Mitt Romney, the Rodney Dangerfield of the Rethuglican Party

Are you excited, kids?  Mitt Romney has finally officially announced that he’s running for the Rethuglican nomination for President!  He appeared at a place in New Hampshire called Bittersweet Farm (I kid you not!).  The farm is owned by a family named Scamman (I kid you not!).  Well, anyway, surrounded by his wife xJoanna Eberhartx Ann and some of his family (not sure how many of his 5 sons, Biff, Skippy, Corky, Tad, and Cricket were there), he made the big announcement.  Everyone was eating chili, as though there was not enough hot air already.
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But that’s not the funny thing.  The funny thing is that Princess Sarah Palin showed up with her prop bus and her prop family, and look what happened!  From TALKING POINTS MEMO:

If Mitt Romney was looking for huge headlines from his Thursday campaign launch in New Hampshire…well, he might have reason to be a bit disappointed.

Friday’s front page of the New Hampshire Union Leader, the state’s largest newspaper, has Romney’s launch seriously overshadowed by two other events: The death of former Gov. Walter Peterson (R) — and Sarah Palin’s tour of the state. The latter was given the banner headline just above the fold, “Palin Hits The Seacoast,” plus a large photo of Palin and her daughter Piper.

By comparison, Romney’s kickoff was reduced to a mere inset photo within text of the Palin piece, and a small headline, “Romney Announces.”

The caption text: “INSIDE: Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney announces his presidential candidacy Thursday in Stratham. Story, Page A3.”


You can see the front page at the TALKING POINTS MEMO link. But wait, kids, that’s not all! It seems that other Rethuglicans aren’t too crazy about Mittsie.  Not only did Princess Sarah show up to diss Mittsie, but so did Rudy 9/11 Giuliani to pound Mittsie on Romneycare, which looks just like the Obama health care plan.

But wait, kids, that’s not all!  Look at the front page of Mittsie’s old stomping grounds’ conservative newspaper’s front page reporting on Mittsie’s New Hampshire speech!

Bittersweet, indeed.


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22 responses to “Mitt Romney, the Rodney Dangerfield of the Rethuglican Party

  1. John Erickson

    The sad part is, Mitt is one of the less sleazy of the GOP front runners. (I said LESS, not LEAST! 😉 ) And he does have a decent business background. Then again, if he keeps flopping around on Romneycare/Obamacare like a grounded tuna, he can kiss any chance goodbye. And his Mormon roots aren’t gonna play well in small-town America – I’ve had to explain to a number of people around here that Mormon men don’t turn 18 and get 5 wives instead of a used car! 😀
    You know, on a quiet night out here, you can actually hear the GOP crumbling…

    • mittsie used to be one of the less sleazy candidates. however, he decided to get on the birther bandwagon, if only the upper crust faction of it. as for his business background, he made money by taking over companies, firing almost everyone, and then reselling the company for a profit. that’s creating jobs how? just like donald trump, if his father had not been filthy rich and famous, mittsie would be selling life insurance in salt lake city.

      • No, he’d be selling insurance in Bloomfield Hills or Birmingham Michigan, right up the street from me.

        • i almost said michigan. i just figured mittsie would figure he’d sell more in slc, so in the non-famous, non-loaded daddy life i envisioned for him, he stayed in utah after attending brigham young. but bloomfield hills would work , too! 😉

  2. jeb

    Yawn! It’s probably a mixed blessing for Mitts that Gov. Quitter showed up. Saved him the embarrassment of being bumped by the farm report or something. For God’s sake, can’t someone in that party step up and offer to be a charisma donor for the poor guy?

  3. Great poster nonnie, the ‘Bittersweet Farm’ is a hoot; that doesn’t quite go with the business persona he is trying to push. I always learn interesting tidbits reading your posts! Good work.

    • does this mean mittsie won’t be hiring me as his publicist? 😥

      i’m glad you can learn a thing or 2 here, apples. i learn a lot while i’m looking for stories to use.

  4. The comedy writers @ Sat. Night Live owe the GOP a debt of gratitude for writing their scripts for them & providing endless material!

  5. What meds should I be taking so that I don’t slip into a coma when his mug is on the TeeVee? Great little graphic…but scares me so (I miss too much when I sleep). I am sure I want to use it sometimes in the next year, so THANKS.

    • don’t be scared, curtis. the bad man (or should i say, the scam man–don’t his publicity people see these things?) can’t hurt you. the worst that will happen is that you’ll feel refreshed from all the naps. 😉

  6. Wow. I actually feel a little sorry for Romney. 😆

    • i tried to feel sorry for him, but then i thought of all the people who lost their jobs so that he could live in a mansion. screw ‘im and the mattel stamp on his ass.

  7. Sarah Palin being in the state is about as coincidental as FOX news being fair and balanced. Sure … right on both counts … NOT.

    Meanwhile, poor Mitt. He’s going for the regular guy look (now), but it will be interesting to see how long that lasts. But in the spirit of John’s comment, at least he’s more tolerable than most of the other goofballs on the list. Thanks for the great pic of Mitt!

    • i wonder what princess’s angle is. i think she thinks she has the power to pick the candidate, and she wants someone like gov. little ricky goodhair. after all, she seems to have an affinity for secessionists.

      if mittsie is going for the regular guy look, he might tell his maid to hold the starch on his collars.

  8. Not even Mitt’s magic mormon underpants can save him now!

  9. “The trouble is…I can’t get no respect. The bad news is my wife walked out one me. The good news is I live in a house on a cliff” RD Yes, Mr. Irrelevant. I hope he talks about dad and all the sister wives from down in Mexico (you got HOW MANY grandmothers??) But you just can’t beat the pure stupid of the bearwoman explaining Paul Reveres ride, something a 3rd grader could explain to her. One commenter compared her to an 8th grader who never studies trying to bullshit her way through an essay. Doesn’t seem to be able to grasp the term “silversmith” either. And what did he do after that famous night protecting gun rights? He moved to Idaho and started Paul Revere and the Raiders, of course!

    • i liked bill maher’s comment about princess tonight. he said she shouldn’t be on vacation, she should be in summer school. he also questioned exactly what she’s on vacation from, since the kids never go to school, and she and toddy don’t have jobs. i think the paul revere comment is what rethugs who don’t like her will use as ammo. they know how stupid she is, but they were afraid to say so. that comment cements her as an ignorant imbecile who talks out of her ass.