Snow White? Not even before she drifted.

From POSTPOLITICS at The Washington Post:

Days after Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) snagged Ed Rollins as manager of her nascent presidential campaign, the high-profile strategist is engaged in a war of words with advisers to former Alaska governor Sarah Palin.

Palin and Bachmann are potential rivals in the 2012 GOP presidential primary contest.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who dares to call Princess Sarah the dumbest of them all?
mirrormirroronthewallOriginal image

The spat between their advisers began Tuesday when Rollins disparaged Palin in a radio interview. “Sarah has not been serious over the last couple of years,” Rollins said. “She got the vice presidential thing handed to her. She didn’t go to work in the sense of trying to gain more substance. She gave up her governorship.”In an interview with Politico, Rollins made the point again. Bachmann will “be so much more substantive. People are going to say, ‘I gotta make a choice and go with the intelligent woman who’s every bit as attractive.’ ”

On Wednesday, Michael Glassner, Palin’s chief of staff, responded with a statement of his own: “Beltway political strategist Ed Rollins has a long, long track record of taking high profile jobs and promptly sticking his foot in his mouth.”

The fight between aides to two unofficial candidates is an indication that members of Palin’s team are no longer willing to sit idly by while other Republicans take digs at their boss.  That shift could signal the beginning of an ugly war between the high-profile Palin and lesser-known rivals.

3…2…1… From POLITICO:

Michele Bachmann adviser Ed Rollins’ response to the sharp criticisms from Sarah Palin’s world just now was to “let it go.”

But he didn’t go quietly, telling me, “I haven’t lived in Washington D.C. in 15 years, and I’ve been taken to the woodshed by the big boys.”

“As far as we’re concerned, it’s not” an ongoing fight, he insisted. “This was my one comment, which I shouldn’t have made, at the end of the day this has nothing to do with Michele, Michele’s campaign, or any of the rest of it. This was my transition from being an analyst to a political strategist, and I missed a step.”

Of Team Palin’s call for a retraction, he said, “What’s the retraction? I say she’s serious?”


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44 responses to “Snow White? Not even before she drifted.

    • m’liss, i was hoping you’d stop by. check out the title for yesterday’s post. when i posted it, i thought to myself that, if nobody else gets the title, m’liss will. i know it doesn’t really make perfect sense, but it still made me giggle. 😆

  1. oh this is so much better than Joan Collins and Linda Evans

  2. John Erickson

    These two deserve each other – Bats In The Belfry versus Cranius Emptius. 😉
    And maybe I’m gettin’ too old, or too married, or too something, but what the heck is so attractive about Palin OR Bachmann? I don’t find either one the least bit hot. Then again, I don’t find either one intelligent or compelling as a candidate. Shoot, I have trouble accepting them as the same species as me, or any of my other enlightened, erudite Raisins! 😀

    • john, you have to keep in mind that the rethugs were used to looking at virginia so-not-a foxx and mean jean schmidt, so these 2 were bound to look good to them. though i didn’t think so at the time, i was considered cute when i was younger. even now that i’m a million years old, if i had as many makeup artists, plastic surgeons (don’t even try to tell me they haven’t been at least botoxed), and fashion consultants as they do, i’d look pretty damned good. neither one of them ever appears without being airbrushed first. look at some of their old photos. they don’t look so hot.

      • John Erickson

        First off, picture or no, something tells me you’re still pretty dang cute. Maybe not drop-dead-Melissa gorgeous, but close! 😉
        Second, I’m weird in that I find what’s behind the eyes and under the locks plays a MUCH bigger part in beauty. I never got “airheads”, I never wanted ’em, and the couple that came after me (believe it or not!) got a REAL cold shoulder!
        And finally, no matter if they’ve both gotten hit with more paint than what covers an aircraft carrier, I find them both supremely unattractive. And that’s BEFORE they open their idiotic mouths!

  3. jeb

    People are going to say, ‘I gotta make a choice and go with the intelligent woman who’s every bit as attractive.’ ”

    Oh yeah, I’m totally saying that Ed. You betcha. That’s how I decide on a candidate, which one is less dim because they both look mahvelous. And then I throw up in my mouth.

    • how he can be aware enough to say that princess is dumb but be dim enough to think he can get away with saying that batshit bachmann is intelligent? either she’s paying him a fekkin’ fortune, or ed rollins looks at this all as some kind of parlor game that he wants to win, no matter what it means to the country.

  4. jeb

    BTW Nons, I really had my money on this being your lead story tonight.

    If these people are such awesome political professionals, how the F were they duped into believing he was actually running in the first place?

