Lipstick on a Pygmalion

(CNN) – The campaign veteran who has signed up to run Rep. Michele Bachmann’s expected bid for the Republican presidential nomination says the congresswoman from Minnesota would be a formidable candidate in the Iowa caucuses.

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One day after longtime GOP strategist Ed Rollins confirmed to CNN that he would steer Bachmann’s campaign if she announces her candidacy, which is expected later this month, Rollins said Bachmann “has a tremendous opportunity to follow the pattern of Mike Huckabee, whose campaign I was involved in four years ago. She’ll be a very strong candidate in Iowa. She was born in Iowa. She was the first Republican woman to ever represent the neighboring state of Minnesota. She’s got a tremendous opportunity to go into the religious right, which is a strong constituency.”


Rollins, who made his comments on CNN’s “American Morning,” was the campaign manager for President Ronald Reagan’s 1984 re-election landslide over former Vice President Walter Mondale. Rollins, a guest on numerous CNN programs over the years, is also more recently known for running former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee’s bid for the 2008 GOP presidential nomination.


Rollins told CNN on Monday that “we’ll try and duplicate what Huckabee did in Iowa. It’s a good act to follow.”

Rollins also says that Bachmann won’t have a problem when it comes to fundraising, adding that “she’s got a gigantic list” of supporters and contributors.

Asked about Bachmann’s past controversial comments, Rollins said the congresswoman would “have a good team around her and we’ll basically make sure that everything is 100 percent fact checked.”

From Mother Jones:

Fact-checking is all the rage these days; even Cosmopolitan is doing it! But it’s also tedious and time-intensive; to give you a sense, it took me three weeks to nail down all of the details in this article about imported insects that eat invasive plants. If Rollins really wants to 100-percent fact-check everything his candidate says before she says it, that’s fantastic. It would probably be a first in American political history—and given Bachmann’s record, a Herculean task.

It’s also unclear just which comments Rollins intends to fact-check. CNN’s link to “past controversial comments,” for instance, actually directs you to a Bachmann gaffe in which she says the American Revolution began in New Hampshire. That’s wrong, but it’s not “controversial.” Controversial would be saying something like “almost all, if not all, individuals who have gone into the [gay] lifestyle have been abused at one time in their life, either by a male or by a female”—which Bachmann did say, in 2004, in the same speech in which she expressed the hope that a breast-cancer-stricken Melissa Etheridge would take advantage of her illness to quit being a lesbian.

And then there’s the sheer scope of Bachmann’s factually challenged statements, which, even in the political world, are in a category of their own. Bill Adair, editor of PolitiFact, recently told Minnesota Public Radio that “we have checked her 13 times, and [found] seven of her claims to be false and six have been found to be ridiculously false.” That’s a pretty bad record, and according to Adair, Bachmann remains the only high-profile conservative politician to never have a statement ruled “true” by the outfit.

Bachmann could stop serving up apocalyptic, overheated rhetoric to socially conservative audiences. But as Rollins knows, that’s no way to win in Iowa.


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53 responses to “Lipstick on a Pygmalion

  1. sorry so late, kids. i had to go to a pre-K graduation ceremony, and i went into a coma from an almost fatal overdose of cuteness.

  2. John Erickson

    She wanted Melissa Etheridge to take advantage of her breast cancer to stop being a lesbian? Holy headsmoke, Batman! Where in the heck do you even START to describe what’s all wrong with that sentence?
    Fact check her? He better gag her first, then allow her one sentence, no more than 8 words, per week. Otherwise, Eddie boy better get himself a staff to make the US Army look like a couple lost Boy Scouts. Fact-checking her is gonna be like looking for a particular grain of sand in the middle of the friggin’ Sahara!
    You know, there’s a cute little bit from one of the Three Stooges shorts, where they X-ray Curly’s head and you see a cuckoo clock, with the cuckoo popping out. You could put just about any Rethug’s name under the image, and it would not only be appropriate, but far closer to the truth than you realise! 😀

    • here’s a list of batshit bachmann’s greatest hits (including the vile one about melissa etheridge). i was going to pick out the wackiest, but i kept changing my mind as to which one that might be.

      • John Erickson

        You are cruel! I barely got through the first page of Bachmann’s BS, and I’m not sure anymore that the sky is blue or 1+1 = 2! Good Lord, batshit doesn’t even BEGIN to cover it. “The United States of Islam”? It’s a wonder her head hasn’t imploded – after all, Nature abhors a vacuum! 😀

    • and here ya go, john. enjoy!

