The End of the World….Again


When Congress passed the landmark health reform law last March, Republicans predicted the result wouldn’t be insurance for 32 million Americans, but rather “Armageddon.”

More than a year later, such outlandish rhetoric continues unabated.

This week, Rep. Daniel Webster (R-FL) met with constituents for a town hall meeting in Astatula, FL. During the event, a constituent asked Webster about how repealing health reform would affect citizens like her who have cancer (or other preexisting conditions) and found it next to impossible to get insurance in the private market. Webster agreed with the constituent that – despite his voting to strip such protections in January – preexisting conditions ought to be covered by insurance. However, Webster then went on to tell the audience that unless the health reform law, which covers preexisting conditions, is repealed, “we won’t have a country” anymore:

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CONSTITUENT: All the years that your party has had to work on this, you still don’t have an answer for people like me, if I have a cancer recurrence before I’m eligible for Medicare, what’s your answer for people like me?


WEBSTER: […] I’ve told you, first of all, that I believe there is a need to have preexisting conditions covered. I’ve said that. So I’m not trying to eliminate that at all, and that would be the answer to your question. All I’m saying is, left to the community and the states and having partnerships will free us from this. [Points to debt chart] We can’t afford it. We can either do it on borrowed money and run our country into the ground and then no one gets coverage because we won’t have a country.

Still, Webster isn’t the only one predicting dire consequences for our country as a result of health reform. Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) surmised that “a lot of people are going to die,” while Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) recently said that if you believe in a right to health care, “you believe in slavery.” Last year, then-House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) even called the law “Armageddon” that will “ruin our country.”

Video at THINK PROGRESS link.


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35 responses to “The End of the World….Again

  1. John Erickson

    What the heck is this, the Chinese year of the Armageddon? Or did they lower the price of Bruce Willis’ movie on DVD? Seems like everybody has Armageddon on the brain. 🙂
    I need a combination of accepting pre-existing conditions AND doctor selection. If you give me that, I’ll LOVE ya! (Yeah, I know, I’m an odd case – in more ways than one. 😉 )

    • i think it’s groundhog day.

      i know what you mean about doctor selection. of all the specialists i’ve been sent to so far, i’ve like 2 of them. the others were money-grubbing asswipes. i went to one orthopedist, and in his report he described my feet. no bunions, no hammer toes, normal everything. only problem? i never even took my shoes off. i’ve had 5 surgeries on my feet, and i have flat feet, so my feet are anything but unremarkable (medically speaking). what i continue to wonder is why i had to have x-rays when he so clearly has x-ray vision.

  2. jean-philippe

    Who needs healthcare and medicare? We have everything we need in the wild…

  3. jeb

    Hyperbole much?

    Yes, covering people’s health will definitely ruin our country and run it into the ground. Better work on keeping those tax cuts and subsidies for big oil and the corporations instead.

    I seriously can’t understand how anyone can keep a straight face when spewing this crap.

    • bronzo the clown is on the poster, so don’t you mean hyper-bowl, jeb?

      yeah, it makes so much sense to allow people to get sicker and sicker, because it will be so much cheaper than preventing disease by allowing people to see doctors before they get sick. 🙄

  4. Makes even an atheist want a hell for these fools.

  5. “We can either do it on borrowed money and run our country into the ground and then no one gets coverage because we won’t have a country.”

    The only people running our country into the ground are people like Daniel Webster. What kind of doublespeak bullshit is this anyway? They didn’t have a problem with spending billions fighting a war over a lie. They don’t have a problem with providing health care for themselves. They don’t mind giving tax breaks to the oil corporations so they can make record profits in the billions. If they don’t want to provide health care for the American people, then I say strip the entire government of their health care. Every single last one of them, from the President to the postal clerk down the street. If that was on the table, I bet the bastards would make a heel-face-turn so fast it would make your head spin. Now you tell me, why they get health insurance? Why are they entitled to it? Why are we as American citizens entitled to go bankrupt and die if we get cancer?

    And equating a right to health care with slavery?! These bastards are in charge of a dying democracy, and they’re driving the knife just a little deeper every day. E tu, Brute?

