to prove the godman Ronald was divine. This jackass doesn’t have a clue. ..and,by the way Nonnie, you just have to do one of your renderings of the new Huckster history revision series. I’ve seen crappy cartoons in my life but these set a new standard of crude with a dose of bonehead history. Bad, worse than Tom Terrific, Clutch Cargo, and even Flying House!

  8. Al

    Hi Nonnie’!
    As much as I hate to admit it, seems my fellow Republicans are knee deep in sh**, and may just be carrying the whole “if you have lemons, make lemonade” adage a bit outside the box. Where lemonade can be refreshing, there’s nothing fresh or refreshing about the same old sh** all the time. Whether we are retreading candidates for public office–Newt Gingrich– or refusing to accept that Americans deserve adequate healthcare, Republican sh** needs to be cleaned up instead of stirred up again. Why do I feel like President Obama may as well go ahead and order new drapes/curtains for his 2nd term…

    Have a great week, Nonnie’!

    • with this crop of rethugs, al, it’s more like, if you have lemons, try to manipulate the lemon market, and drive up prices. oh, and don’t worry if the lemons have deadly pesticides or anything like that. if some poor people die from them, who cares?