They’re Munstrous!

From Salon:

During a rare public appearance in Houston Wednesday, Dick Cheney expressed his feelings about Paul Ryan, the House Budget Committee chairman whose budget blueprint — which calls for turning Medicare into a voucher program — has become a lightning rod for controversy.

“I worship the ground the Paul Ryan walks on,” said the former vice president, Politico noted via the Houston Chronicle.

themunsterspaulryandickcheneyOriginal image

Cheney made the comment while proclaiming the need to combat the national debt. That may seem an odd sentiment to those who remember that in 2002 he reportedly told then-Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill, “deficits don’t matter.

But wait, kids, Deadeye Dick wasn’t the only one coming to the resuce of Eddie Munst…I mean, Paul Ryan. From TALKING POINTS MEMO:

Pushing his ongoing apology for attacking Paul Ryan’s Medicare proposal to new heights, Newt Gingrich sent supporters an e-mail on Thursday requesting donations in order to promote the Ryan plan. “The only way our country can win the future is by engaging our fellow citizens in serious discussions about major reform–not by avoiding hard choices,” the e-mail reads.

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“Congressman Ryan has made a key contribution to entitlement reform, courageously starting the conversation about how to save and improve Medicare. And that’s exactly the kind of national conversation I want our campaign to be about!” As his e-mail demonstrates, Gingrich has been carefully following the approved spin manual for handling Ryan since condemning his Medicare voucher plan as “right wing social engineering” two Sundays ago on Meet The Press.


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29 responses to “They’re Munstrous!

  1. jeb

    Nothing is as scary as the tea-bagger, Koch Brother, budget that Paulie put his name on.

    In the meantime, Newtie got swatted on the nose with a rolled up newspaper for being a bad dog and soiling the carpet. He’s now picked up the money trail and is hot on the scent again.

    • i’m sure the koch brothers are very proud of their little kochroach (i think that’s been trademarked by jean-philippe. i wish i could take credit for it). i wish i could be a fly on the wall when he loses his seat in congress, and they kick him to the curb.

      newtie is like a pig around truffles when there’s money he might get his grubby hands on.

  2. John Erickson

    Dang, Cheney and Eddie … I mean, Paul Ryan really work in that first photo! Newt – not so much, but still pretty good. (Sorry, I loved Fred Gwynne, and to associate him, even in jest, with Newtie is a bit disturbing.)
    So who would be Yvonne DeCarlo? I can’t think of a single GOP female in the news who could do Yvonne justice – she was HOT! πŸ˜‰ Suppose you could always do Marilyn as Sarah Palin. (Shudder!)

    • i almost made liz cheney lily munster, but i couldn’t bring myself to look at her evil face (lizzie, not lily). i love fred gwynne, too. i vaguely remember him in car 54, where are you (though i remember the theme song) and of course i remember the munsters. however, my favorite role of his will always be one of his last–the judge in my cousin vinny

      • John Erickson

        Oh my – “My Cousin Vinny”. One of the best movies EVER!! (And hey, it isn’t sci-fi, it’s not a war pic, and it doesn’t have the 3 Stooges, so that’s HIGH praise from me! πŸ˜€ )

      • kaylaspop

        Yoot, what’s a yoot?

  3. jeb

    Oh, and by the way, that quote by the Dickster has long been misunderstood because it’s incomplete. I have it on good authority that what he actually said was “Deficits don’t matter when we’re blowing the money through a firehose into the troughs of our corporate buddies and on non-bid contracts, they only matter when they’re used to sustain infrastructure and to help the people who pay the taxes in this country.”

    I don’t actually believe in Hell, but just in case I’m wrong, I feel very sorry for Satan when Dickless Cheney crosses the river Styx.

  4. For a really long time I have wasted tons and tons of brain cells trying to figure out why in the hell do folks in the South or Bible Belt vote Republican when it is clearly in no possible way is it in their own best interest. Yesterday, I heard it said this way: “They vote Republican because they are simply too dumb to think for themselves.” Then I remembered if you take a map and first highlight the States that vote Republican in the Bible Belt, and then ad another layer that demonstrates the 50 States by their High School Graduation statistics, what you get is an EXACT match in the South. So now I know they really are too uneducated to think things through to the logical conclusion. The question then becomes, how do you reach these folks? I think Team Obama figured it out and really new on DAY ONE to spend minimal time trying to “win” those states. That is also, IMHO, why Ryan and the Republicans who voted for his “budget” thought they could pull it off, as most folks down south in the former Goldwater states were too dumb not to figure it out. But Enough Of Then DID! Now the question is can they use the reverse and undo the monster that they let loose using these same hapless, uneducated folks? Think Newt can sweet talk the vote out of them. Also , is the Medicare firestorm just an outlier that will not repeat?

