Weiner Roast

From WBEZ91.5:

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) may have brought the scandal over digital dalliances upon himself, but the media’s coverage of the story from the moments after he sent that errant tweet has been orchestrated almost entirely by one person: conservative blog entrepreneur Andrew Breitbart.

Breitbart, the other famous guy at the center of this scandal, has made the scandal a national fixation.

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Breitbart has targeted liberal politicians and institutions and is a bombastic critic of the mainstream media, but in this case, he set the tempo for the press. The pictures shooting around the world were first posted on his sites. Even the network TV interview with one of Weiner’s tweet-hearts was brokered by Breitbart. And Weiner singled him out for attack during a defensive interview last week with CNN.

On Monday, before Weiner’s tearful confession, Breitbart stole the spotlight, once again, hopping up behind the lawmaker’s lectern at a midtown Manhattan hotel, where he proceeded to lecture both Weiner and the press corps.

“The media says Breitbart lies, Breitbart lies, Breitbart lies, Breitbart lies. Give me one example of a provable lie. One,” he said.

Breitbart was happy to embarrass a fierce liberal fighter, and he got a lead to Megan Broussard, a single mother from Texas, who said she had swapped racy photos with Weiner.


Upon arriving in New York City on Monday afternoon and learning Weiner had scheduled a press conference, Breitbart acted like a journalist, hoofing it to the hotel to report. Upon getting there though, he took command of that lectern, answering questions from reporters and warning Weiner there were worse pictures to come.

Among Breitbart’s targets yesterday was Joan Walsh of the liberal Salon magazine. She has criticized his sites Big Government and Big Journalism for promoting highly disputed stories — such as the Shirley Sherrod video, in which the version Breitbart posted of a black federal official speaking about her own racism toward a white farmer was cut off before the redemptive end to her story.

Walsh says he was right about Weiner but that hasn’t altered her skepticism toward Breitbart.


Breitbart’s criticism aside, he wanted the credibility of the mainstream media, so he advised Broussard to share her photos with ABC and told ABC News Producer Chris Vlasto how to reach her. Chris Cuomo was the correspondent on the story, which the network raced to report.


ABC says it paid Broussard between $10,00 and $15,000 for the rights to her pictures. Breitbart said he paid her nothing.

When NPR asked Breitbart again what he was — journalist or activist – he said it depends on the day. He doesn’t like the term activist. He prefers provocateur.

I prefer to call him asswipe.


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51 responses to “Weiner Roast

  1. Asswipe is much too good for him… it implies cleaning off the shit that he is full of.

  2. John Erickson

    Not to sound like I support these right-wing idiots, but I heard something along the lines that Pelosi told Wiener to admit his wrongdoings, and then she turned around and refused to support him – one version I heard said she was specifically recommending an investigation. Is that right-wing BS leaking through the cracks? (I can’t vouch for the total independence of my usual overseas news sources, they may be vulnerable to selective or skewed information.)
    I’m waiting for something to explode in Breitbart’s face. Nobody with as biased an outlook as his is TOTALLY clean. And the whole ACORN thing wasn’t big enough – he’s got a Gacy-esque crawlspace somewhere.

    • elizabeth3hersh

      Our own Harry Reid (from the great state of Nevada) would not support him either. I care neither about the party of the offender nor the agenda of the messenger. Weiner opened himself up to blackmail (thank you Pelosi for recommending an ethics investigation). Coming from Miami where an indictment was a badge of honor and a sure fire way to get reelected, I used to not care much about what I perceived to be peccadillos. No more. Now that I have teenage daughters I view these breeches of trust and character on an entirely different level. Had Weiner been my son-in-law…well, let’s not go there. Let’s do…I would have frickin’ KILLED him! I practically hero worshipped Eliot Spitzer (and Clinton). Again, no more. Is this the best we can elect? Is it?

      • elizabeth3hersh


      • John Erickson

        Oh, on a moral basis, I absolutely agree with you – I’d skin the bugger with a dull butter knife if he were related. It just struck me a bit odd in this day of “partei uber alles” that one Dem (and the former leader of Dems in the House at that) would push Wiener to confess, then suggest hanging him. Guess I’m just finding a hint of decency and morals a bit difficult to believe in this political day and age!

  3. jeb

    My snarky comment on Facebook the other day was that at least Weiner’s parent didn’t name him Richard.

