Sour Miss Brooks

Note: Right after I finished the post, I read that Rebekah Brooks has resigned. Les Hinton, chief executive of News Corp’s Dow Jones unit has followed suit and resigned as well. All the king’s horseshit and all the king’s men won’t be able to put News Corp together again.

From The New Zealand Herald:

Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, a major shareholder in Rupert Murdoch’s scandal-hit News Corp. organisation, says under-fire executive Rebekah Brooks “had to go”.

“For sure she has to go, you bet she has to go,” News Corp.’s second largest shareholder said of Brooks on BBC’s Newsnight programme.

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Brooks, who is due to face British lawmakers next week over claims that the now defunct News of the World newspaper hacked phones while she was editor, is the chief executive of News International, the British newspaper arm of News Corp.

The phone-hacking scandal escalated after the FBI announced it was to launch an investigation to find out if News Corp. titles hacked into the phones of US citizens.

Murdoch sought to calm shareholders’ fears on Thursday, telling the Wall Street Journal that the damage to News Corp. in Britain was “nothing that will not be recovered”.

Tell that to your daughter, Uncle Rupie.  From The Telegraph:

Rupert Murdoch’s daughter Elisabeth has made a “furious” attack on Rebekah Brooks’s handling of the phone hacking scandal at News International, The Daily Telegraph has learnt.


Miss Murdoch, who is set to be given a seat on the board of her father’s News Corp empire, told friends that Mrs Brooks had “f—– the company”.

Her remarks represent the first breach in the show of solidarity around Mrs Brooks by the Murdoch family.

Rupert Murdoch has voiced his “total” support for Mrs Brooks. Asked by reporters what his top priority was as he flew into London last weekend after the closure of the News of the World, he pointed to Mrs Brooks and replied: “She is.”


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18 responses to “Sour Miss Brooks

  1. johncerickson

    I know you use stock posters, but a patch-cord switchboard AND a reel-to-reel tape recorder? I think I love you! 😉
    Throw a record player (with 78s) and an 8-track player in the background, and you’ll own me heart and soul! 😀
    (Cue the music.) Dumpf. Dumpf. Dumpf. Another one bites the dust, yeah!

    • i thought going retro was in keeping with the title. actually, i like to wax nostalgic, which is why i get a tingle down my leg when i get to use vintage ads.

      by the way, i used to work on a switchboard like that when i was in high school. a lot of girls worked after school at the phone company. the pay was good, but i hated that job.

  2. But the vastness of News Corp’s media holdings are staggering.

    They’re everywhere.

    • yabbut, now they all have to walk on eggshells, because anytime they color even a tiny bit outside the lines, people will pounce on them for being another one of uncle rupie’s lyin’, cheatin’ entities.

  3. elizabeth3hersh

    I’m a sucker for retro too. My prediction is that she will get an even better job…that’s just how the press works.

    “There is only one thing worse than being talked about and that is NOT being talked about.” – Oscar Wilde

    So, all publicity is good publicity. That is especially how it works in my old stomping grounds South Florida. Throw in a few indictments and a lot of press coverage and you are GUARANTEED to get re-elected (usually by a landslide).

    P.S. I think you are in SoFL nonnie (?)…I was even further south…the part that Tallahassee wants to saw off and allow to float out to sea. I passionately miss Miami.

    • i don’t think she’ll work in the media again, unless she starts a blog or if uncle rupie finances something for her somewhere. she’s toxic. she’s got an anger-management problem (she was arrested for domestic violence), and her employees hate her guts. they put all kinds of nasty things about her in the crossword puzzle in the last issue of news of the world. i’m pretty sure she doesn’t want any media attention at all. she could go to jail. i hope she does. it would be one thing if it was just a matter of some nasty stories about some celebrity, but they didn’t just cross the line but vaulted over it when they deleted messages on a murdered girl’s telephone. it wouldn’t matter if it was just about some sleazy politician, but rebekah brooks called gordon brown to tell him that, despite his protestations, they were going to report that his newborn son has cystic fibrosis. i don’t like gordon brown, but i’m sympathetic toward him now.

      i’m in the ft lauderdale area. i used to live in miami, but i don’t miss it in the least bit. i don’t think i’d miss ft lauderdale either if i moved somewhere else.

      • It could be worse, it could be Tampa St. Pete, at least according to this story.

        Tea party members tackle a new issue: manatees

        I blogged about this story, but the real fun commentary is over at Wonkette.

        As for the poster, “That’s one ringy-dingy…” Yes, Ernestine, Ms. Brooks certainly is.

        • i used to do a dead-on ernestine impression many moons ago. my sister had me call her ex-boyfriend and tell him i was with the phone company. i did it all as ernestine, and he was so stoned, he never caught on. it was hilarious.

          if the teabaggers hate nature so much, i invite them to my city. i got a robo-call this afternoon to tell me that one of the wells the city uses for water tested positive for e-coli. we have to boil our water for at least a minute. i made an unscheduled stop at the supermarket, and luckily, they had just gotten a shipment of water. i got 8 gallons. i figure that, even if i don’t use it, i’ve got a head start on hurricane season. i’m sure the teabaggers would have been fine with no testing of the water by the city. after all, that’s so socialist.

  4. maggiejean

    you have outdone yourself nonnie. I love it.

    • sometimes i wonder if people can look at a poster and know if i had fun making it or not. this is one that i really had fun with. so happy to see you here, maggiejean! 🙂

  5. Ashes, ashes they all fall down.

    I’m liking this domino effect.
    Murdock has built up this media empire…. w the sleeze factor, nowhere to go but down.

    • i’m liking that the old man’s dreams of taking over bskyb, and his evil plan to take over the world is circling the drain. i’m glad it happened when he’s too old to turn things around. i just hope he knows how despised he really is.

  6. Good one! ,but the title dates you my dear. We call it the Eve Arden Effect. No one can keep up with the pace of MurdochCorp unravelling and he will lose control of Fox and WSJ anytime. Soon will come the day when Roger Ailes loses his platoon of hired gun bodyguards and has to deal with real life. Just imagine a scene where a UPS man of swarthy completion runs up to him an thrust forward an unknown box (hopefully full of wound-up alarm clocks) into his face..he will drop dead of a heart attack, especially if the guy is even borderline nancy.

    • my mom used to tell me about eve arden when i was just a wee tot. 😉 i think uncle rupie will be retiring very, very soon. he might start up a little company somewhere as a hobby, but his days of being puppetmaster are over.

      i have some old alarm clocks. what did you say was roger ailes’s address?

  7. jeb

    Miss Murdoch, who is set to be given a seat on the board of her father’s News Corp empire, told friends that Mrs Brooks had “f—– the company”.

    Really? Was it only the company?

    • that’s what i’m wondering. read her wiki entry. she started as a secretary, and she worked her way up from there. no degree in journalism. everything she covered was unseemly and smelled bad. i guess those are the requirements to get ahead in any of uncle rupie’s endeavors. still, why is uncle rupie so devoted to her? maybe wendi paid her to take over the marital duties that she could no longer stand to do.

  8. ARRESTED! Hahahahahahahaha! It’s going to be fun watching her rat out James & Rupie.
    Great pic nonnie!