And it’s 1, 2, 3 strikes, your drought!

Here we go again. Remember back in 2007 when then-Governor of Georgia, Sonny Rainman Perdue, when faced with the worst drought in 100 years, came up with a logical solution? That’s right, he held a public prayer vigil. How about when, also in 2007, then-Governor of Alabama, Bob Riley, actually issued a “Pray for Rain” proclamation in his “Curse Drought” campaign? Well, those crazy Rethuglican kids are at it again! From Salon:

Trend alert! In the face of devastating natural disasters, Republican governors around the country are increasingly asking constituents to join in prayer to God to solve their states’ intractable problems.

The latest example is Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin, who, in response to a brutal heat wave that has contributed to over one hundred wildfires, asked Oklahomans to collectively pray for rain on Sunday.

To the tune of Who’ll Stop the Rain, written by John Fogerty, as performed by Creedence Clearwater Revival:

♪ ♫

A natural disaster, drives a lot of folks insane,
They drop to their knees faster, yeah, that old trick again,
The rainman down in Georgia, ex-Governor Perdue,
In aught 7, he looked to heaven, not one drop of dew.


Original DVD cover

Down in Oklahoma, the land is mighty dry,
You don’t need a diploma, to try and figure why,
It hasn’t rained in ages, at least last time I checked,
So Mary’s sayin’, please start prayin’, let’s genuflect.


Meanwhile, down in Texas, the drought is everywhere,
So the governor is prayin’, (when not grooming his hair,)
It’s a good thing Little Ricky, has a hotline to the Lord,
Don’t knuckle under, pray for thunder, rain’s our reward.

Back to the Salon article:

Secretary of Agriculture Jim Reese said he appreciated the governor’s call for prayer and would be saying his own this Sunday.


(The forecast today in Oklahoma City is 103° and sunny.)

Fallin’s request comes a few months after Texas Gov. Rick Perry declared three days of prayer for rain to break a historic drought. As we’ve previously noted, the prayer did not work — several weeks after the effort, the entire state of Texas was declared a natural disaster area by the U.S. Agriculture Department.

That didn’t stop Perry from telling evangelicals in May that, in response to taxes and over-regulation and the country’s other problems, “it’s time for us to just hand it over to God and say, ‘God, You’re going to have to fix this.'”

[L]ast year, with the BP oil spill befouling the Gulf and the Louisiana coastline, Gov. Bobby Jindal designated June 27 a “Statewide Day of Prayer” […]


The previous week a Republican state senator noted in a similar resolution, “Thus far the efforts made by mortals to try to solve the crisis have been to no avail. It is clearly time for a miracle for us.” For the record, the relief well that ended the crisis was not completed until September.


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40 responses to “And it’s 1, 2, 3 strikes, your drought!

  1. johncerickson

    Oh Darlin’, iffin I hads me a hose long enough (GARDEN hose, ya perverts!), I’d hook up my 2 dehumidifiers and send ’em enough water to green the Sahara! I’m getting about 8 gallons A DAY from the dehumidifiers in the house – and that ain’t countin’ what the A/C units are spitting onto the ground (I am collecting from one of them, and getting about 3/4 gallon a day from it). We have flowers, a few veggies, and some trees I’m growing for shade, and I haven’t used the hose to water them since May! And we have 2-3 more days to go before we hit the hottest and most humid day, before temps (and especially humidity) are expected to drop.
    (Notice I took the high ground, and ignored the “prayer brigade”. I COULD have pointed out that since they asked for devotions, and got bupkiss, than none of them….. are you ready? …. HAVE A PRAYER! [Rimshot!] )
    Thank you, and have a good evening! 😀

    • it’s like walking into a blast furnace when you outside here, and it’s been raining for days and days and days. if you could capture all the humidity in the air and use it for energy, we could power the world.

  2. jeb

    Rain rain, go away…. Oops wrong one and that isn’t really a prayer. I hope they get rain soon

  3. jean-philippe

    Poor God… He has to find time to help Bachmann’s clients to get straight while helping people instead of the governors… elected to do just that…

  4. Instead of praying for rain maybe they should be praying for public officials who believe in climate change.

    (nonnie, pardon the redundancy of my recent comments, just got back from vacation & hadn’t caught up with all your posts)

    • amen! (irony intentional) 😉

      edgileh, there is no need to apologize. i hadn’t even noticed that your comments are redundant. i enjoy reading what you have to say.

  5. Funny all that rain praying don’t seem to work so well.
    About as good is taking a long stick and shoving it towards the clouds.