    I pointed out once that the reason Rethugs doing this is bigger than Dems is because they tell the rest of us how to holier-than-thou live so they set themselves up for failure. That said – and yes Brightfart is a shit-eating pig – Weiner could have negated all of this by saying, yeah that’s mine. So? Instead he went out of his way to mug and pull for the eager press circling like vultures.

    The sad part is that I like him. I liked how he often said what other Dem’s wouldn’t say to the Rethugs but what all of us were thinking but now if he’s not out, he’s certainly been silenced for awhile.

  4. Not to support him but Breitbart or not, the media would have been all over the story anyway b/c they love feeding trash that the public desires. Besides, Weiner handled it poorly. On the other hand, based on the info at this time, his actions were stupid … but not worth a resignation. Besides, NY state does lose two districts!

  5. A few things…..

    Let’s look back @ political sex scandals of the past.

    Bill Clinton. Larry Craig. Newt Gingrich (he was going after Clinton for having an affair, while having an affair himself– and not he;s running for president!

    All those guys had some real life sex/scandal issues, but somehow shook it off (oh the puns just are too easy here!).

    But the thing that floors me, is that Pelosi is launching a House Ethics investigation….
    for the gray boxer underwear junk shot?
    Apparently “sexting” is a serious crime….
    But Illegal wars, torture, rendition, water boarding, & Human Rights violations like what happened @ Abu Ghraib & Gitmo…. all that stuff was OK & did not warrant being on the table for any review or investigation??? George & Dick literally got away with murder.
    All they had to do was tweet an underwear photo to get busted???

    Thirdly– our country is just about bankrupt. I don’t want one dime spent on this bullshit.

    Breitbart may have made a mountain out of a molehill here… but Weiner made the stupid moves. What is he in high school? Someone randomly texted him that “he’s hot” & he believes this is a real conversation? He’s just lucky it was not a set up from some republican man down the hall! I mean what if he’d unknowingly been having hot cyber electronic sex with Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich??

    Good luck on your 1 year wedding anniversary celebration in July, Rep Weiner. He’ll probably be sleeping on the couch w phone privileges revoked.

    Before all this, Weiner was a voice of reason with some great one liner comments.
    Now he’ll be sitting in the corner with a pair of gray boxers on his head.

    Still, will New Yorkers give a crap about a sexting scandal?
    They have endured Giuliani , Spitzer, & NY Rep Christopher Lee resigned after he sent a shirtless pic to a Craigslist contact.

    You can see how politics & sex scandals go hand in hand, one way or another, someone is getting screwed!

    And in closing…. before Weiner gets full of himself, he’s no underwear model.
    Gray Fruit of the loom boxers??? Please.
    Nothing to see here folks…. move along.

  6. Newt Gingrich (he was going after Clinton for having an affair, while having an affair himself– and NOW he’s running for president!

    • jeb

      Actually, I think your first statement was right Fran. I don’t think he’s really running for President. Just loading up on the PAC donations to keep Calista in the Tiffany’s style to which she is accustomed.

      • Newt (aptly named) has a sordid past & is a lackluster guy & candidate.
        He is running, so we will have to endure his mug.
        But you are probably right Jeb, he’s in it to cover his Tiffany’s tab.

        I like to think of it as 500,000 reasons not to vote for Gingrich

  7. i’ll answer everyone at once, if nobody minds. off the top of my head (and a little searching here at the raisin):

    cynthia davis of missouri (where 1 of every 5 kids lives with hunger) said that being poor is a great motivator, and kids who are hungry should get jobs at mcdonald’s because they might get a free meal.

    eric cantor said that victims of the tornado should not get any emergency funds until more budget cuts were made and that people with cancer and no insurance should rely on charities.

    eddie munst…i mean, paul ryan’s budget, which gives the richest people tax cuts, would inflict pain on children, seniors, the poor, and the disabled.

    sean duffy of wisconsin told his constituents to quit their bitchin’ over their lost jobs and not being able to pay their mortgages, because he has to scrape by on a measly $174,000 a year (plus health care and lots of perks).

    rethugs would defund planned parenthood, even though it provides cancer screenings and other health services for poor women who can’t get help anywhere else.

    louie gohmert (who is deathly afraid of terrorist babies), after the shooting in arizona, suggested that everyone in congress should be able to carry guns. instead of attending a memorial for the shooting victims, bronzo the clown had a cocktail party instead for corporate lobbyists.

    anthony weiner sent some naughty pix to some women over twitter.

    remind who should resign for being immoral.

