The Wheels on the Bus Go Flat, Flat, Flat!


Sarah Palin’s bus tour has not been cancelled, if you haven’t heard. It’s on hiatus. Ex-Gov. Palin took to social media yesterday to complain that news reports [from her employer, Fox News!!  😆  ]about the end of her One Nation motorized vacation were in error.

She said on her Facebook page that the coming weeks are busy for her due to civic responsibilities – she’s been called for jury duty.

And if you believe that the real reason, she’s got a bridge to nowhere to sell you.
themagicschoolbuscatchesawave2Original DVD cover

“The next leg of the tour continues when the time comes. In the meantime, no one should jump to conclusions – certainly not the media with their long track record of getting things wrong or just making things up,” wrote Ms. Palin on Facebook.


[We think] Palin protesteth a bit too much.

She announces her bus tour, hits a number of prominent East Coast spots without advertising her plans, and then disappears, without bothering to update the web page that’s supposedly chronicling her travels for supporters.

We get that she does not care to hand feed the media her schedule. But if you’re a political star and you make a big deal about something and then vanish, the press is going to fill that news vacuum for you. To complain about that is like complaining that the dogs ate the steaks you left in the yard overnight.

Plus, on her Twitter page Palin took another shot the ragged hacks of journalism, praising her daughter Bristol’s new book “Not Afraid of Life” while saying it reveals how “media can drive false narrative”.

You don’t see Michele Bachmann getting into arguments with the press over stuff like this. Maybe she realizes that it can block out the more positive messages she wants to push through the media clutter.


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35 responses to “The Wheels on the Bus Go Flat, Flat, Flat!

  1. What did she learn on her ‘Tragical Mystery Tour?’ Nada Her last pit stop, was in the seacoast town of Seabrook, New Hampshire, which was the same day that Mitt Romney made his announcement in Exeter, which is about a 15 minute drive away.
    For her to promote her high school drop out daughter’s book, is quite frankly nuts.
    If its true that she might have to do jury duty, the defendant better she is not made the jury foreman, as he/she would be sent off to Russia where she can keep an eye on he/she.

  2. I love this poster. I’ve been an admirer of the Magic School Bus series, and this is just wonderful.

    I also love the Jesus-and-dinosaur image. I probably shouldn’t, but there it is. Apparently, the picture used in that meme is a hoax, created by an atheist site to mock some kooks. However, I know a fundamentalist blogger who saw it and really likes it. More than a little scary, that. (She was also complaining that when her church did a skit of Noah’s ark they didn’t have any dinosaurs on the ark … which brings up another question. How did Noah’s ark become a kid-friendly story? If you take it literally, that’s a whole bunch of people dying pretty miserably …)

    Wait, what were we talking about? Oh, yeah … so, Palin couldn’t even stick to quitting? I think that that’s pretty remarkable.

    • i’m partial to the posters that start out as dvds for little kids, so i’m very happy that you like it, too, wken. when i saw the sea serpent, it immediately reminded me of a dinosaur, so i had to perch jesus atop it. no worries, wken, i’ll burn in hell way before you!

  3. jeb

    I thought that the idea of the Princess being VP or Pres was scary but I got the same sinking feeling with the idea of her being on a jury.

  4. Great image!!! It captures the nuttiness perfectly. 😆

  5. johncerickson

    If anybody out there can get me an RPG or a LAWS, I’ll be more than happy to make sure the Tragical Mystery Tour ends with a bang!
    Can I adopt the dinosaur? Betcha he’d have a ball with Blackjack! 😀

    • dont’cha remember, john? raisinettes don’t endorse violence. i think that’s a sea serpent, but you can adopt it if you have a large pond nearby or a really, really big bathtub. does blackjack like the water? they can be great playmates.

  6. Hey, it’s Republican Jesus carrying a gun and riding a dinosaur!

    Speaking of delusional creations, I have a request. I’m looking on behalf of a friend for “Michele Bachmann LJ icons, the nastier and more perverse the better.” I promised him Bachmann as Batgirl. What’s the URL for that and do you have any other images of Bachmann that portray her as inappropriately sexy?

