Attention Hog on a Hog


Sarah Palin started her bus tour off yesterday by jumping on the back of a bike and riding in the Rolling Thunder Veteran’s Group annual motorcycle run. While she was invited to this run, this did not sit well with all the motorcycle riding veterans.

Original DVD cover

The reason for the Rolling Thunder Veteran Group’s annual motorcycle run is to raise awareness of POW/MIA soldiers, according to the website TBD Washington. This is not a politically affiliated event and one of the concerns by having Palin at the event is that it would appear that the group endorses her as a candidate, which they do not.

The Rolling Thunder Group found out that Palin was coming through a press release, which again rubbed some of the members the wrong way. She was not invited to make a speech and it was decided before she arrived that she was not to take the stage and make a speech. Palin’s camp did say that she did not intend to speak at the event, days before the motorcycle run. Palin fit right in when she joined the group and at one point she conveyed on how the smell of the exhaust and the sound of the rumbling engines were something that she liked.


Palin’s appearance yesterday may have backfired for the former governor of Alaska. Two distinct views came out of Palin’s ride with the veteran’s yesterday. One saying that it brought extra attention to a great cause and the other saying that her appearance overshadowed the intent of the veteran’s event. With all the news about Palin at this motorcycle event coming from the media this morning, the latter may be more of the actual description.

Taking part in the Rolling Thunder Veteran’s ride to make it look as if the veteran’s are supporting her as a candidate, may have been Palin’s intent all along. Ted Shpak of Rolling Thunder told MSNBC that they don’t endorse any candidate. Shpak said about Palin, “she’s not invited to speak [on the stage after the rally]. We’re not endorsing her.”

Tip of the hat to Raisinette Fred for the movie suggestion.


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  1. Perfect choice of movie poster and handling. It’s exactly what Mooselini deserves. It’s also the perfect antidote to the first blog post I read about her this morning, which was distinctly unfunny. Mooselini, indeed!

  2. The gets on my very last nerve.

  3. ***she*** gets on my very last nerve.

  4. Given the press coverage, and I am a disabled, VietNam Era Veteran (who Never had to go to Nam) and I still could not tell what the two purposes of the ride is, the Palin show obviously is Message 99% of news watchers will learn about!

    BTW: Which is Todd and which is WTFshername? 😉

    Waiting for her to bust some other event like Nicholson in The Shining followed by a sequel of Rosemary’s Baby with some policy statement from behind door number 666 on FOX and finishing up with a John Waters production of her family reunion when she has made the money she really seeks from this tour.

    • i just got done watching taking chance. kevin bacon is a marine escorting the body of a 20-year-old killed in action. i cried every other minute. i didn’t realize that it was a true story, and i cried even more seeing the picture of the actual chance phelps. i also got even angrier at the piece of shit that is sarah palin. she doesn’t give a damn about the rolling thunder organization, what it stands for, or those they are still fighting for. she knew she would be a distraction, and she went anyway. the only reason she did was for attention and money. i despise her.

      • kip

        Yep. I saw it yesterday, and I completely agree with you.

      • John Erickson

        That is a great movie. I highly recommend it. Gives a little insight into one of the toughest duties in the military. It also lets you see the “knock at the door” viewpoint from the other side of its’ depiction in “Saving Private Ryan”.

  5. jeb

    The bike she was on was easily distinguishable because it left a trail of slime.

  6. John Erickson

    I’d like to think that, as the old phrase goes, “any publicity is good publicity”. I’d like to think the coverage will do the group good, whatever she was attempting to accomplish.
    I’d like to think I’ll live in Huntington Beach and drive an Aston Martin.
    Ain’t reality a Palin? 😉

    • i purposely didn’t watch the news today, because the thought of seeing her or hearing her screech would have made me retch. i’d be willing to bet that all the talk was about her, and that the rolling thunder name or mission was mentioned only for context and to allow the talking heads to make believe that the piece of shit actually gives a damn about veterans or those still missing.

