Prophetic? Naaahh, Pathetic!

Since one disastrous Texas governor was not enough, there are some in the Rethuglican party who are talking about Governor Little Ricky Goodhair entering the 2012 presidential race.  Like they say in Texas, Oy vey, y’all.

From the Houston Press HAIR BALLS Blog:

Governor Rick Perry appeared on the Fox News network for an interview with Neil Cavuto.

Cavuto made the somewhat dubious statement that Perry is “very popular outside your state, still popular but not nearly as popular within your state.”


Asked why Texas wasn’t exactly in love with him, Perry said, “I say that a prophet is generally not loved in their hometown. That’s both Biblical and practical.”

Original Fra Bartolommeo painting (Prophet Isaiah )

Good, humble answer, sir.

​It’s not that conservatives don’t like Perry because he tried to force innocent sixth-grade girls to be given the “slut shot” anti-STD vaccine Gardasil, or to impose a billions-of-dollars boondoggle of a highway/rail/hoverboat/flying car transportation system throughout some of the emptier parts of the state.

And it’s not that moderates don’t like him because he wants to give carte blanche to polluters and slash the state’s education system to shreds.

It’s because neither group recognizes the Prophet-like genius of Rick Perry.


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21 responses to “Prophetic? Naaahh, Pathetic!

  1. I continue to be amazed by your creativity. By the way, last week I recategorized Perry from slim chance to no chance for my Ohio primary vote. Just noticed the Chimpy II engraving. 🙂

    • thanks, frank! 😀 another last-minute deal. i have the worst sore throat, and i’ve been feeling icky all day, and i had to go to the grocery store, because i didn’t go yesterday. i didn’t get home until almost 7, and i hadn’t even decided on a story yet.

  2. John Erickson

    And what is hanging off the Texas state flag on the mug? I can’t get high enough resolution to read it. You should’ve made the mug the “Don’t Mess With Texas” design. Only Texans could fall in love with an anti-littering slogan so strongly as to demand it become an honourary state motto!
    And just why do cows need hats? Blackjack is quite happy with his horns, thank you. Then again, the boy DOES need a shave (like I can talk!).

  3. You know I have a weakness for your fine art stuff. 😀

  4. Perry was all macho about Texas Secession movement, but then swine flu came to the US & he squealed like a pig calling for Federal help, also when BP’s Deepwater Horizon was spewing crude in the Gulf, when Texas got some oil on their beaches, they ran to the Federal trough to look for help.

    He was all about breaking away from the United States, now he wants to be the president, because his inner circle says the country is in trouble & needs him?

    Have we not been burned by presidents from Texas enough????

    Great job on the photoshop fun w classic art.

    • same thing with the fires. he bitched that the feds weren’t doing enough for texas. he said obama was getting back at him, because gov little ricky goodhair is against obama’s health care plan and environmental reform. of course, he was lying. texas had already gotten plenty of help from the feds, and they were due to get even more.

  5. Seeing the Profit speak has made me speak back to the TV several times this week. A note to non Texans, the governors office holds no power in the state, it’s the Speaker of the house. The main job of Rickus is arranging his pencils and dealing with the extensive graft the state leaders are so well known for. If he leaves, who will be king? He sure brags a lot about all those $5 an hour jobs, if you are fortunate enough to get one. And I had to tell one of my elderly relatives who moved back five years ago the sad new when asked “what kind of state benefits can I apply for” the sad news: The state will do two things for you (1) put you in prison (2) execute you. His predecesor ran on a campaign promise to start executing 14 year olds, very popular! I just amazed they haven’t goten it down to 10 or 12 yet. I will never go back there.

    • what you talked about are the things that you never hear about on the news. most people have never heard about the responsibilities of the governor in texas. i think the only thing they do is sign death warrants. it’s not like in other states. if it meant lots of work, chimpy never would have run for the office.

  6. Aren’t there people who claim they’re prophets or have a direct line to God institutionalized? Boy better be careful.

    • i wonder what’s going on with that direct line. is there interference on it, because it seems that the big guy upstairs is always getting shit wrong?