    I just want to let you know that I am so angry, that I could have put the f-word before just about every adjective above. I just can’t believe the unmitigated gall of someone who’s salary AND HEALTH INSURANCE is paid by OUR tax dollars standing there and telling us that we don’t deserve health insurance because they can’t afford to spend OUR tax dollars on it. I know, it would be a real bummer to not be able to spend OUR tax dollars killing brown people on the other side of the planet.

  6. When Randypaul was saying we have no right to food or water, somehow he forgot to mention we have no right to air. That might br republican air that could be sold in the marketplace.

  7. Bacon tree images

    Oh … the topics … Let’s not only repeal the health care bill, let’s double down with a voucher system for Medicare to make sure Rep Webster’s constituent has to pay more.

    • and just for the hell of it, let’s throw orphans out into the streets to fend for themselves. socialist little bastards.

      • Hell, while you’re at it abolish all police and fire departments. Let the criminals run wild and the houses burn. Oh, and abolish public schools too. They already want slaves for their corporatocracy. Who needs to learn to read?

        • hello tracker,

          welcome to the raisin! 😀

          after they take all the money from the fire and police departments, the public schools, etc., take all the money and give it to the oil companies as a subsidy, because we all know that they’re practically starving.

  8. It’s time for “REPUBLICAN DEATH PANELS” that’s where they say, “we really don’t have an answer to your question… can you just quietly sit in the corner and die? Next question, please!” Assholes….

  9. Al

    Hi Nonnie’!
    There are times when it’s just painful to be a Republican, especially how some of us–notwithsatnding myself and Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown–choose to weigh in on a sensitive issue like healthcare.

    Have a great week!

  10. Al

    notwithsatnding, ha=notwithstanding

    • don’t give scotty brown too much credit, al. he has no real principles; he just sees which way the wind is blowing and votes the way that will allow him to keep his seat. he was elected with the help of the tea party, and then he threw them under the bus. he said that he would vote for the eddie munst…i mean, paul ryan plan, and when he saw the backlash, he said he didn’t mean that he’d vote for the plan, he’d vote on the plan. you, however, my dear al, are a very principled person, and i’d vote for you, even though you are a republican. 😀

  11. We did all those friggin forever wars on borrowed money but I guess thats ok w/that douchenozzle. Christ..these idiots just slay me.

    That he has the balls to lie like a fucking rug at his Town should be crmininal to lie to people like the R’s do at those meetings.

    Typing sucks…medicated up to my eyeballs since I had back surgery two molnths ago..and I don’t feel ANY fucking BETTER. damn it. 😉 But the doc says thats normal..yeah right…whatever.

    • oh no, dusty! 😯 i had back surgery gone bad 14 years ago, so i feel your pain–literally! i have to go see a neurosurgeon to see if they think they should operate again. bleh! i hope that you’ll be on the mend soon. the most important thing is to be your own advocate. insist on therapy if you think you need it, and don’t let them bullshit you. if you think something is wrong, and they’re not helping you, insist on seeing another doctor for a second opinion. i have my fingers crossed for you, my sistah.

      • Nonnie..I ain’t known as a quiet woman. I have represented myself twice against Workers Comp in court and won both times. 😉 But the Doc, who I trust and have seen for five years says the nerves are regenerating and its gonna hurt before it gets better. He said I will be going to therapy too.

        So, I just lay in bed, and bitch online since I got this cheap but adequate laptop bed desk thingy. 🙂

        • i know that you’re not exactly a shrinking violet, dustarella. however, when you’re in a drug-induced haze, it’s easy to just keep sleeping. i’m so glad you have a doc whom you trust and that’s he’s looking out for you. keep us posted on your progress, sweetie. mmwwaahhhhhh!!!

  12. They are calling the NY 26th Dist for the Dem! Hasn’t had a D in that district evah!!!!!!!

    • i know!!!!!!!!! 😀 i didn’t want to watch the news and listen to the results, because elections give me stomachaches. i went in the other room, where i don’t get cable, and spent an hour on the treadmill watching crap on tv. when i came back in here, the first thing i checked were the results for ny-26, and i literally screamed with joy! the rethugs will try to convince people that the tea party candidate was the spoiler, but that’s put unadulterated bullshit. i bet widdle ewic cantaw is shitting in his drawers. 😆

  13. The comments are closed for the Gold story 😥

    • thanks for letting me know, m’liss. i have no idea how or why that happened, but i fixed it. wordpress has been acting strangely lately.