      • John Erickson

        Nonnie, I love ya, dear lady, but trust me, I”ve pretty much memorised the Curly episodes, so you don’t have to post the videos. But I thank you for thinking of me, I appreciate the effort, and you started my day out with a smile! 😀 Thanks!

        • no worries, john. i’m sure a lot of the other raisinettes, like me, never saw the movie, but now they know what you were talking about. 🙂

  3. “we’ll try and duplicate what Huckabee did in Iowa. It’s a good act to follow.”

    Ok- He lost, so with that in mind it IS a good act to follow.

    • i think that’s a telling remark. she knows, and certain ed rollins knows, that she could never win. therefore, they have another agenda. batshit bachmann just wants a higher profile. what’s her goal? speaker of the house? a run for senate? governor of minnesota? a job at faux news? maybe she just wants to rake in the cash by making screeches…i mean, speeches.

  4. I’m going to wait for Rinsus Repeatus to give his divined judgement. Hopefully the bimbo brigade will get into it big time (maybe a reporter could ask who is prettiest?) and we can relive those most exciting words ever from grade school: girl fight! All of this is puffery for the lecture/lame book curcuit as they all know the candidate will be Willard, it’s his turn. As for the rest of the white bread men, I suspect the all have plug-in jacks in the back of their feet like those drones in “The Presidents Analyst”, Coburns first Flint film. It’s depressing to think this crap is going to go on another year and a half! Then start again, immediately!! I’m just gratefull that Nonnie left the weenies in the ice box and gave us Stooges instead, which makes you a one in a million in ladyland.

  5. jeb

    Maybe Batshit can go to the UK and request and audience with Thatcher like the Princess is trying to do. One of Thatcher’s adviser put the kibosh on that stating “Lady Thatcher will not be seeing Sarah Palin. That would be belittling for Margaret. Sarah Palin is nuts.”

    • i read about that the other day. i love it that they called her out. so hilarious that princess thinks that she’s actually a big deal, and world leaders just can’t wait to meet her. 😆

  6. All I can say is “groan.”

  7. afrankangle

    1) I was watching CNN at the time, and was stunned.

    2) I never realized Ed ever smiles.

    3) Nonnie likes the Stooges!

    • sorry to burst your bubble, frank, but i’m not at all a stooges fan. i do like to use their dvd covers though. 🙂

      • John Erickson

        You say that now, Nonnie, but give it time. The Stooges are an insidious infection – you start out denying their silliness, then a couple posters find their way onto your site, then you actually use the word “Nyuk”, and then it’s all downhill. Of course, that’s assuming you’re sane when you start out. Me, I was already gone, so I went straight to the “Holy Trinity” stage. 😀 Tex might be able to explain it more eloquently, since he used the great “St. Jerome” line! 😉

        • it’s a male/female thing, john. most women just don’t like the stooges. i’ll take the marx brothers any day of the week. nyuk, nyuk, nyuk, why i oughta….

        • John Erickson

          See? SEE? Stage 2! You actually used “Nyuk!” It’s all downhill from here! 😉
          Don’t worry, denial is the last stage. You stay in that for a while, all the time finding your TV dial wandering onto Three Stooges repeats, until you finally give in. And when you do, I’ll be there to lend you all my Stooges biographies, filmographies, and the various other Stooges-related books I have.
          See you on the other side! 😀

  8. Does this mean that she will have Norris, Nugent with her, and play the guitar, and maybe sing a few songs?
    Just wondering…

  9. Another figurehead presidency! No knowledge required!

    Unsettling combinations, all these potential nominees… make up some truly bizarre tickets. At least McCain seemed sane till everybody got to know him better. The current crop are loony right out of the gate.

    Splendid PS, as always, Nonnie!

    • nice to see you over here again, lulu maude! 🙂

      you know, i can understand batshit bachmann running for prez, because she’s a narcissistic delusional attention addict. however, what the hell is in this for ed rollins? i don’t like him, but he never appeared to be delusional. is she paying him big bucks? that’s the only thing that makes sense. he knows she’s not qualified.

  10. 😆

    I love his shirt and the button is hilarious. This is on the list of my Nonnie favorites.

  11. batshit michelle is another media created lunatic – besides saying some of the most vile, ridiculous and insane things – can anyone name ONE THING SHE HAS DONE – another incompetent, selfish and do-nothing greedy piece of fecal matter making money off of the stupidity of america

    • that’s what burns my ass, dcAp. the media falls all over themselves to breathlessly report on whatever stupid thing she’s said last, but they never ever bring up that she’s never passed a bill the entire time she’s been in congress.

