Cold-Blooded Murdoch

From The Telegraph:

Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News television channel had a “black ops” department that may have illegally hacked private telephone records, a former executive for the station has alleged.

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Dan Cooper, who helped launch Fox News as managing editor in 1996, said that a “brain room” carried out “counter intelligence” on the channel’s enemies from its New York headquarters.

He was threatened after it found out he spoke to a reporter, he claimed.

Another former senior executive said the channel ran a spying network on staff, reading their emails and making them “feel they were being watched”.


Mr Cooper, who left Fox News soon after its launch, provided a quote for a 1997 article about Roger Ailes, Fox News’s president, by the journalist David Brock in New York magazine.

The quote was not going to be attributed to him, but he alleges that before the article was published, Mr Cooper’s agent received a telephone call from Mr Ailes threatening to withdraw Fox’s business from all his clients.

“There are only two possible ways Ailes found out,” Mr Cooper said. “Either Brock told him or they got hold of Brock’s phone records and saw I spoke to him.”

He first alleged that the records were obtained by researchers in the “brain room” in 2005 in an article on his website about the launch of the channel.


Another former Fox News senior executive, who did not wish to be named, said staff were forced to operate under conditions reminiscent of “Russia at the height of the Soviet era”.

“There is a paranoid atmosphere and they feel they are being watched,” said the former executive. “I have no doubt they are spying on emails to ensure no one is leaking to outside media.

“There is a unit of spies that reports up to the boss about who was talking to whom. A lot of people are scared that they’re going to get sidelined or even that they’re going to get killed.”

From Show Tracker at the Los Angeles Times:

Tuesday’s late-night television was unusually buzzworthy […but] the real story of the day was News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch’s doddering testimony before a Parliamentary committee–and the juvenile shaving cream-throwing incident that disrupted it. As he often is, Jon Stewart was there to point out what he sees as the hypocrisy and general malfeasance at Fox News. Stewart began by reminding viewers of the magnitude of the ever-widening hacking-and-bribery scandal, which so far has led to the resignation of London’s top two policemen, and the arrests of former News of the World editor and Conservative party spokesman Andy Coulson as well as Rebekah Brooks, who until Friday ran News Corp.’s British operations. As if that weren’t enough, Sean Hoare, the reporter who first blew the whistle on the hacking at News of the World, was found dead on Monday.


Stewart then turned his satirical gaze to his favorite target, Fox News–which is a subsidiary of News Corp. He claimed that the network “has been reticent to dumpster-dive into any aspect of the story other than their sheer disappointment at their competitors’ behavior,” then cut to a montage of Fox News personalities accusing the “left-wing” media of ganging up on Murdoch.


“This overreaction to what is, at most, an epic bribery and influence-peddling scandal consuming Britain’s political law enforcement and journalistic establishment is really a waste of everyone’s time,” he declared sarcastically.

The real reason Fox News and other News Corp. outlets are upset, according to Stewart, is that they are missing out on the fun. “Imagine the frustration the punmasters over there must be feeling. They’re missing out on the chance to shame a high-profile media mogul, make nasty insinuations about his second-in-command, indulge in puns about her personal appearance. And the death of a whistleblower? Right, I mean, it’s easy,” he said, as pun-filled fake headlines (“Ginger Snaps!”, “Hackery, Dickery, ‘Doch”, “News Corpse”) flashed across the screen.

Almost makes you feel sorry for them…almost.

(Watch The Daily Show video at the Los Angeles Times link)


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30 responses to “Cold-Blooded Murdoch

  1. Oh my … the hole is getting deeper and deeper. Love the Fox & Friends on the tube!

  2. Perfect cover!!!! 😆

    Wonder if Murdoch has a pref on which continent he’d like his butt vandalized by inmates.

    • i was so excited when i saw this cover. uncle rupie looks so natural with a razor in his hand.

      • maggiejean

        It’s a perfect cover. He was thrown a pie and he bakes pies out of human flesh. I’m still enjoying the squirming.

        • thanks, maggiejean! 🙂 as soon as i saw the dvd cover, i knew who had to have the starring role. then there was nothing left to do but have fun thinking of stuff to put in it.

  3. jeb

    If Fux were truly fair and balanced, they’d give us Glenn Blech and his chalkboard to connect the dots on this ever widening web. Of course, he’d probably link it all back to George Soros and Obama but it would be fun to watch.

    • the most fun would be how, though it’s obama and george soros’s fault, he shows us how it all started under bill clinton or jimmy carter.

      • jeb

        In Blech’s wonderful world of paranoia, I believe that eventually all roads lead back to Woodrow Wilson. Not because he know’s who Wilson was, but because someone told him that it sounds smart.