    • jesus doesn’t have a gun in this one, but he can always grab the one from the gunrack on top of the bus.

      lj? live journal? i had to google, and i’m taking a wild stab (figuratively, raisinettes don’t encourage violence) and guessing that’s what it stands for.

      lemme see, inappropriately sexy pics? i think inadvertently sexy would be more descriptive, but that doesn’t matter. i’ll be back in a few minutes with some possibilities.

  7. It’s like Ken Kesey said ” you’re either on the bus, or off..” Not quite The Merry Pranksters but they might consider handing out Kool-aid and tea laced with her mind numbing stupidity…oh wait, they already do. (jury duty my ass, too busy to run a whole state)

    • the jury duty story is a bunch of crap. the court lets you know in advance if you are being called, so she wouldn’t have scheduled her trip if she had gotten notice. what happened is that bbb stole her thunder, and poor princess wasn’t getting enough attention, even from her employer. i wonder what’s going on behind the scenes. i guess roger ailes really does think she’s stupid, and he’s given instructions to his employees not to center their lives around her.

  8. I don’t even know what to say about this Twit. A comedy skit from Saturday night live comes to mind. The one where Sza Sza Gabor, Tammy Fay Baker, and some dude escape from prison and go on a rampage robbing convenience stores. No less believable that Palins adventures.

  9. Jury duty… pretty lame. She could get an exemption just for asking…. with her ‘status’ no respecting prosecutor of defense attorney would want her on a panel….. my Father used to work for a newspaper… it automatically disqualified him…

    • i was on a jury for 14 months. i can’t even imagine having to serve with someone like her. i think i’d plead guilty just to get away with her.

      • I’d spend all my time drawing inappropriate pictures of her and passing them around to the other members. And holding up “just shoot me now” placards every time she opened her mouth.

        • 😆 i was on a jury for 14 months, and we spent a lot of time in the jury room, bored to death. we played cards and trivial pursuit and just joked around. we actually wound up having a helluva time–outside of the courtroom. princess sarah wouldn’t have lasted more than a day. we had one diva, and she was the only one who was always miserable. she did her best to make us all pay attention to her, but we ignored her.

  10. Oh jeez! Palin is a loser & quitter. She can only do “ok” if she is reading a pre fab script.
    I feel sorry for the kid, Piper. She has to endure very public humiliation w her Mother’s big yap .
    If the teacher asks the kids to write what they did on their summer vacation, she will be forced to say:

    I had to endure traipsing around the country with my Mother in this gaudy & embarrassing motorcoach bus with my Mother’s signature slathered all over it & the constitution.
    Mom had me play bodyguard, and block the gotcha press away from her.
    They asked her things like “What did you learn & what will you take away from this trip”. My Mom was really flustered by those trick questions, and then she made up some bullshit about Paul Revere. Then she defended that she made up some bullshit about Paul Revere. I’m 10 years old for cripessake so it’s not like I have a choice to bail out right now.

    Having to deal with the tour de Palin with my mom the grifter really really sucks! Save me!
    That kid has every right to be pissed off.
    What happened to the 2 other props, I mean kids?
    Is Willow old enough to disown her?
    Not going on your freak tour Mom, if you make me I will make you rue the day & regret it forever.
    What of the special needs child?
    Not special enough, mom needs to bail & play catch me if you can with the press.

    Palin is a true whack job. She shows up in this circus like bus, but then acts like she wants to be left alone.
    The jig is over for her. She can;t be a politician that hides behind the “I have an exclusive contract w FOX snooze, so I can’t talk with other members of the press”. Does she think people are stupid enough to not see through the fact she can’t handle the press or the truth or any political job. She probably sucked as a hockey mom too!

    • unfortunately, her daughters seem to be following in their mother’s footsteps. they’re just as mean, dumb, and bitter as their mother. i suspect the youngest will not escape that fate. she already looks like a little farbissiner.

  11. Had to look up the word… either way Yiddish term, or Frau F from the Austin powers movie….. that kid has every right to be embittered.

    • she does have every right to be embittered. a lot of people who are raised by a woman like princess farbissiner grow up to have empathy for other people. that doesn’t seem to be the case with bristol and willow, and it looks like piper is following their lead..