  12. I have just the video for Ed.

    • perfect song, neon vincent, but pet shop boys? i’d worry that princess sarah will fly over them in her helicopter with her rifle at the ready. we know how she feels about animals.

      • afrankangle

        … I’ll finish the sentence for you ….

        • John Erickson

          I can’t remember the episode name (Pardon My Scotch, maybe?), but when the boys are installing the door, when Moe is up on the table and Curly cuts the board for him AND the table, when Moe steps back and falls, then gets up – HE BROKE RIBS!!! He as enough of a pro to stand up, turn around, smack Curly as scripted, then he passed out. If you watch the ep, you can see the weird cut. Now THAT’s dedication!

          • that happened to doris day when she was making ‘move over darlng.’ james garner picked her up and didn’t know he broke her rib until the next day when he put his arms around her and felt the bandage.

  13. afrankangle

    Wrong movie (by me), but your comment got this song going through my head by the famous Cincinnatian.

  14. Bachmann is brilliant, unfortunately, today’s left is so saturated in its smug, uncomprehending irrationality and hateful group-think that anyone who doesn’t conform lockstep to the totalitarianism of meaningless diversity and politically corrupt shareabrainism becomes a target of reflexive spite and juvenile ridicule. Enjoy your patheticness, lefties.

    • johncerickson

      Might I ask you two questions, RogueOperator? First off, you argue quite intelligently and coherently about the rights of individualism on your blog, yet you come here and lump ALL of us as “pathetic lefties”. Shouldn’t you be arguing your point with one person at a time?
      Second, you seem convinced that we are all hopeless here. Then why waste your time? Why not actually make some debate points, or find another blog with potential converts and leave the people here to their “patheticness”?
      Just curious. I just can’t see the point to dropping into a blog and insulting everybody with empty commentary. I’d like to know what you think you’re accomplishing?

      • you were much nicer than i was, john. some people can’t resist pooping in someone else’s punchbowl. there’s nothing to be accomplished here with a comment like rogueoperator’s, but i’m guessing it makes him/her feel superior. probably overcompensation.

        • johncerickson

          I don’t worry too much about random screaming idiots, but when a guy like this blogs on and on about individuality (yes, I did peruse his blog), then hurls a mass attack, it’s either hypocrisy or stupidity. And since he feels some reason to shout at people he seems are without redemption, I gotta go with stupidity – or egotism. Based on his over-intellectualisation on his blog, definitely egotism!
          Besides, I gotta be nice to you, and defend you. You’re gonna be my alibi when the Palin tour bus has….. mechanical issues. (“No, officer, he wouldn’t do anything like that. We don’t condone violence here at the Raisin.” ‘Course, loading the intake manifold with expanding foam ain’t violence, per se….. 😀 )

          • thanks for having my back, john. now can you kill that disgusting palmetto bug that’s crawling across my ceiling that i can’t reach? i’ve gotten the bug spray and the broom out, and i was surveilling the disgusting little bastards as i ate my pudding cup. it was like a scene out of raid on entebbe……i just checked. it was far down the wall enough for me to douse him in hot shot, and then i moved in with the broom. unfortunately, he scurried away somewhere. i think i sprayed him enough so he’ll croak, but i’ll keep an eye out for him limping across the living room.

            so what were we talking about? oh yeah. i don’t let trolls bother me. i can’t believe how some people scour the internets looking for any slight against bbb or princess sarah. i guess fundie kool-aid drinkers have nothing better to do. by the way, i have some expanding foam around here somewhere…. 😉

            • johncerickson

              Hey, I’d gladly hunt down any kind of bug for you. Except wasps and spiders. I’m allergic to wasps, and spiders, well, they’re my palmetto bugs. And for getting bugs that are out of reach? Buy an old wood floor mop – the old-style version of the Swiffer rigs, the ones with fabric dirt chamois. You can usually find ’em in garage sales where older folk lived. They’re just stiff enough to knock the bugs loopy, so you can get ’em on the floor and nail ’em with a shoe.
              And no worries on the foam, I always keep a couple cans around for flood control (leaky basement). Personally, I’d pinhole both the coolant line and the air brake line. Not enough to kill anybody, but enough to strand them in the middle of nowhere! By the way, if you ever want to torpedo somebody’s car and can get under the hood, check where the oil goes in. Most put it right into the head of the engine. A fistful of sand or kitty litter, and they have maybe 100 miles tops before the engine grinds to a halt. All the fun things you learn as a mechanic! 😉
              I’ve found two “rightie” types – the conspiracy folk (including birthers), and the uber-intellectuals. Rogue’s the second. He gushes about his PhD and his Russian studies, and uses lots of highbrow quotes (carefully snipped to support his views) to sound really learned. Too much brain, not enough common sense. C’est la vie. As the old phrase goes, “Opinions are like buttholes – everybody has one, and they’re often full of crap.” 😀

