I ♥ NY-26!


Tonight, Democrat Kathy Hochul defeated Republican state Assemblywoman Jane Corwin in New York’s special election to replace former Rep. Chris Lee (R-NY). Despite the $2.36 million spent by groups like Karl Rove’s American Crossroads and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to keep district red and the $60 per vote Corwin spent herself, Hochul secured a clear victory in a traditonally Republican district […]


Viewed as a referendum on House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan’s plan to end Medicare, Hochul’s victory exemplifies the American public’s overwhelming disgust with the GOP push to force seniors to bear the burden of increasing health costs.

girlslovejanecorwin3Original comic book cover

Expecting a loss, several Republicans — including Corwin herself — tried to assert the election had nothing to do with Ryan’s Medicare plan. But DCCC chairman Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY) outlined the three reasons that Corwin lost the election: “[I]n alphabetical order, Medicare, Medicare and Medicare.” Despite Corwin indeed crumbled under American public’s disillusionment with the GOP agenda. And now, Hochul becomes the fourth Democrat to represent the district since 1857.


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26 responses to “I ♥ NY-26!

  1. Snoring Dog Studio

    It’s time. It’s time for the silent elderly to start fighting back. I’m glad to see this kind of thing more and more these days. The elderly are a powerful voting bloc – I have a feeling Medicare won’t be altered tremendously.

    • it wasn’t just the elderly, sds. there are lots of baby boomers who are pissed off at the thought of having paid into the system for so long, only to be told that they’re going to be shit out of luck when they try to get their benefits.

  2. I ♥ NY-26, too! Yaaaayyyy Kathy Hochul!!!!!

  3. jeb

    Oh this is rich! Taken from a CNN story:

    Rep. Pete Sessions of Texas, head of the National Republican Congressional Committee, insisted the race has no national implications.

    “To predict the future based on the results of this unusual race is naive and risky,” Sessions said. “History shows one important fact: The results of competitive special elections from Hawaii to New York are poor indicators of broader trends or future general election outcomes.”

    Sessions pointed to a string of Democratic special election victories leading up to last November’s GOP landslide.

    “If special elections were an early warning system, they sure failed to alert the Democrats of the political tsunami that flooded their ranks in 2010,” he said.

    Translation: Excuse me, I just crapped my pants.

  4. John Erickson

    Hey, I ain’t a senior JUST yet, but I’d vote thumbs down on the Repub. health plan myself. Heck, the crappy system we have today (where I pay 100% of all costs, thank you very little) beats the snot out of the “voucher” system. I never thought I’d say this, but hurray for a GOP loss. (Wow, that felt weird!)
    And be sure to pop over to Frank’s site to check out his new monthly feature, “Ask John”. (Yeah, cheap plug. :D)

    • people should be demanding that anyone who voted for eddie munst…i mean, paul ryan’s budget and voucher plan must immediately forgo their government-paid insurance and take their chances with the private sector. put up or shut up. if it’s good enough for their constituents, then it should be good enough for them.

  5. Corwin immediately set in motion legal action to stop the certifying of the win.

    “Jane Corwin, the Republican candidate in today’s high-stakes NY-26 special election, has obtained a judge’s order to bar the certification of the result and impound certain election materials when polls close this evening.”

    She ain’t letting go!


  6. A repeat of the NY-22 debacle. Wonder why the vote-against-your-own- interest campaign is faltering? And all because they can’t tell one little asswipe he fucked it all up. They can not be wrong because they do Gods Work(tm). Who is John Galt? Oh, he’s that hackneyed manager of that crappy factory carpet outlet down the street, Atlas Rugged.

    • they got cocky. they overstepped by putting their mitts on medicare, and they won’t be able to dial this one back. they’re on the record, and granny isn’t going to be pleased when the next election comes along.

  7. The is especially remarkable given that this district went Republican by 74%-to-26% in 2010.

    Is this a foretaste of 2012? Well, this time, there have been votes on the Ryan budget in both the House and the Senate. Of their own free will almost every Republican has hung this thing like a millstone around their own necks.

    For a moment I thought that was a giant tea-bag Corwin was tearing up in frustration.

    • i definitely think this is a foretaste of 2012. i wonder how many rethugs will be primaried by other rethugs who will swear up and down that they won’t go for the eddie munst…i mean, paul ryan disaster. i wonder who would survive a primary like that, as the teabaggers might back the incumbents. that would be good news for dems.

  8. Good for NY-26. And, on a similar note, go Vermont. The sooner people understand that single-payer health coverage costs them far less, the better.

  9. rastamick

    Nonnie you know I was thinking of you when this election went the way it did. No surprise the brains behind Corwin’s bungled gimpaign are the same cross eyed family tree that brought you the Carl Paladino run for the governorship. Our county executive here in Erie Co. is a shetland person named Chris Collins, famous for asking the well heeled debutante of some rich repubican donors for a lap dance at a fundraiser last year. He is cretinous and an imbecile. The Dem comptroller who plans to run against him has emails detailing sexual cracks about females in county hall plus there’s a tale that CC was driving drunk and the Sheriff who made nice for him was rewarded with a job for his kid on a county highway crew. These people would be funny if they weren’t so arrogant. Be sure to look up how Corwins campaign manager tried to bait the 79 y/o Tea Party dude into attacking him but it backfired. So the campaign manager disappears, leaves town with 2 weeks to go and Corwin doesn’t fire him cause they all know he was put up to it and will squeal if he’s fired. I taped 3 more tv shows today and we are due to hit the airwaves within a month. Here’s a link, click the show opener and laugh with holy delight. Love you, keep it going sister.

    • mick!! i was so hoping that you’d show up! i reflexively thought to go to your blog to check out what you had to say about the race, and then i remembered it was no longer there, and i was sad. 😥

      i saw jack davis on a show saying that the video with corwin’s campaign manager was a set-up. that made more sense than anyone actually punching the guy out. it was so dramatic, and once i heard that it was her campaign manager, it sounded hinky. i could see if it had been just one of her loony followers, but not her campaign manager. i think she shot off her own foot, and now she (and the other rethugs) want to blame someone else for all the bleeding.

      capt chuckleberry looks hilarious. the video keeps buffering, so i have to laugh in intervals. which voices do you do?

      love you, too, mick. don’t be a stranger. i love it when you stop by. mmmwwaaahhhhhhh!!!!

  10. i guess Chris Lee can email his picture to Jane Corwin now

    i love watching the spin – u can only imagine the conversations going on behind the doors

    • i’m still dying to know what chris lee was hiding. there was way more to it than just that pic on craig’s list. i guess we’ll never know.