  7. Aren’t her 15 minutes up yet?

  8. 😆 news cycle 😆

  9. Gaaa! We already endured her in the last election cycle. Really, enough already. She just bought a tour bus

    In classic bonehead style her website hinted she would go to the site of the battlefield of Gettysburg People waited for hours & she was a *no show*.
    Her bus was seen parked @ a local motel. I loved thins accounting of it:

    “Some of those gathered at Gettysburg were puzzled by the goal of her tour, which seemed designed to attract public attention despite a lack of information.”

    Whoah! Does that sum up the whole situation, or what????

    • anyone who waits around for 9 hours (i read that in one report) to see that piece of shit deserves the sore feet and the disappointment. when will they realize that she doesn’t care a whit about them?

  10. Wouldn’t it be funny if they showed up at the wrong MC group and Todd would be pressured to “turn her out”. She is such a human zero that she should be hanging with the Kardashians. The POW guys need to accept the fact that their buddies are gone. All that offered gold reward money has gone uncollected. When you get shot and killed in some stinking Nam jungle, the tigers will come and eat your body. If you’re coming in on a bomb run low and fast in a F-105 Thunderchief, even after the Shrike suppresion seconds earlier, those NVA will just wait for you to overfly their SA-2 position and optically fire one right up your tailpipe. With that 5 ton payload of bombs doing sympathetic detonation the end result is you are turned into molecules. They’re gone man. If you need something to dwell upon, think about the three million Vietnames that died between the 44/45 famine and 1975.

    • Well, that’s a point.

      I think that one of the key things to remember about POW/MIA movements is that people will be lost in wars, without their families ever really getting the sense of closure they’d get from at least getting your body back.

      Before we start the flag-waving pep rallies for our next war, we should take some time to consider whether we really want to put our troops and their families through that hell. Is whatever we think we’re going to win really worth it?

      Had more people reflected soberly on that question, we sure wouldn’t be celebrating the 8th anniversary of the Iraq invasion …

    • John Erickson

      One side note, Tex. The DOD and Pentagon are still working at bringing the MIAs home. I’ve received a number of Emails from the DOD announcing finds of remains from both World Wars, Korea, and Vietnam. I won’t buy into the whole POWs-still-there thing, but the military isn’t letting the MIA issue drop, so I support Freedom Ride for that. And for blocking those wastes of DNA from Westboro – but that’s a whole ‘nother topic all together.
      OH! I’ve got “Midway” on the tube, and they just blew up a PBY-5A. Birty dastards! (Yeah, I know it’s a model. Still…)
      By the by, Tex, are you just that detailed a student of history, or did you have a relative flying Thuds in Nam?

      • You could say student. It all started when I purchased a William Green book way back in 1970 – Warplanes of the Second World War vol. 3 – and discovered that the majority of Japanese planes were not Zeros. Adding to this, the Japs were sending all those 50 cent plane kits over of almost everything in the book. There was just no looking back….oh, and our local IPMS chapter went out to Carswell AFB once to check out the reserve 105s on the flightline. Impressive close up. Almost got taken in by the APs for taking pictures of B-52 rolling out across airfield. They seemed to have nukes on board.

        • John Erickson

          Oh, you betcha they had nukes. My wife lived for a time right outside Carswell, and has regaled me with tales of B-52s flying low enough to see if the pilots had shaved! Her favourite tale is of the Saturday scramble when the B-52s took off (happened frequently), then the KC-135s took off (rarely), and finally, the “doomsday plane”, the E-4 (I think that’s the designation) command plane took off! Just a drill, but they only flew the E-4 on full-out war drills, or in case of the real thing. She said that church turnout the following day was record-breaking! 😀

          • My buddy Raymond said the B58 Hustler scrambles were unbelievably loud. And the Aardvarks.

          • John Erickson

            Oh, to see a bunch of Hustlers scramble! How bee-yoo-tee-ful that must have been! The only thing I’d love to see more would e the Valkyrie. I’ve seen all the films, but to hear that beast in the flesh! I saw an F-111 fly at an air show decades ago – impressive, but I’ll take a Tomcat any day. The worst I ever heard were a pair of Czech L-29 Albatross trainers. They literally SCREAM. You could stick foam earplugs in your ears AND cover your ears with your hands, and the whine would still jar your fillings loose. HATED those little …. turds!