    • i didn’t hear the story until early this evening, jeb. i was out shopping, and when i got home, i had a message from my sister’s boyfriend’s daughter. she remembered that i had told her at her birthday party (she’s 7) that we were going to have a girls’ day out. today was her last day of school, and she’s leaving for orlando to stay with her grandma for 6 weeks, so she told my sister she simply must spend the day with me tomorrow. after a long discussion of where i could pick her up tomorrow and other logistics (how to get the clothes i bought her that didn’t fit her back to me so i could return them), i asked if it would be easier if she just stayed here tonight. my sister asked her, and she immediately ran to get her jammies. as it turned out, she’s the easiest houseguest i ever had, because she went over to my 2-doors-down neighbor’s, and she’s staying there for the night with their 7-year-old and the 5-year-old twins that live next door to me. the kids are all happy, my sister and her boyfriend are happy (it won’t cost them 50 bucks for daycare), and i’m happy, because i get to see all the kids, but i don’t have to entertain them every minute. i gave them gummy pizzas, hotdogs, and hamburgers (and a big bowl of fruit salad to reverse the junkfoodiness of the gummy stuff), and then came home and turned on the tv. (are you bored yet?) so, i get to be the good aunt with none of the trouble! 😀

      …not that you asked. 😉

      • jeb

        What was that middle thing again? 🙂 Seriously, you’ve got to take care of promises to the kids. I promised my two little knuckleheads (19 and 16) that if they made a shopping list, we’d hit the supermarket tonight. I’m flying to Brussels on Saturday to see my wife (finally) and will be gone for a week so I had to make sure they have food. They didn’t make a list of course but I took them anyway. I guess they’ll survive and if not they’ll call their Mom since she lives two miles away. Of course, if they whine about no food, I’ll come back and find plenty of food. It will just mean they wanted to eat out.

        Anyway, I’ll keep my eye peeled because I’m sure there is a Newtie story coming on unless you have to go take a two-week Med cruise.

        • i didn’t know the kids were staying with you. that makes me happy. 🙂 i was wondering when you were going to be reunited with your lovely bride. have a safe trip. i don’t have to wish you a good time, so i’ll wish you good weather while you are there.

  5. The line struck me the most was:

    ” go with the intelligent woman who’s every bit as attractive.”

    1. People who feel compelled to extol the virtues of their intelligence , generally are not.
    2. “Attractive”, on my top 10 list of attributes of importance in a leadership role do not even include that word.

    In fact, it insults my intelligence!

    I don’t think the GOP can handle either of these crazy ladies (although Newt’s campaign seems to be going “Titanic”– he announced his candidacy, then took off for vacation for 2 weeks, now 7 top aides jumped ship… one to go work for Pawlenty!)
    So they have Romney, Santorum & maybe Ron Paul… can they still handle this kind of 11 on the scale of 10 craziness of Palin or Bachmann? I think they will have to run together for the Tea Party ticket.

    Since you mentioned the grifter, looks like Sarah stumbled in more hot water in a double edged legal trouble kind of way.

    A. If in fact this was not a political tour, than it was illegal for her to be buying a bus & do a vacation on the SARAH PAC (political action committee) dime.

    B. If in fact this was just a vacation & or is a political/partisan tour, the fact that she is NOT a dignitary & has not announced she is a candidate for anything (other then some kind of institution w straight jackets!), does not deserve special treatment and VIP priority access & tours of the historic sites. She needs to reimburse the struggling Park Service for the overtime or special tour time she received.

    Sarah got herself in another gotcha situation!

    What is funnier, is that the Official Parks response was that they let her (& her ridiculous bus) in early so as to not disrupt the rest of the general public park visitors.

    Protecting the general public/ Ntl. Park historic site visitors from Palin!

    Ha! That may be money well spent!

    One other footnote:

    Palin later remarked her comment about Paul Revere’s bells & gun gaffe, was simply one of those media *gotcha* questions

    What exactly was the *gotcha question*???

    “What have you seen so far today & what are you going to take away from your visit?”

    • i wonder how many points ol’ ed scored with women with that line. i guess unattractive women who are brilliant should never run for office. then again, how credible can anyone find ol’ ed when he says that batshit bachmann is intelligent?

      • Reminds me of Al Franken’s SNL Stuart Smalley persona:

        I’m good (looking) enough, smart enough & dog gone it, people like me!

        Clearly, they are going w the strategy: if they say she’s intelligent & just as pretty people will believe it.

        LOL! They have Bachmann’s official campaign slogan:

        the intelligent woman who’s every bit as attractive

        as opposed to

        effin’ crazy

        • i think anyone who works for batshit bachmann or princess have it beaten into them that they must tell the twisted sisters how pretty and smart they are. they seem to snap out of it, though, because an awful lot of people walk out on them.

  6. These two bimbos remind me of a great song from the first truly subversive album of my teen years: We’re only in it for the money, the LP with the Sgt. Pepper parody cover with “Mothers” spelled out with carrots and watermellons….from the song American Womanhood: “What’s the ugliest part of your body…what’s the ugliest part of your body…some say your nose…some say your toes….but I think it’s your mind” Frank Zappa

  7. Oh, and fantastic poster! Heads up Nonnie, tommorriw will be a Raisin Red Letter Day!

  8. Oh, and fantastic poster! Heads up Nonnie, tommorrow will be a Raisin Red Letter Day!

  9. (these comments are getting stuck in the little box and not clearing when I hit post)???

    • same thing is happening to me, but now only every other comment. they reworked the comment boxes, so i suspect they’re working on the bugs.

  10. Love the poster & I still can’t figure out why Ed Rollins went with Bachmann. The best I figure is that she offered the most money.

    • thanks, frank! i was wondering the same thing, and i thought that it’s either the money, or ol’ ed looks at this as a game. he doesn’t care whether or not she’s good for the country. oh, i just thought of another possibility–maybe nobody else would hire him!

  11. “Mirror mirror
    in the ditch
    who ya think’s
    the bigger bitch”

  12. A battle of wits, and they’re both unarmed.

    Huh …