              • being a single mom for so many years, i’ve had to get used to dealing with lots of icky stuff, but palmetto bugs are among the highest on the icky scale. this was the 4th one this week. i have no idea where they’re coming from, because i usually only see 1 every 6 months or so. anyway, the little bastard apparently hadn’t gotten enough of a dose of hot shot, because i saw him crawling back up the wall. the problem is that the ceiling is vaulted, and i can’t reach, even with a broom, when it gets really high. however, i slammed the wall hard enough for it to freak out and lose its grip, and it fell low enough for me to swat it. it fell to the floor, and i kept swatting it with the broom. i swept it outside, and, i’ll be damned if it didn’t scurry off into the grass. i can’t believe the abuse it took, and it was still alive! that’s why i hate them so much.

                i sometimes wonder if the intellectual hardcore rethugs actually believe the crap they say or if they just say it to convince those they consider inferior. ben stein springs to mind. some of the shit that comes out of his mouth is just staggering.

              • johncerickson

                You just need a better bug killer. Might I suggest something in a 12-gauge from Remington? 😀
                Seriously, find some roach killer – that seems to be the most toxic stuff to them (and to you, so beware). Other than that, a good size 12 or larger shoe is a MUST. If you can find them, there are some old-timey fly-swatters that use metal window screen, instead of cheap plastic. They pack a whallop. If you can’t find any, let me know and I’ll have the wife pick up a couple, and we can ship ’em out to you. I’m trying to engineer a version on the end of a long pole – we have some 10′ to 12′ ceilings in this joint, so there’s a lot of vertical real estate for them to hide out.
                I was hoping “Rogue” was gonna spout on his blog, but he’s babbling about some decree that Obama supposedly put out about “spirits”? Who knows – he’s welcome to his own delusions. Were he on the Titanic, he’d manufacture some reasoning that the ship sinking was merely a way to reduce over-crowding and eliminate all those leftie 3rd-class rabble. Good riddance!

                • i have to call an exterminator anyway, because there are about a billion ants. they nest in the trees in my backyard and my neighbors. the last time the exterminator was here, he charged me $35 to spray in the attic and the backyard. he said that he might have to come out and spray again, but that took care of the problem for years. i’m sure the price has gone up, but it would be worth it, not having to sweep up a pile of ants every single day. i bought some ant killer in the supermarket, so i’ll try that first. terro used to work really well, but either there are just too many ants, or they’ve become immune to it.

                  i have an extender pole that i used to need to change lightbulbs in the ceiling before i had ceiling fans installed, so i could have hit the roach with that. however, i have a history of breaking things in my zeal to kill roaches, so i try to look for the least likely things to do harm to everything else when i’m swinging away.

    • and you enjoy the view up your own ass, rogueoperator. you can reply if you want (and i might delete it, and i might not), but this is my first and last comment to you. anyone who thinks batshit bachmann is brilliant is either dumber than she is, and i don’t believe you are, or so immersed in his/her own ideology that s/he cannot think objectively. whatever the case, that’s your problem, not mine.

  15. Oh dear, hiding in the archives! Gosh and such big words and high-falutin’ phrases. Well, I’m going to go out and get a copy of Atlas Shrugged and devote myself to atheisim and hyper-materialism. I never understood the malaise of the rich in this modern world. Now I understand the need to perform economic intercourse on the proles and why a police state would be OK if it is divinely inspired. Give me a godess cult anytime I say, and what better figure than super-grMILF BB! (that Palin woman is so 2010) Totalitarism of meaningless diversity? What the fuck does that mean? Forget it, I’m going to not work instead and piss off the good, honest people who vote goper and laugh as they struggle to live off their capital gains and dividends knowing that they will die soon and not take any of it with them. That’s why you have worthless relatives. Let me conclude with a short phrase that burns their ears and keeps them laying awake in bed at night…somewhere, right now, a nergo is getting something!