From The Miami Herald:

Gov. Rick Scott acknowledged Tuesday what his staff had refused to disclose: He flew to Colorado over the weekend to attend a secretive policy retreat hosted by powerful conservative donors Charles and David Koch.

“It was very interesting,” Scott said. “They wanted basically to know what am I doing in Florida.”

Scott said he gave an overview of his agenda since taking office in January: education and Medicaid reform [translation:  screwing the poor and middle class], tax breaks for businesses [translation:  screwing the poor and middle class], drug-testing welfare recipients [translation:  screwing the poor and making money for Solantic, his urgent care centers that do drug-testing] and overhauling the public employee pension system [translation:  screwing the poor and middle class].


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The billionaire Koch brothers are widely influential in national politics [translation:  screwing the poor and middle class] and helped spur the tea party movement through groups like Americans for Prosperity.

Also attending the retreat near Vail were Republican Govs. Rick Perry of Texas and Bob McDonnell of Virginia. Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli also attended.

A spokesman for Koch Industries, one of the nation’s largest private companies, told the Denver Post on Friday that the purpose of the conference “is to develop support for the kind of free-market policies and initiatives that can get our country back on the path to economic prosperity and sustained job creation.” [translation:  screwing the poor and middle class]


The Koch summit was noticed because McDonnell put it on his schedule last week.


Scott said he found the sessions useful.

“In this job, you’ve got to constantly listen to what other people are thinking.

Is this why he never has any meetings with the public other than the Tea Party?   He has his security detail remove anyone whom they think might dare to ask him a question that he woudn’t like.

The Koch brothers draw fire from Democrats given their clout over conservative policies, and some liberals were staging a protest in Colorado.


[Florida Democratic] Party spokesman Eric Jotkoff used Twitter on Monday to question the governor’s whereabouts.

With confirmation Tuesday, Jotkoff blasted Scott for flying off to “kiss the Koch Brothers’ ring” while wildfires were spreading across the state.


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23 responses to “Kochroaches

  1. kids,
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    • You’ve had the worst luck with Comcast. For what it’s worth, My wife and I had Comcast for maybe three months and had to have two of our converter boxes replaced in that time. We’re now with Direct TV. They have Current TV.

      • one of the reason i’ve stuck with comcast for this long is that it breaks so often that i’m able to call and scream at them enough that they give me free stuff just to shut me up. right now, i have cinemax free. my showtime was free until this month. the real problem is that i don’t trust any of the cable companies. they keep changing the rates and the rules all the time.

  2. johncerickson

    Ew, bummer. Their customer service sucks, but have you looked at DirecTV? Or Dish – I’ve heard their service is better, but they are hideously more expensive than DirecTV (or were, before DirecTV’s latest round of rate hikes). The reliability is very good – occasional brief outages during VERY hard rains, otherwise good. We, personally, are praying for Time-Warner to string cable into our town, but they have yet to even investigate things.
    If there’s anything I can do, let me know. If you can set things up offline, then do a quick Email, I can load stuff for you. Our new service, Omnicity, is a cellphone-like wireless network with no limits – pretty reliable, though it does “hiccup” several times a day for a couple minutes each time.
    Sorry, witty comments fail me. I’ll try again tomorrow. Have a good evening!

    • i’ve looked at both directv and dish, and the reason i won’t go with either is that there are huge trees in my backyard, and i don’t want to pay to trim them. the condo won’t do it. the other thing is that i don’t want to sign a contract with anyone and be obligated for 2 years. plus, i have nightmares of flying satellite dishes in a hurricane.

      i was going to switch to at&t a couple of years ago, but they didn’t show up for the appointment, and i was pissed, so i didn’t reschedule. i did contact them a couple of weeks ago, but i’m still thinking about it. my sister has it, and she’s pretty happy with it. hey, anything has to be better than comcast!

  3. elizabeth3hersh

    Good Gawd, Scott is a dead-ringer for Woody Harrelson in your poster!

    As an aside, Ben Stein was on TV last night strongly advocating a hefty increase of taxes for the wealthy and closing all corporate tax loopholes. If the pain were shared by ALL, I suppose we could move forward with implementing a plan of increasing taxes and decreasing spending.

    • really? i don’t see woody harrelson at all. maybe a psycho mr. clean.

      ben stein said that? 😯 i’m very surprised. i guess some big corporation or think tank forgot to send the check.