            • Funny you mention Tomcats. My bunch was at a Carwell airshow and one of the highlights was to be a high speed flyover. I kept looking to my right and here he comes-mach .93 and 500 feet off the ground. I can honestly say that was one of the most exciting things I have ever experienced!

            • John Erickson

              Ever see “The Flight Of The Cats”? The version I saw had an F4F, F6F, F7F, and an F-14. Poor sap in the Tomcat was on the edge of stall while the Wildcat had the throttle redlined! You could hear the sigh of relief when the F-14 peeled off, “Missing Man” style – I think he hit 30,000 before the F4F went another 100 feet horizontal! 😀

              • You know, we should check out starting a military blog with WordPress, if time allows. Maybe a weekly or daily topic. Discuss campaigns? Weapons? Planes? Oh, and I was going to say the other day when you refered to signing a document on the destruction of of the six million: it does not exist- it is implied- from that twisted tome of Bad Adolf (the most difficult book to read ever) to the Wansee conference, it is the big thing to do “his will”. This was driven home by Weisenthal the nazi hunter who noticed after decades of interview with former Wermacht on the eastern front that NCOs in particular would not carry out the henious things demanded on them without WRITTEN ORDERS- something that would be impossible up the chain of command because it would require the fuerher signatue. These murdering bastards knew exactly what they were doing and knew they would be held accountable after a loss. Then there that were some like General Battel who was notable for protectiong his labor battalion of 8,000. His order on hearing the SS was going to take them was to deny access and, if need, shoot them. Just another incident in the biggest human tradgedy this earth has ever known.

              • John Erickson

                Well, Tex, a lot of folk have been urging me to write a blog, though I don’t think military gear was their first idea of a topic! 🙂 But hey, throw a few ideas together, and you can write me on the side with ’em. (Nonnie, if you could send him my address – either one. 😀 ) If you know how to do the WordPress setup, I can format stuff (with a lot of help from my wife) and see if we can make something purty!
                I don’t remember my exact remark about the signing off on “the Jewish question”, but I hope you’ll forgive me using the shorthand image. I know you and I love the detail, but somehow, I get the feeling we might drop Nonnie’s numbers a bit if we start getting TOO detailed!

    • i don’t know a lot about rolling thunder, so i’m probably no qualified to comment on what they do. however, that never stopped me before. i sorta think that the money they collect to look for POW/MIAs might be better spent on helping veterans and their families here.

      • John Erickson

        While some of them may do the Rambo/Chuck Norris routine, most of them ARE seriously interested in helping their fellow vets. The MIA part of their name pushes to get remains returned from various foreign countries, not just Nam. They help with funding for teams to find leads to turn over to DOD for the identification and return of remains. AND they counter-protest Westboro. That alone qualifies ’em as beyond reproach for being in the same COUNTRY as Palin. And remember, she wasn’t invited, so it’s not their fault she showed. They’re mostly good folk, though as always, there may be a few bad apples.

        • i’m not blaming them. i’m sure that the intentions of the vast majority are pure, unlike their “guest”. they really care about their fellow vets, as opposed to the piece of shit, who cares nothing for anyone other than herself. i doubt she even knew what the rally was really about.

  11. Sara

    kudos to Fred for the concept…. but nonnie, “sleazy” is just too perfect. did it come to mind instantly?

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  13. Sarah is about Sarah … nothing more, nothing less.

  14. Al

    Couldn’t have said any better than you, Frank…what next, a trip to Moscow, Idaho to prove to everyone she knows where Moscow is (rolling eyes).

    Hi Nonnie!
    Thanks for yet another good read–have a great week ahead.

    • hi al! 🙂

      she’s going from one historical spot to another with absolutely no knowledge whatsoever about why they’re significant. it’s all about the photo ops.

  15. Wow! A remake of Easy Rider!!
    Is she Dennis Hopper or Peter Fonda?

  16. You gotta love it— two helmets, both empty.

    Has to be one of my faves, just for the stupid look on her face.