    In CA, the Hard Right Republican Tom McClintock (with other almost as far gone, I mean Right) have started a water war out here. Taking From NORCAL to give to farmers and SOCAL. Tom’s last hearing was a fiasco. We got no drought now, but the nutty right still got some crazy water wants.

    • hi curtis! long time, no see.

      these idiots will continue with the praying until it finally rains so they can claim victory. it doesn’t matter if it takes days, weeks, or months, or if everything around them is devasted beyond repair because of the drought. the really, really sad thing is that there are people who will shout hallelujah for their successful efforts and cite them as proof that prayer works.

      • Oh, just quiet. Surgery on hands and fingers last week. Get the stitches out tomorrow. I am a daily reader just quiet, like I said. This fake bill the tea baggers got passed tonight surly will give you more material. Be good, stay safe, and fight the good fight.

    • My ex-girlfriend was from northern California, while I was born in southern California. Even though we met long after we had both moved away from the Golden State, whenever she wanted to push my buttons, she would complain about how southern California stole northern California’s water. That’s how deep that fight goes.

  6. Thanks for the laughs. I had a really shitty day.
    Let’s say an actual kitchen faucet trickle issue…. sure I’ll wait more than 10 minutes for the sink to fill with water.
    An effing plumber jacked around with it for an hour & pressure was fine with the faucet off, but put it back together & the same trickle crapola.
    So we decide to just replace the damned faucet.
    The plumber comes back w a faucet that does not work with all the different adapters the effing water filter thing takes.

    There’s 2 hours of my life I’ll never get back.
    So I turned my wrath on the mfr– Moen & I chatted today.
    I was moanin @ Moen.
    They will send me some damned diffuser replacement.
    I want a faucet that does not have that design because *it sucks*.

    Not a full on drought, but trickle down flow sucks.
    Then it rained.
    Then I got my rejection notice for a promotion.

    • i never knew that thing was called a diffuser, but i’ve learned to check that first when there’s a problem with the water flow. we all know that trickle-down never works. 😉

      so sorry about the promotion, fran. keep trying. maybe that job wasn’t a good fit, but the next one might be.

      • diffuser, diverter…. is is some new deep down in the innards new design gizmo that essentially restricts the flow of the water & can get clogged & is uncleanable. The part must be replaced.


        It has a lifetime warranty, so all I have to do is call the 800 number, hold for 5 minutes, explain the sordid story to the rep & they will send me the replacement part. Oh they asked me to send photos of the faucet too, since I did not have the model #.

        Good times!

        • johncerickson

          Fran – Is the diffuser a little part right at the output end of the faucet nozzle, like some kind of mesh over the opening? If you’re not worried about warranties, you can always poke it out with a screwdriver, or clean it all out of the way with a little Dremel Moto-Tool grinder. Some of them even unscrew, so you can just take them off with a pair of pliers or a small pipe wrench. Just some ideas for an easier (less hard?) way out….

        • i thought the diffuser was the thing on the end of the faucet. i guess you have more than one.

  7. The hardcore thumpers should pray for that latter day rain they speak so much of. Or better still, mover the elections up to 8/11 and we can collect all those shed tears when the teabaggers go to the compost heap of life. Now Perry needs to get Grover to draw up a demand document to the almighty and get all the gopers to sign it, demand rain and more tax cuts for the job creators. And if the heavenly faction denies these demands, just let it be known throughout the universe and time continueums, that Norquist will be cross. Oh noes!

    • stellar ideas, jerry, from watering the teabaggers’ campaigns with their own tears to a pledge to force the big guy upstairs and mother nature to turn on the faucet whenever a teabagger says to do so.

      p.s. it poured here today!

  8. Snoring Dog Studio

    I hope they get the rain. And one nicely directed, on target lightning bolt.

  9. In 1948 the Boston Braves had the slogan “Spahn and Sain and Pray for Rain” and in Baseball this was a reasonable plan for victory…

    Now we have the Insane Pray for Rain and Don’t You Mention Global Climate Change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • johncerickson

      Aw c’mon, Gene, don’t you know global warming is a figment of the imagination? We had 101 such figments on Friday, 99 of ’em yesterday, and 96 of ’em so far today. See? Just a bunch of figments!
      (Me personally, I think it’s just exhaust from DC – the more the politicians posture, the warmer it seems to get. God save us from a GOP victory! 😉 )

      • yeah, that gallon of sweat pouring off me every time i walk outside is just a figment of my imagination. i imagine really well, because everyone else around me seems to be sweating, too.

    • hi gene! nice to see you again. i would have answered you earlier, but i’ve been praying that dinner would magically appear without me having to cook it. so far, no food, and i’m starving. i guess the big guy upstairs is too busy working on that rain. 😉