Liar, Liar, Knickers on Fire!

From AFP:

LONDON — Pressure intensified on Rupert Murdoch’s media empire Friday after his son James was accused of misleading British MPs, as rival newspapers became embroiled in the phone-hacking scandal.


Prime Minister David Cameron is also facing the worst crisis since he took office last year, amid questions over talks he had on Murdoch’s failed bid for pay-TV giant BSkyB and his hiring of an ex-Murdoch editor as his media chief.

James Murdoch was accused of lying to British MPs this week when he said he he had not seen an internal email which suggested hacking at the tabloid was widespread before authorising a settlement.

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Colin Myler, the newspaper’s former editor and Tom Crone, who resigned last week as legal manager for the Murdoch media empire’s British publishing arm News International, issued a statement saying they had shown him the message before he authorised a key payout to a victim.


Wary of accusations that he was paying victims to keep quiet, James Murdoch said in a statement: “I stand by my testimony to the Select Committee.”

BBC’s Newsnight programme on Thursday reported that the phones of the lawyers of three victims, including murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler, had been hacked as recently as December last year.


[Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg] said Cameron, a Conservative, had been “very categorical that no inappropriate discussions took place” with Murdoch’s aides over the bid for full control of BSkyB, which collapsed earlier this month.

Opponents have seized on Cameron’s comments in parliament on Wednesday as an admission that he did have conversations of some kind with Murdoch’s lieutenants over the deal.

Other media groups are now in the spotlight after Britain’s Information Commissioner’s Office said police had requested files from a 2006 inquiry into the use of private investigators by newspapers.

That inquiry found that the Daily Mail made 952 requests to private detectives for confidential details; The People made 802 requests, the Daily Mirror 681 and The Mail on Sunday 266. The News of the World was in fifth place with 228.


A spokesman for the Daily Mail told AFP that Associated Newspapers, the paper’s publisher, “banned the use of such agents” after the 2006 report.

The News of the World’s former royal editor Clive Goodman and a private investigator, Glenn Mulcaire, were jailed in 2007 for phone hacking but despite mounting evidence the practice was widespread, London police did not reopen their investigation until January.

News International tabloid The Sun on Thursday fired features editor Matt Nixson due to allegations related to phone hacking during his time as a reporter at the News of the World, the company said in a statement.

Police have arrested, questioned and then released 10 people over the affair.

They include Andy Coulson, a former News of the World editor who quit in 2007 and months later become Cameron’s communications chief. Coulson resigned from Cameron’s Downing Street office in January.

Cameron told an emergency parliamentary session on Wednesday that “with 20-20 hindsight” he would not have hired Coulson.

But there was more trouble Thursday amid reports that Coulson did not have the highest level of security vetting before taking up his Downing Street job, raising questions about whether there were doubts over his appointment.

Coulson’s former deputy at the News of the World, Neil Wallis, was previously the editor of The People, one of the papers named in the report on the use of investigators.

Wallis was arrested earlier this month but in another twist it emerged that he had been employed by the police in 2009-10 — a revelation which forced Scotland Yard chief Paul Stephenson and top police officer John Yates to resign.


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20 responses to “Liar, Liar, Knickers on Fire!

  1. jean-philippe

    I think it’s time one Murdoch states “I want my life back”

  2. jeb

    I watched the coverage on The Daily Show the other night and saw that clip from 2009 where ass-kissing Stuart Varney asked Murdoch about phone hacking and Rupie cut him off to which the Fux Toady replied “Anything you say Mr. Chairman” and then attempted to place his whole big melon-head up the chairman’s ass.

  3. johncerickson

    I’m a little disappointed in the poster. I was waiting for something from “Rumpole of the Bailey”, with an appropriate modification to something on the order of “Bunghole of the Jamie”, or something along those lines. 😉
    I loved watching Stewart’s reaction to the House of Commons kerfuffle between Cameron and the Labour folk – including the lady from Wales, Ann Clwyd. (How do you pronounce THAT Scrabble winner? Never mind!)
    I can’t wait to see what happens next. This is the first episodic bit of entertainment I’ve watched since Babylon 5!

    • sorry that you’re disappointed john. 😥 when it gets near the weekend, i have tons of stuff to do, so i have to do the posters in a hurry. i was very excited to see that there is a series of movies called the murdoch mysteries. quite a time-saver for me! i’ll try to do better in the future. 😉

    • johncerickson

      Aw, come on, don’t be sad. Your wonderful creativity could NEVER truly disappoint! Besides, I have to remember that not EVERYONE has followed British television over the past 40 years, chasing Doctor Who and other various programs! 😀

      • i used to love british tv. there were 2 shows in particular that i remember. one was doctor in the house. i don’t remember a lot, but i had a crush on duncan. the other was ‘allo ‘allo. again, i don’t remember a lot of details, just that it was hilarious.

  4. Love the Pinocchio pin!

  5. Pinocchio would be ashamed to be on the lapel of such a transparent liar.

  6. Maybe in the next inquiry the sprog won’t say “that’s a good question” so much. The news from Norway is so depressing, could be the largest mass murder of all time by an individual.

    • the news from norway is horrible. the police are saying it was a right-wing extremist who committed the murders. what is it with rightwingers? they think every problem can be solved with bullets.

  7. All this AND the whistleblower is dead. You could not even make something like this up. This is turning into Media Maffia. I can almost hear *The Godfather* theme music playing in the distance.

    • it really is a gangster/mafia movie in real life. the only difference is the accent. there’s hush money, paying for protection (using news coverage and access as the currency), bribery, extortion (ruining the careers of anyone who dares to out them as the criminal enterprise they are), and now a dead whistleblower. as i’ve said before, sean hoare’s death might have been natural or not at all suspicious, but it doesn’t matter. it plays so well into the picture of the criminal narrative that no matter what explanations and how many assurances are given, his death is already firmly implanted in the conspiracy theory column. the big story here isn’t really uncle rupie. he and his minions are just the catalysts. the big story is that there is now undeniable proof that the media, politicians, and even the police cannot be trusted. it’s a shame that there are a lot of people in those professions who are honest and hard-working and play by the rules. uncle rupie and his buddies have tainted them all, and they should be supremely pissed off.

  8. note from nonnie: hemp, i don’t know why you copied and pasted the entire article i cited, but i’ll assume there was something i left out that you deemed important. that’s always the case. i try to stress the most important parts and hope that the narrative is not too choppy. i always include a link to the original article so the raisinettes can read the entire thing. i worry about copyright infringement, so i hope you won’t be angry that i edited your comment. 🙂