Creeps of Faith


WASHINGTON — Near the end of his speech before the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference Friday night, former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty began to recite 2 Chronicles 7:14, the verse he said Ronald Reagan laid his hand on while taking the presidential oath of office.

Oy, it’s always What Would Ronald Reagan Do, isn’t it?

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Pawlenty was one of seven declared or potential Republican presidential candidates to speak at the conference, organized by Ralph Reed’s coalition of evangelical and social conservatives. Five of them spoke Friday — Pawlenty, Mitt Romney, Jon Hunstman, Ron Paul and Minnesota’s Michele Bachmann

Of them, Bachmann is perhaps the most vocal on social issues. Hunstman, for example, has voiced support for civil unions, and while Romney and Pawlenty may support similar policies as Bachmann, they have to this point run a campaign focused almost exclusively on fiscal issues.

Much of Bachmann’s speech focused on social issues that played heavily on the audience’s sensibilities — opposition to gay marriage and abortion, support for defunding Planned Parenthood and a desire to defend Israel.


The crowd cheered Bachmann frequently during the speech, but the line that got the biggest response involved her opposition to a fiscal issue — the health care reform law Congress passed last session.

“I will not rest until we repeal ObamaCare,” she said to a standing ovation.


Pawlenty did play to the crowd, offering support for some social issues that had become standard talking points for the convention’s speakers. For Pawlenty, they came mostly in the form of rapid-fire quotations in the middle of his speech.

On opposing abortion: “You can’t have a quality of life if you don’t have a life.”

On opposing gay marriage: “Traditional marriage … should be put on a platform, it should be protected.”

On supporting Israel: “We need a President of the United States who stands shoulder to shoulder with our friend Israel.”

The rest of his speech was a well-worn campaign message about economic policy and what he called the “broken promises” of Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign.


Romney, likewise, delivered a message largely similar to those he’s given before, based on the contention that “Barack Obama has failed the American people.”

He painted unemployment and increased government debt as moral tragedies, but he shied away from social issues that had won applause for other speakers.

Romney, who is Mormon, also conspicuously avoided discussing religion, offering only a credo of unity in the opening lines of his speech: “We’re united tonight in a lot of things. We’re united in our love of this country; we’re united in our belief in the sanctity of human life; we’re united in our belief in the importance and significance of marriage between one man and one woman; we’re united in our belief in America,” he said. But from then on, he discussed economic policy almost exclusively.

Bachmann is known nationally as a Tea Party favorite, but she also struck a chord here with a conservative audience holding generally stronger social rather than fiscal views.


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  1. sorry so late and for the last minute poster. instead of working on the blog, i was outside having a watergun fight with my 3 little neighbors. i didn’t get inside until almost 7:30, and i hadn’t even found a story yet. gotta eat dinner. back soon! 😀

    • Friend of the court

      three against one? or, was it a fair fight? who won?

      • well, one of them is 7, and the twins are only 5, so i stood my ground. of course, it helped that i bought them the waterguns, so they took it easy on me.

    • Perfect weather for pwning youngsters. 😀

      And great poster. These candidates give me the creeps the way they wear religion like a cheap suit…

      Romney can’t really bring up church without it getting weird.

      • it was sooooo friggin’ hot out there! i was squirting myself as much as them just to cool off.

        what’s really scary is that the fundies are so caught up in their own brainwashing that they don’t allow themselves to believe that most of these guys are just pandering to them and don’t believe much of what they say. even herman cain called all the prayers “the ultimate pander.”

        huntsman will have the same problem as romney, so they’ll probably avoid the more fundie states as much as possible.

  2. John Erickson

    Just one question – what is that figure on Bachmann’s sweater? Is that supposed to be a bat, as in batsh*t crazy? And if so, what is the bat wearing? Inquiring minds want to know. And so do I! 😀

    • Friend of the court

      nonnie has a designer collection of batshit trinkets and jewlery. i heard they are available in the gift shoppe. i have not been to the gift shoppe but, that’s what i heard. 🙂

      • the gift shoppe isn’t open yet, but when it is, you’ll get the first invitation, fotc. you’ll be rewarded for paying attention. 🙂

        • elizabeth3hersh

          Will the shoppe stock anything like Factor gear?