    I also wonder if NEWT, when he eventually gets in a room or on a stage with Ryan, is gonna try some big time, butt kissing, boot licking and following Dick’s lead and worship the “stage” Ryan walks on. Perhaps try to be his Vice Prez when Ryan jumps in the race to beat Obama.

    So I am starting to feel a little lost and found at the same time. This rambling make good sense?

    • PS: The EXACT MATCH is the lowest High School Graduation Rate. Duh.

      • there are a lot of complicated issues that people don’t have the time to delve into and try to understand. therefore, it’s easy to feed them some soundbytes, scare the hell out of them, and convince them to vote against their interests. however, medicare is pretty easy to understand, so it’s not as easy to bamboozle them. the rethugs really screwed themselves when they decided to try to scrap medicare. that’s like trying to get rid of ice cream.

        • Next up, I hear, the will go after MEDICAID, since MEDICARE tanked. The ones to get harmed are FAMILIES of disabled youth and those FAMILIES putting MOM AND POP and GRAMPS in Nursing Homes. $$$ issue but NOT as understood. That equals trouble. What is ur email? Mine is ************.

          • i wouldn’t be surprised if they replace the medicare scare tactics with medicaid scare tactics, because the rethug base thinks that everyone on medicaid is also on welfare, and they hate those folks. nevermind that medicaid pays for a lot of seniors in nursing homes and the disabled.

            i have your email address, curtis, so i deleted it just in case some nefarious person might see it. this weekend is crazy for me, so i’ll try to remember to email you on tuesday. remind me if i forget.

  5. They let Dick out of his snake cave?
    “Cheney made the comment while proclaiming the need to combat the national debt”
    Yea, right! Cheney’s middle name could be ntl debt…. he & the decider racked up a 13 trillion dollar debt in 8 years.
    Just the guy to go to for sound financial advice.

    A Cheney endorsement is the kiss of death.

    Entitlement reform is a dead on arrival concept.
    Anyone who is remotely paying attention would have to notice there is a whole lot of $ flowing to other places besides medicare.

    I can’t believe these rich bastards are trying to sell us this piece of work, but I’m enjoying the backlash.

    Love your Newt campaign logo.
    Made me think of a snappy slogan:
    “$500,000 reasons not to vote for Newt”
    Meanwhile Palin got herself one-a those big ass campaign busses, and she’s substituted the word “god” for “Maverick”….

    somebody is looking to get all presidential.

    I’m dreading having to endure her election freak show.
    But apparently her n god are jiggy with it.
    She wants us to join the fundamental restoration of America.


    Her fundamentals include buying a house is Scottsdale AZ.
    A guy bought it last year for $800,000 & sold it to her for
    $1.695 million!

    Just what we need- millionaires telling us what we need is entitlement reform.
    I don’t care how much razzle dazzle they pitch it with, the majority of peons making$60K a year or less, ain’t buying it.

    entitlement reform= plague

    • how much gall does it take for deadeye dick, with all the money and resources that have been spent on him for medical care, to say that he worships the guy who wants to kill medicare and give old people vouchers? it gives me a stomachache that that sonuvabitch gets to decide whether or not he wants a heart transplant. how many people out there don’t get to decide? if they don’t have money, the only choice they have is dying.

  6. That poster is great! Maybe it’s seeing the Dark Father sitting in an electric chair. Or the Reaga-Wolfie. Eddie is just a natural. Dick could play any of the monster/wierdo shows since lacking a heartbeat qualifies him as undead.

    • thanks, jerry! πŸ˜€ deadeye dick does look natural sitting in an electric chair, doesn’t he? for that matter, so does eddie munst…i mean, paul ryan with a st. ronnie-wolfie.

  7. The real Al Lewis would be spinning in his grave to see Darth Cheney in his role. Old Al run as a member of the Green Party. He also liked to hang out in Havana–after the Revolutions!

  8. elizabeth3hersh

    I was hoping (HOPING!) any poster you made with that hunky β™₯β™₯β™₯Paul Ryanβ™₯β™₯β™₯ would have been along the lines of a buff beach shot (“From Here to Eternity” starring Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr)…Eddie Munster…not so flattering. Admit it nonnie, you would do Ryan. Just say it and be done with it.

  9. πŸ˜€ Love Ryan as Eddie! Perfecto, Nonnie!!! πŸ˜€