    • Whew! That is an exhaustive & exhausting list of elephant dung!
      Hard to determine which one wins the prize for biggest douche.
      Cantor is a serious contender for his post tornado/budget cut & cancer/charity remarks. One can only hope he comes back reincarnated as a poor person w cancer who lives in tornado ally.

      • and that’s just the house, fran. i was just pulling names out of my memory. it’s not exhaustive by any stretch of the imagination. if i had added the rethugs in the senate and those in state goverment, there would not be enough room for it all.

        by the way, it just occurred to me that weiner was fighting for the 9/11 first responders, while the rethugs were fighting him tooth and nail. once again, who’s immoral?

  8. As someone who has won awards for internet trolling, I’m going to play the “it takes one to know one card” and give my expert opinion that Breitbart and the rest of his Big Govemment crew, including O’Keefe, are a group of interent trolls who have crossed over into real world and are now trolling U.S. politics, and they should be treated as such. The first rule of dealing with trolls is “DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS!” The media hasn’t learned this.

    • BTW, love the Twitter Fail Whale on Weiner’s T-shirt. It’s never been more appropriate.

      • at first, i was going to go for a fail whale tie, but it was too difficult to see, so i changed it to a t-shirt.

        what drives me crazy is that all the talking heads are saying that this story isn’t going away soon. of course, it’s not! they keep talking about it!!! 😡

  9. My mom is a Republican, and she says Weiner is perv minor…in more ways than one. I’m thinking Mrs. Weiner ought to invent a new sex game: peeñata.

    Kinda bums me out to have fun at Weiner’s expense because he has a great mind. Briefart though, that’s just a sack of infected hog spunk. I think I’d be scared of the skeletons waiting to be discovered in his closet.

    • Skeletons in his closet? Actually, I’d like to see those. Serve him right.

      • But what if they look like this:


        See. I’m scared.

        • that last pic is frightening! what would make someone want to walk around like that for the rest of his life? then again, i’d rather hang out with him than with andrew breitfart.

          to your first comment, though, it’s a matter of redeeming qualities. breitfart has none. i have no idea what anthony weiner is like in person, but he’s funny and smart, and he fights for the right things. yeah, he did some things that are icky, and he lied about it. i think anyone who got caught doing what he was doing would lie, too. bottom line is that the only person who should be offended is his wife.

          • bottom line is that the only person who should be offended is his wife.

            Can’t agree more. And this isn’t nearly as much fun as Larry Craig or David Vitter who were steeped in so much bullshit sanctimony.

            • you know, i’m getting rather pissed off at the dems. yes, let them do their investigation. however, in the meantime, when the rethugs attack, turn it around and smack them right back in their faces with mark sanford, who lied and didn’t quit, david vitter, who broke the law and didn’t quit, and john ensign, who lied, broke the law and left on his own terms. then monitor every single rethugs twitter and facebook accounts. watch them like hawks. demand all of ensign’s phone records. did he ever call his mistress on his office phone? go after tom coburn who helped cover it all up for ensign. did he call ensign’s father on his office phone? fight fire with fire, for chrissakes, and stop shrinking back in fear every time the fucking rethugs open their mouths!

  10. P.S. Great choice for the movie poster. 😀

  11. Well, it’s all been said. If Anthony wants to be a player, why the hell did he take a wife? Otherwise, who gives a shit? The worst thing is giving creedence to a low life like Bitefart. Now some say he can’t run for mayor of NYC but this conduct would make him a prime candidate for mayor of San Francisco….and the joke of the day for Nonnie from Dave tonight: “Look at that field of republican candidates…they look like the guys on the acceptence committee of a restricted country club”.

