I’m a Yankee Doodle Raisinette!

Have fun and be safe, my dear Raisinettes!


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38 responses to “I’m a Yankee Doodle Raisinette!

  1. Happy 4th Nonnie 🙂

  2. Sara

    Awaiting fireworks in West Palm, Nonnie, which appear in front of my condo’s windows! Watched the entire John Adams series today and realized that the Americans who needed to watch it are the LEAST likely to do so….. but at least I can rant to you and your blog! Thanks for always giving me a laugh or three!

    • happy 4th, sara! i was watching fireworks through my back door as i was eating dinner.

      my best friend got me the john adams series for my bday a few years ago, and i loved it. you’re so right that the people who really need to watch it are the ones who won’t. what i liked best was googling to find out about some of the lesser characters. there was some poetic license, and what was in the series was sometimes less fascinating than the real story. the daughter who had breast cancer really went through hell and back before she died. i had no idea that they even knew about breast cancer back then, let alone that they did mastectomies. anyway, the real story was horrific, and she was a very brave lady.

  3. johncerickson

    I love the date setting on your blog – wishing us a Happy 4th on the 5th of July! I always knew you were ahead of us – just didn’t realise it was exactly 5 hours! 😀
    And a Happy 4th to you and yours as well, Nonnie and everyone else. If there is ANY good to be found in the economic recession, it’s that the rednecks around here don’t have the money to haul in tons noisy stuff. I wouldn’t mind the sky-bursters, but the crap that just goes “bang” I can do without, as can my poor traumatised pets!

    • happy 4th, john! 😀

      the raisin is on greenwich mean time. i always try to post at 8:00 eastern so that the post is as close to midnight gmt as possible.

      my worry is that a lot of municipalities that usually have fireworks displays run by experts and overseen by the fire department will not be able to afford it this year, and a lot of amateurs with no thoughts of safety at all will decide to take matters into their own hands. it might have been cheaper to put on a fireworks display than to pay for the fire damage.

  4. Happy 4th, Nonnie! Mwah! Mwah! and hugs! 😀

  5. jeb

    Happy 4th. Took the two youngest to the local elementry for the big show but they postponed until tomorrow because of a storm moving in.

    • happy 4th, jeb! 😀 i think it rains here every 4th of july, but that never stops the fireworks. it always rains on halloween, too. if it’s a holiday where going outdoors is important, it rains here.

  6. Happy 4th nonnie! I knew you were patriotic. I heard it through the grape vine. 😆 Hahaha!

    • happy 4th, spinny!

      i’m not patriotic, i’m a democrat! ask the rethugs, and they’ll tell you that means that i hate america. 😉

      • Of course. We’re the scourge of the earth, you know. Single-handedly destroying America.

        Hey chickie – I thought you lived in L.A.??

        • i have to confess-i use both hands to destroy america. (if there are any cia or nsa agents reading this, i swear i’m just kidding!!!)

          i’m in floriduhhh. never been to l.a., though my brother lived there for many years.

          • johncerickson

            That’s why I’m around here, Nonnie. If the black helicopters and Suburbans show up anywhere, it’s gonna be in front of my house! 😀

            • one for all, and all for one. if one raisinette goes, they have to take the rest of us. at least we’ll finally have the raisinette convention we’ve been wanting, and it’ll be at government expense! 🙂

  7. Independence….no more godkings…no more religious tyranny…a place where you can have an opinion and not be put to death!..you gotta love it! Even into the time of Lincoln there was ONE other country in the entire world that had our kind of freedom (stamp collectors should know this one). So let us celebrate what has been and will be again the example of civilized democracy we have been for so many oppressed people of the world. And let us pray the propertied gentry and all their torturers go to hell. Ring that Liberty Bell dammit! (the other country is San Marino)

    • i hope the madness that’s enveloped the country lately will pass, and we’ll once again be the example the rest of the world points to as an example of civilized democracy (instead of pointing at us with an entirely different finger).

  8. I always preferred the 5th to the 4th….. fits in a brown paper bag a little easier.

  9. Happy 4th (and 5th)!!

  10. We finished painting our house blue on the 4th, is that patriotic enough?

  11. Happy 4th on the 5th! Thanks for excluding a Republican from the image! Love the raisin’s bow tie.

    • no rethugs to ruin holidays!

      both the raisin and mighty mikk0mouse are natty fellas, and they love to dress up for holidays. raisin will be very happy that you complimented his tie. 😀