      • elizabeth3hersh

        INGRAHAM: “…we were surprised to hear economist Ben Stein apparently agrees with Mr. Obama.”

        BEN STEIN: “We’ve got to raise taxes. There’s just no way around it. The deficit situation is so serious that while I wish we did not have to raise taxes, we just can’t cut spending enough. I wish we could. We can’t. We have to raise taxes. Mr. Obama is going to have to do it. I don’t know if the Republicans in the House will go along with it. If they don’t, there will be a genuine crisis, and I am frankly frightened about it. I’m extremely concerned about it.”

        INGRAHAM: “In a $4 trillion budget, $4 trillion, $14 trillion plus in debt, that’s a drop in a bucket. Don’t we have a spending problem, not a — not a revenue problem at this point?”

        STEIN: “No, $900 and some billion dollars is not a drop in the bucket. It’s a tremendous amount of money, and I am in favor of greatly raising the taxes on very wealthy people, millionaires and billionaires. I wouldn’t raise the taxes on people making $250,000 a year. Look, it’s a basic arithmetic thing; it’s not an ideological thing. We are spending an enormous amount of money that we’re not covering with tax revenue; we’re borrowing it. At some point we’re going to have so much debt that there’s going to be a crisis and there will have to be austerity measures here just as they were in Greece. A simpler way would be tax people who have a great deal of money, tax them more, let them help pay down the debt. Look, if a person is a millionaire or a billionaire…”

        It goes back and forth with Ingraham claiming the rich are already paying the lion’s share and Stein countering with “they’re not paying enough” and : “of course it’s their money, but the Congress has a right to tax it and the president has the right to sign that legislation” and
        “you know very well that if you raise their taxes, if you put a surcharge of 10 percent or 15 percent on their taxes they would still be rich” AND this: “the data is very clear that we had higher rates of economic growth in the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s when we had higher taxes. The era of very low Bush 43 taxes has correlated with a low period in productivity growth and a low period of economic growth. You cannot correlate low taxes with high productivity. It just can’t be done” and finally, “in the entire century, the 20th century when we had very high rates of taxes on the rich. I’m not saying that’s a great idea and I don’t look forward to higher rates of taxes on the rich. But you cannot say that higher rates on the rich are a bad thing in terms of economic growth. That’s just — the data just isn’t there, Laura.”

        Ah, the voice of reason. Thank you Ben Stein.

        • a voice of reason, indeed. now i wonder if he’ll continue to support the rethugs, even though almost every single one of them will not vote for a tax increase, even on millionaires and billionaires.

  4. jeb

    Nonnie, take care of yourself first, we can wait.

    I would disagree with Mr. Jotkoff on one point. I don’t think it was their “ring” that these Rethugs were kissing.

  5. Even the bubbles taste corrupt made me 😆

  6. Poor Colorado…all the cheer and shit must have been sucked out of the state for a time. That happened when Dick Cheney came to Alabama. Ha! These Koch minions make Cheney and the neocons look like they lacked a diabolical enough vision.

  7. Rick Scott has always been a major jerk, but now he;s been assimilated into the Koch Brother’s “Borg”. Resistance is futile!

    Your translations are painfully accurate.

    • in floriduhhh, business is supposed to be conducted “in the sunshine.” people are supposed to have access to what happens in political meetings. why is the criminal sneaking around and having secret meetings?

  8. So the Cock Bros. snap their fingers and they all rush in from across the land as if bowls of dogmeat had been set out! Better hope the wealthy ones don’t get too bored with it all and command them to make a big daisy chain for their amusement. Or better still, play them off each other by whispering to each that a special law has been drafted and passed by the goper legislature that would allow “him” to get the others cash then turn them both loose with socks filled with nickles. Put it on pay-for-view $49.95 ($10 extra for HD)

    • the ironic thing is that the brothers koch would look down on all of them as gutter trash. even though the criminal, rick scott, is filthy rich, he wasn’t born to money like they were, so he’s just riffraff to be used and discarded when no longer useful. can you even imagine the hoity-toity kochs at a barbecue with gov little ricky goodhair?

  9. Brilliant… as usual!

  10. Ah, luv, you are so clever, thanks for all the giggles 🙂