Rethugs are just puppets of Americans for Tax Reform


Vice President Joe Biden’s deficit reduction talks imploded today after the only two Republicans involved in the negotiations announced they are halting their participation because of their objections to Democratic demands for “tax increases.”

Democrats meanwhile, suggested Republicans are “playing with fire” by holding up a vote on raising the debt ceiling.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor announced this morning that he would skip today’s scheduled meeting because “Democrats continue to insist that any deal must include tax increases.”

Subsequently, Republican Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona announced he was pulling out of the negotiations.

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Kyl and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell released a statement saying, “The White House and Democrats are insisting on job-killing tax hikes and new spending. That proposal won’t address our fiscal crisis, our jobs crisis, or protect and reform entitlements.”


Democrats, meanwhile, learned about their Republican colleagues’ revolt after walking out of a White House meeting regarding the deficit.

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi told reporters, “Yes, we do want to remove tax subsidies for big oil. We want to remove tax breaks for companies that send jobs overseas. I don’t know if that’s a reason to walk away from the table.”


The Obama administration and several economists have urged Congress to raise the debt limit by Aug. 2 to avoid economic catastrophe.


Democratic Rep. Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, one of the Democrats involved in Biden’s talks, said, “people are playing with fire and really putting the very fragile economy at greater threat” by threatening to vote against raising the debt limit.

Republicans have insisted that raising the debt ceiling without also making significant spending cuts would be fiscally irresponsible. Pelosi, however, said today that there’s no reason why a vote to raise the debt limit must be tied to deficit reduction.


Van Hollen suggested Republicans were more concerned with keeping taxes low for corporations than they were with deficit reduction.

“The reality is until our Republican colleagues are more concerned about the need to reduce the deficit than they are worried about what [conservative anti-tax advocate] Grover Norquist will say, we will have a very difficult time,” he said.

The Republicans’ decision to stall the negotiations puts more pressure on Mr. Obama to take responsibility — and possibly the blame — for the hard decisions Washington must make to bring down the deficit. The move also takes some of the pressure off of Cantor and Kyl, leaving House Speaker John Boehner to cut a deal with the president.

Speaking to reporters this afternoon, Democratic Senate Leader Harry Reid lamented that with Kyl and Cantor gone, the negotiations are “in the hands of the speaker, and the president and sadly, probably me.”

Ernie Widdle Ewic Cantaw is stabbing Elmo Boohoo Bronzo the Clown Boehner right in the back, and, once again, Bronzo weeps.  Don’t bother tickling him;  it won’t help.

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17 responses to “Rethugs are just puppets of Americans for Tax Reform

  1. johncerickson

    Wow, Cantor as Ernie in that poster looks like a creepy Stephen Hawking. Kyl looks like he’s been spending too much time around Boehner, and had some of the orange rub off.
    You are truly a very creative person. Only you could turn something as wholesome as Sesame Street into a total “EW!” fest. One of your best yet! 😀

    • glad you like them, john. i’ve been having one of those stick a broom up my ass, and i’ll sweep the floor at the same time days. i didn’t get home until almost 8, and i had only worked on the bert 7 ernie pic, and while i was finishing that and making the other one, i was cooking, doing laundry, and sweeping the floor (don’t ask where the broom was). then i had to chase 3 disgusting palmetto bugs (all at different times) and smush them. icky! icky! icky!

      anyway, glad you like them, john! 🙂

  2. jean-philippe

    Wow, this is some good karma justice this photoshop job… 😀

  3. Republicans being fiscally responsible???!

    Check your history books kids, because that would be something new.

    What a zoo the government is.

    Economists screaming “catastrophe”
    Nancy Pelisi as some kind of school marm keeping the kids in line
    Harry Reid as Eeore
    Cantor having a tantrum & walking out
    Kyl following after Cantor, perhaps because if he stuck around, he might have to do something….

    I give Pelosi credit for at least speaking out about it.
    Big oil (come on who is not pissed off about the prices @ the pump right now? (unless you are an oil baron in which case it’s fat city!).
    And job exporters.
    She failed to mention all the oober wealthy & their tax breaks.

    The dems need to learn how to get people riled. they need angry villagers mad as hell about big oil & job killers after Cantor & Kyl with torches & pitchforks!
    They need to cut out this behind closed door deals.

    Release the hounds on those who are doing the big time corporate give aways/welfare.

    I for one would love to see some ads saying “Mad about big oil getting tax breaks? Contact Eric Cantor & Jon Kyl to complain” give phone, fax & e mail address.

    • “Mad about big oil getting tax breaks? Contact Eric Cantor & Jon Kyl to complain”

      I suspect Obama ordering the release of 30 million barrels of oil was as much about kicking the oil companies and the speculators on the way down as it was about trying to stimulate the economy in the absence of action by Congress and the Federal Reserve. The Republicans didn’t like this action and whined, which just made me think it was a good idea even more.

    • the dems need to learn how to message. instead of all the time wasted hiding out, because they didn’t want to talk about anthony weiner, they should have seized the opportunity and screamed into every available microphone that the press and the rethuglicans should worry more about what the oil companies and the banks are doing, not about anthony weiner. they have to learn to never look defensive.

  4. I know people in the Coffee Party who wonder who made Grover Norquist king of the conservatives. I think he crowned himself. That didn’t work out well for Napoleon.

  5. Geez, that cast of rethugs makes for some butt ugly puppets. Nice metaphor. 🙂

  6. Like the creepy Grover, kind of gives him that Blue Meanie look. No Token? Sure would be nice if all these job creators did something other than foster graft and derision in society. But all this goes way back, as mentioned in The Great Crash, when gopers insisted as late as 1931 that the country would bound back from the emergency as soon as the full effect of prohibition took effect…they really said that! Now we can wait all weekend to se the great shit-fit they will have over the NY vote this afternoon (PST).