  4. johncerickson

    I just loved Stewart’s non-stop zinging of Fox and their weak coverage. And he’s dead on – you KNOW the Fox hacks would tear into this if it was MSNBC or CNN or any of the Tribune empire. It’s so funny to watch them sit and stew!

    • what’s truly hilarious is douchey complaining that the other networks aren’t covering other important stories. 😆 how much time did faux spend on npr, anna nicole smith, and casey anthony?

    • But it happened in London, so it doesn’t matter. I loved the Fox & Friends outrage: they’re spending all this time on something that happened IN LONDON!

      • hello eurobrat,

        welcome to the raisin! 😀

        i admit that i never watch f&f, but i saw the clip of douchey with the pr guy prattling on about how hacking is the story, not uncle rupie or news corp. they’ll twist themselves into pretzels to try to exonerate the boss, but it won’t work on anyone who isn’t already brainwashed by faux news.

        by the way, wasn’t there a lot of coverage of a recent wedding? what city did that take place in? i forget. 😉

        hope you’ll stop by and comment again soon, eurobrat. 🙂

  5. I woke up to Prime Minister’s Question time on MSNBC this morning. It was all about this scandal and it was so riveting that I didn’t mind losing sleep because of it.

    As for Uncle Rupie, I’m surprised he did such a good Sgt. Schultz impression.

    • i was hoping one of the channels would replay question time. i didn’t see it, but i’d love to. i’d also like to see rebekah brooks’s testimony.

      • Friend of the court

        quick recap; “had no idea until i saw it on the news”, “everybody does it”, and “can not comment about an on going investigation”. very Alberto G.

        • thanks, fotc. i was able to see uncle rupie and jamesy wamesy, but i only saw medusa…i mean rebekah’s hairfelt…i mean, heartfelt apology. i think they were all coached to say the same thing. ooh, that gives me an idea for a poster! 🙂

  6. In the end, this story will be so much bigger than the Watergate fiasco. When Rupie and friends get put in the toaster, set to dark. Sometimes Cspan will replay q/t, which reminds me of a great satire from The Two Ronnies-Ronnie Barker doing the regular news segment: “Today in central London a van carrying a mentally disturbed man to an asylum broke down. The deranged man escaped and ran into the Parliment building during Prime Ministers Question Time. It took police an hour and a half to locate him”.

    • 😆 i just watched the repeated question time (that always sounds like something they have in elementary school, like show & tell), so i appreciate the image of not being able to find an insane man very quickly. david cameron came off as a real dick. he’s hiding something, and i can’t wait for it to come out. why did he refuse to name the firm that vetted andy coulson, and why is an outside firm doing the vetting? why isn’t that a function of the government and scotland yard? there is going to be so much shit hitting so many fans that watergate will look like kid stuff in comparison.

  7. Snoring Dog Studio

    I just love how Murd is throwing everyone else under the bus in an attempt to steer clear of the scandal. His son better watch out. He might be next in line after Murd’s mom and dog.

    • ironic how uncle rupie bitches about the unwashed masses employed by him having no sense of loyalty to him and the corporation, but he doesn’t have a bus big enough to throw them all under. i think jamesy wamesy is going to be arrested. he doesn’t seem smart enough to talk his way out of what he knows he did. even if he doesn’t go to jail, i don’t see stockholders putting a lot of faith in him and allowing him to stay in any important position at news corp.

  8. “Hackery, Dickery, ‘Doch”, “News Corpse” flashed across the screen.
    Hilarious! Murdoch IS Dr. Evil.
    What a crazy story this is unfolding.
    The whistleblower turning up dead says it all. I saw a headline saying “nothing suspicious about the (whistleblower) death”

    Yea right!

    • it’s quite possible the whistleblower died of natural causes or overdosed, but it doesn’t really matter (except to his family and friends). the fact that he died looks bad for uncle rupie. news corps already looked like organized crime, and a dead body adds to that perception. all those editors who skewed stories in order to get the reaction they wanted should understand all about perception. oh, irony, you crack me up! 😆

  9. The cover was definitely awesome and so fitting. And this is frightening as hell

    Another former Fox News senior executive, who did not wish to be named, said staff were forced to operate under conditions reminiscent of “Russia at the height of the Soviet era”.

    But I guess they brought it on themselves to work for the KGB

  10. Just thought I drop by. BTW the Bachmann one is funny.

    • what a nice surprise, kid funkadelic! welcome to the raisin! 😀

      there are tons of botox batshit bachmann posters. she’s one of my muses. 😉

      thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. hope to see you again soon.

      p.s. i liked your cartoon. 🙂