He Wants to Have His Candy and Eat It, Too


Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who said last month that he had reached the decision not to enter the 2012 race after intense prayer, says that doesn’t take him out of the veepstakes.

“Everything is still open. I haven’t closed doors. I found long ago that that’s not the smart thing to do,” Huckabee told reporters in Little Rock, after a speech at the Clinton Presidential Library.

Huckabee opted against a run for the GOP presidential nomination in mid-May, telling viewers of his Fox News show “My heart says no.”

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Hold on to your seats, kids, because I found this, too. From POLITICAL HOTSHEET at CBS NEWS:

Mike Huckabee has joined Donald Trump in the ranks of potential Republican presidential candidates who are suggesting their decisions to forgo 2012 presidential runs are not set in stone.


Huckabee said last month that he would forgo a presidential run, telling viewers of his Fox News program, “all the factors say go, but my heart says no. And that’s the decision I’ve made.”

In a subsequent interview with Fox News colleague Sean Hannity, Huckabee said, “My decision is clear, it’s firm. I’m not sitting around thinking is there another way in. I’m out. Simple as that. I have a lot other things.”

Huckabee, who won the Iowa caucuses in his 2008 presidential run, would be one of the stronger candidates in the Republican field thanks to his appeal to social conservatives.


And he is building a $3 million beach house in Santa Rosa Beach in Florida, which he is paying for in part thanks to the $500,000 per year salary he gets from Fox. Huckabee also generates earnings from his radio show and book sales; he has acknowledged that “if I run, I walk away from a pretty good income.”

Why would anyone want to vote for any of these guys when it looks like they can’t even make a decision over a decision?  I think he, like another Faux News employee, is just trying to remain relevant.  Chuckleberry, like that other Faux News employee, likes the good life too much, and he’s not in any hurry to quit a lucrative job.  However, he won’t be able to sell any books if he’s not in the news occasionally.

(Okay, the real reason for this follow-up to yesterday’s Roger Ailes/Willy Wonka post is because Melissa was disappointed that Chuckleberry wasn’t Augustus Gloop, and so was I, once she reminded me that Chuckleberry might have been in the poster.  Not to mention, I got home at 6, and I didn’t have a poster even started for tonight.)


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28 responses to “He Wants to Have His Candy and Eat It, Too

  1. John Erickson

    You could’ve used my excuse from yesterday. Our delightful power company managed to drop a tree on a power line, cutting our juice for 6 hours while it was 92 degrees outside. Anybody got a Suburban they want to sell? I need one for a little home-built project – something to create a drive-thru at our power company’s local HQ building….
    How about Romney/Huckabee? Sounds terrible, right? Now say “Trump/Palin”. Romney/Huckabee doesn’t sound so bad, right? 😀
    (Yeah, I know, it’s the difference between Hitler and Mussolini. Ol’ Benito was no bed of roses, but he never signed anything to specifically have 6 million of his countrymen killed. Well, except for his various war declarations, but that was stupidity – not illegal, or DC would be under arrest!)

  2. Amazing. When I heard this news earlier today, I thought of you coming up with a post! But I didn’t imagine this fast! Well done!

  3. 😀 Bravo! Bravo! 😀

    Remember that time when he did eat all the candy? And Little Rock? And Tulsa?

  4. He must have been talking to his key advisers on what to do: Chuck Norris & Ted Nugent.

    • yeah, what a braintrust that is. i wonder what cabinet posts they’d get in a chuckleberry administration.

      • Friend of the court

        norris at defense and nugent at state. or maybe, nugent for vp. he could shoot somebody with his bow and arrow.

        • that would be ironic, fotc, because chuck norris is so offensive. nugent should be the secretary of the interior. that way, he can turn all the national parks into hunting grounds.

  5. jeb

    Hmmm, what a dilemma. Spread hate and discord for a lot of money as one of Ailes butt boys or spread hate and discord and take a pay cut but with the possibility of lucrative speaking and book deals in four to eight years? What’s a pious man to do? Oh wait, Nonnie’s right, just be an attention whore and keep pumping the faithful for money without the pay cut.

  6. god told him to make himself available.

    I don’t care who runs…. just as long as they keep on pitching the demise of medicare & Palin runs as a spoiler…. it will be an easy election for Obama.
    Even easier if he pulls all the troops out of all the wars.

    • funny how g-d supposedly speaks directly to these people, and although they say he is all-knowing, it seems he keeps changing his mind.

  7. I can see the ticket now- Huck and Fat Jesus-traveling the country campaigning from a heavy lift vehicle with WIDE LOAD placards all over it. The election would then be heavily weighed in their favor. Too bad about the $1200 payment for the copter (no cake for you!). The good news is that Romney speeches can now be used for a sleep aid. …and sure hope that choco bar doesn’t have raisins in it!

    • WIDE LOAD–that will go down in the annals of election history as one of the most descriptive campaign slogan of all time! 😆

      of course there are no raisins in that wanker bar. raisins are healthy!

  8. Snoring Dog Studio

    I don’t have a shred of confidence that a guy like Huck would make a reliable and decisive president. And we know, from his comments, that the almighty dollar is what motivates him. We don’t need him.

    • he’s just another grifter, sds. click here, and scroll down, and you’ll see that politics was just a step on the way to riches for chuckleberry and his grifter family.

  9. Wanker chocolate bar. Nice.

    I read somewhere that from his name alone, there would be no President Huckabee. 😀

    • they probably would have said the same about the name obama. it’s not his name that’s stopping chuckleberry. it’s the greed and perhaps the realization that he won’t look so good once he’s under the microscope.

  10. No one takes himself/herself off the gravy train.

    No one.

    Ask Bill.