You Can Run, But You Can’t Formaldehyde


Large manufacturers and chemical producers have lobbied ferociously to stop the National Institutes of Health from classifying formaldehyde as a carcinogen. A wide body of research has linked the chemical to cancer, but industrial polluters have stymied regulators from action.

Last year, the New Yorker’s Jane Mayer reported that billionaire David Koch, whose company Georgia Pacfic (a subsidiary of Koch Industries) is one of the country’s top producers of formaldehyde, was appointed to the NIH cancer board at a time when the NIH delayed action on the chemical. The news was met with protests from environmental groups. Faced with mounting pressure from Greenpeace and the scientific community, Koch […] offered an early resignation from the board in October.

Yesterday, the NIH finally handed down a report officially classifying formaldehyde as a carcinogen […]

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An investigation by ProPublica found that Sens. David Vitter (R-LA) and James Inhofe (R-OK) had used their power to add years of delay to the report. The piece linked Vitter to lobbying from Koch’s Georgia Pacific company, which has plywood plants in Louisiana.


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20 responses to “You Can Run, But You Can’t Formaldehyde

  1. If there’s something nasty it seems the Kochs are always involved. Thanks for the info nonnie. More people should know about these connections!

  2. John Erickson

    But wait – this is confusing. Formaldehyde can kill you? But formaldehyde preserves you – so if you DO get formaldehyde in you, you die sooner but stay around longer, but if you DON’T get formaldehyde in you, you live longer but rot sooner. SOOOOO – immortality is BAD now?!? 😀
    So Koch stepped down in October, and the report comes out the following June? Typical high-speed government work, eh? 😉 (At least they got the report through. Guess the Kochs couldn’t work any behind-the-scenes magic!)

  3. Yet you can bet that all those years when they were delaying the classification, Vitter and Inhofe were themselves careful to avoid formaldehyde.

    I think Vitter himself should be classified as a neurotoxin. The very contemplation of what he remains best-known for can seriously dampen the libido.

    The choice of poster actually lets them off easy. I think these guys are rotten through and through — they don’t have a “Dr. Jekyll” side.

    • i think diaper dave and crazyass inhofe should have to move their families next to chemical plants. no bottled water or air filters allowed. we’ll see just how safe they really think all that shit is.

  4. Damn lobbies and political favors.

  5. Always something!
    You got it right, Nonnie~
    In a perfect world all these all these bastards would have to wallow in the fumes & drink the toxic water.

  6. Scientist that read those space-spectrograph stuff claim that formaldehyde is the most common element in the universe. Of course we just use it as the supreme deadifier and add to furniture and carpets for that great stink we all love. Another aspect is that , since the big war, there are 45,000 new chemicals in the realm. This could have some bearing on the fact that one out of three kids seemed to be gimped from birth. For perspective, growing up in the 50s, and being around tons of kids, I never knew a single one that was handicaped. Just sayin’.

    • the rethugs like to argue that things like carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring substance, so there can’t possibly ever be too much of it. i suggest that people who use that argument should be asked if they’d like some arsenic or lead or cyanide in their water. after all, those are all natural substances.

  7. elizabeth3hersh

    I could write volumes on this subject nonnie, but only have time for a short comment. As Tex West points out, there are a slew of chemicals in our environment. What people just don’t get is that a chemical in itself might be relatively ‘safe’ (relatively speaking), but may have a synergistic effect when combined with other chemicals…a veritable toxic soup. This subject drives me bonkers. I cannot believe all the crap people have in their homes and in their garages! Even worse, they use these products liberally with newborns, the elderly and the infirm for them to inhale and absorb all the while oblivious to their detrimental health effects. It’s no frickin’ wonder we have skyrocketing rates of autism (I strongly suspect an environmental component). I love what California has done with their warnings, restrictions and public education via Prop 65. Just yesterday, I came across a car in a Vegas parking lot with a large sticker attached to the driver’s side window stating “this car contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer…” and then going on to list some of the chemicals. I honestly don’t know how these chemical lobbyists sleep at night. I would rather kill myself.

    • excellent point, elizabeth, and the crux of the problem. ordinary people are not chemists, and they have no idea the danger in mixing ordinary products, such as ammonia and bleach. the same thing goes for mixing medications, even over-the-counter ones. that’s why there needs to be regulation. most corporations hate regulations of any kind. the government should protect us from them, not do their bidding.

  8. Koch bros again…. fuck ’em……..

  9. For conservatives, this is a right to life issue. They want the undead to have the same rights as the unborn. [)