    • maybe the question is, if his wife knew he was a player, why did she marry him (and,for the record, i am in no way blaming her for any of this)? we have no idea what goes on in someone else’s marriage. he seemed to be really remorseful when he apologized publicly to his wife, so i assume he loves her. i assume she loves him, too, because she married him. some women (and some men) can compartmentalize their lives, and they don’t think that sexting has anything to do with their marriages. there are couples who love each other and want to be together, but they’re sexually incompatible. under those circumstances, maybe some spouses are okay with their mates finding sexual satisfaction elsewhere. whatever the case is, every couple is entitled to their privacy as long as they aren’t hurting anyone else. there’s no evidence that weiner’s hobby effected his job, so it’s really nobody’s business. if every member of congress who was caught in a lie had to resign, then both chambers would be empty. i’d rather have a horndog who gets things done and fights for the right things in congress than some asswipe who proclaims his or her sanctity and doesn’t do a damned thing in congress other than bloviate for the cameras (i’m lookin’ at you, batshit bachmann). let’s say you work in an office (not in a church or anything like that), and the married guy in the next cubicle is known to have several mistresses. he doesn’t talk about his exploits in the office. he’s very good at his job. should the boss fire him? i would say no. but here’s the dilemma–what if, even though he doesn’t talk about his sex life in the office, everyone else in the office can’t stop talking about it? it’s distracting them from their work, because it appears they aren’t mature enough to accept that people are human and have urges. they also think that they have the right to judge him, even though a lot of them have their own skeletons in their closets. should the behavior of the other people dictate whether or not he gets fired? i think it’s the boss’s job to tell all the other people to grow up, do their jobs, and not to worry about what someone else is doing with his weewee.

  12. Reince Priebus is calling for Weiner’s resignation. He had no comment about Vitter, Ensign or Craig’s inappropriate sexual follies.
    GOP “indiscretions” apparently don’t matter.

    • i don’t think anyone really cares what reince priebus says. they’re too busy saying to each other what did they say that guy’s name is?./ i’m serious. he’s got no discernible personality whatsoever. he’s like white bread soaked in milk.

      rachel maddow’s compilation of the reactions to ensign and vitter juxtaposed with the reaction to weiner was perfect. michael phathead steele tried his best, but he couldn’t figure out how to fight the picture of diaper dave vitter that rachel kept holding up.

  13. Very nice! Breitbart is such a camera hog

  14. Ugh! Weiner’s wife is said to be pregnant & Breitbart accidentally flashed a *full monty* photo to the show hosts whose cameras accidentally captured the image.

    I’m starting to wonder if Breitbart has a fetish???

    Accidentally, my ass. He did not need to show the photo on his phone.

    I’d say this low life sleaze bag just wants to keep HIS name in the headlines.

    • breitfart should be charged with extortion.

      • jeb

        Barffart says he was duped by the morning DJs to show the graphic photo. He said he didn’t know they had a camera in the studio and he’s outraged that they tricked him. This is the guy who claims to make his living exposing big media so one would assume that he’s not some babe-in-the-woods innocent when it comes to appearing on any show, especially one as notorious as Opie and Anthony. That means that Barffart is exactly as we believed all along, a lying manipulative fucking scumbag.


        • i believe that piece of santorumized shit as far as i can throw him. i bet the entire thing was set up in advance. barffart gets to make believe that he’s appalled, and the asswipe hosts get publicity.

  15. the hypocrisy of this is stunning- the failure of the media to call it out is not. every question of every person calling for weiner’s resignation should have been “where were you with vitter, craig and ensign? barely anyone bothered.

    when your corporate bosses support vitter – what do you expect

    we have NO journalists – just a whole bunch of rona barretts and ET stars

    • i hope weiner says i will resign the day after david vitter resigns and after the rethugs who got money from him returns it.

      • Vitter sooo needs to resign. Hooker sex is illegal last time I checked.

        • and the rethugs have to give back all the money that they got from john ensign. it makes me sick that dems in office are saying that weiner should resign. i think weiner should stay in congress but change his affiliation to independent.

  16. I just hope that we don’t let the gays start getting married. You know, that kind of thing can damage the institution of marriage.

    One friend of mine (not a conservative or a Christian) remarked that maybe we should ban heterosexual marriage and see if the homosexuals do a better job of protecting it than we do. I have to admit, I thought that was pretty funny.

    • i’ll bet it was the marriage of some homosexual couple that was responsible for weiner’s actions. that must be it!

      i never met your friend, wken, but i like him already!

  17. That “shop is just awesome, and so are your points about who should really resign for being immoral.

    • hello dcmartin,

      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      very happy to see you over here, because i’ve visited your blog several times in the past, and i enjoy it.

      i think weiner should say that he’ll resign the day after david vitter does. he can even put it in writing. let that be the story all across the airwaves.