The Wheels on the Bus Go Ka-ching! Ka-ching!


Last week, Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) — buoyed by legislators who received hundreds of thousands of dollars of special interest cash — signed into law legislation that would dramatically expand access to school vouchers, which funnel taxpayer dollars into private schools. Scott is doing this despite proposing nearly $3 billion in cuts to public education, meaning that he is essentially transferring money from public education to private education.

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On the same day that Scott signed into law his latest attack on public education, Gus Garcia-Roberts of the Miami New Times published a story looking at the case of InterAmerican Christian Academy, a private school located in Doral, Florida. Garcia-Roberts amazingly enrolled at the school and earned a diploma after only eight days of schoolwork and $399:

It began with a poster on a streetlight in downtown Miami: “High School Diploma. (305) 716-0909.” I dialed, and a chipper female voice answered, “Hello. High school.” Eight days and $399 in cash later, at the school’s Doral “campus” — a cramped third-floor office next door to US Lubricant LLC and across the hall from a hair extensions company — I was grinning widely, accepting a framed diploma and an official transcript sporting a 3.41 GPA.

The diplomas that the school is offering are actually getting students admitted to local colleges.  […]  Remarkably, the state’s Department of Education (DOE), when asked about the school, said that it is powerless to stop it from rewarding diplomas.


As Garcia-Roberts concludes, “[…] Even as Gov. Rick Scott leads a charge to privatize education on a historic scale, our state’s private schools are among the least regulated in the nation.” Indeed, Florida currently leads the country in “school choice” programs that include tax credits for private schools, voucher programs, and privately managed charter schools. The case of InterAmerican Christian Academy provides a cautionary tale about some of the pitfalls of the proliferation of lightly-regulated or unregulated private schools.


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25 responses to “The Wheels on the Bus Go Ka-ching! Ka-ching!

  1. jeb

    Vouchers is an insidious Rethug answer to every issue that we face. They sell it as a panacea when in fact their vouchers are a worthless bunch of crap that further erode working programs, the middle class and continue the transfer of wealth to the top tier. Rick Scott is a piece of shit.

  2. This poster is a good way to keep alive the meme that Rick Scott is a vampire–and batshit, too! Keep up the good work!

    • this was sooo last minute, neon vincent. i had an appointment this afternoon, and then i made a couple of other stops afterwards, so i didn’t get home until almost 8. i scrolled through so many dvd covers with school in the title, and it was the bats that sold me on this one.

  3. John Erickson

    You DO realise that “bum” in this use is a double entendre, since “bum” in British slang means “ass”? (Of COURSE you do – never mind! 😉 )
    One question, as always – “Solantic” on the bus’s route sign (or whatever you call the horizontal sign thingie over the windshield)? Sorry to be so slow – it’s been a long and painful day. Who’d a thunk a migraine could also be a pain in the bum? 😀

    • solantic is the name of the urgent care clinics that the criminal in the governor’s mansion owns. you know, the ones that he wants people to go to when they need to be tested for drugs if they apply for welfare or if they work for the state. you know, what folks need to do now that the criminal in the governor’s mansion signed laws saying they have to. but, of course, it has nothing to do with the fact that it will enrich him. 🙄

  4. Sounds icky, like you need two Excedrine Migraine Gel Tabs and a couple of hemmoroid suppository thingies and a dark room. Come to think of it, Wienner, after his cry spell on TeeVee (been watching too many Repubs cry and tell so he did the act right), is gonna need the sane RX after his wife of one year gets done with his ass 2nite.

    • i’m missing something. what sounds icky, curtis?

      • John Erickson

        I think Curtis is referring to my comment about my migraines. And trust me, Curtis, I got LOTS better stuff than over-the-counter Excedrin! 😀 Unfortunately, yesterday was one of those days where even a lot of Vicodin only makes the pain dull, not go away. But such is life in my little corner of existence. It’s all part of the wonderfully complex package that is me! 😉

        • doh! i haven’t been getting much sleep lately, so please forgive me when my brain is not in gear. i hope you feel better today, john.

          • John Erickson

            Oh darlin’, I lost my mental clutch, second and fourth gear, and about half my cylinders – and that’s on a GOOD day! 😀 I’m doing better today, thanks. The next few days will be tough – temps near 100. YUCK!

  5. How did this jackass ever get elected?

    • i watched it happen, and i couldn’t understand it. i didn’t think he had a chance in hell. i guess money talks in this shitty state.

  6. Wasn’t it a three way race? Florida may have worst (known criminal), but all the goperfest electees are getting the wrath of the public. And of the voting public, many we can safely say never bother to GET OFF THEIR ASS AND VOTE!

    • i don’t think the 3rd party candidate made a difference. i think there was just more momentum on the rethug side, and a lot of dems sat on their fat asses instead of going out to vote. i hope they learned their lesson.

  7. And all for advancing a religious, social agenda … and I imagine the bus is coming to do Ohio soon!

    • in tick (i think i just gave him the nickname that’ll stick!) scott’s case, it has nothing to do with a social or religious ideology. it is and always will be about money.

  8. Al

    Hi Nonnie’!
    Finally a “place of higher learning” where even a jock like me can sport a high grade point average. What is this world coming to?!
    Have a great week!

    • hi al! i hear that, for just 5 bucks more, you can graduate cum laude, 10 bucks for magna, and for an andy jackson, summa! for a c-note, i bet you can say you were on the football team! 🙂

  9. One stop shopping for all your HS diploma needs. Find one in a mall near you!