          • you mean phony bullshit patriotic crap? you couldn’t have rethuglican accessories without it! 😉

            • elizabeth3hersh

              I’m still peeved that our family didn’t receive a “signed copy of…” from O’Reilly after my youngest daughter submitted an idea for Factor gear: Factor condoms with the slogan “the sperm stops here.” Looks like I will take my patronage to the shoppe.

              • i’ll tell you why. any condom that will fit bill0 wouldn’t have enough room on it to print factor, let alone the sperm stops here. 😉

    • what fotc said! that’s my usual adornment for batshit bachmann. i created it for her (which didn’t take too much effort, as i simply found a pic of a bat on google and then put a couple of turds dropping from it). the bat’s not wearing anything, except a look of contempt for batshit bachmann. 🙂

  3. This is a crowd that can put anyone to sleep. They just keep on preaching the same old blah blah blah.

    • and yet idiots keep listening and sending money. that goes for the televangelists and scammers like ralph reed as well as for pandering politicians. when will people wake up and realize that they’re being lied to by these people, not to save their souls, but to steal their savings? 😡

  4. jeb

    Ah, the freedom crowd. Telling you what to do with your body, who you can sleep with and what behavior makes you a good American. I can never figure out for the life of me how they can square their Daddy-State vision with claiming Obama is oppressive.

  5. jean-philippe

    Wow, Kelly Ripa was an actress?

  6. i thought that would make you happy, spinny! i found an excuse to post it, so i did. 😀

  7. I didn’t tweet this, but I did post the link to a Facebook group dedicated to mocking the GOP candidates. They ate it up.

    • i saw that there were a few hits from facebook, and i wondered where they came from. thanks for always promoting the raisin, neon vincent. i can’t tell you how grateful i am. i guess facebook is my other option if i don’t want to open a twitter account.

      no complaints about the stats tonight, because blue gal (a/k/a fran) linked to the raisin at crooks & liars. 😀

  8. Is that Paws button white bread and fish sticks?

  9. It’s going to be an interesting 9 months ahead … and unlimited material for you!

  10. “He painted unemployment and increased government debt as moral tragedies”

    Ahhh it’s already getting thick. These repugs all went along for the ride when Bush drove US finances off a cliff. $13 trillion debt was A OK back in the day & they all wielded their stamp of approval, suddenly, the debt is now a “moral tragedy” & they frigging created it!

    Seriously GOP? “Debt Bad”?
    How about we stop giving tax cuts to the rich & cut the subsidies to Big Oil?

    Because I have a major problem with the *work till you’re dead* program.
    * someone* is supposed to announce their presidential candidacy today…..
    Will it be Batshit herself, or did God tell Sarah to run?

    I think Bachmann will announce– that way she can say she was in the race before Sarah.

    Sarah is liking the catch me if you can, not sayin if I’m runnin’ or where my tour bus is goin’ game.
    She specializes in playing games.

    Pawlenty’s bible quoting following in St. Ron’s footsteps is cheesy to the max.

    • So it was Santorum who announced!

      He played the god card too when someone fainted in the crowd…. let us pray for that young woman.

      “Obama wrecked our economy & “robbed people of their freedom.”

      Oh this guy is rewriting history, because I distinctly remember one G. W. Bush in his cowardly chicken little, *the sky is falling * style, announcing that whoops, he tanked the economy & he there was about to be a cataclysmic financial meltdown unless Hank Paulson could have total immunity to do as he sees fit.

      For the record, Santorum, Bush 2 entered office w a surplus & left $13 trillion in debt. Oh I know $13,000,000,000,000 has a whole lot of “zeros” in it, but they do really equate to exponentially being deeply in debt.

      So go point your finger towards the decider & all the repugs who approved all those budgets for all those years .

      He’d be pointing fingers at himself…..
      Now what was that quote ol’ Dick Cheney said on the Senate floor?

      “Go f@#k yourself”.

      Hey! I am quoting HIS party’s leaders.

  11. Aw, shit&Whiskers….. I have a really great idea…. let’s just put religion back in churches and homes….. where it belongs. Hmmmmmmm didn’t a group of guys think of this….like two hundred some years ago?