Stoopid Warmed Over


The heat wave now battering much of the nation is centered on Oklahoma, where record heat and drought have crippled the state for the entire summer. With August on the way, there is no end in sight. The prolonged heat — Oklahoma City has been above 100°F for 30 days this summer — has probably killed over a dozen Oklahoma residents […]


The oil-rich state is also the epicenter of global warming denial, led by its senior U.S. Senator, Jim Inhofe (R-OK). The oil-funded senator has a long history of finding humor in the misery caused by extreme weather disturbed by greenhouse pollution, including the record snowstorms of this winter. This deadly heat wave is no exception. In a tweet on Thursday, Inhofe’s press office mocked the killer heat, arguing that Al Gore could cool it off:

heatOriginal DVD cover


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35 responses to “Stoopid Warmed Over

  1. Today, the jerks and bad people have me weary.

  2. I didn’t have to wait long for something to include in Silly Sustainability Saturday this week. You just provided it to me. Thank you!

  3. Does Al Gore have cooling powers that I don’t know about? I mean, what the heck are they even talking about? I don’t get the joke.

    Besides the fact that I don’t find droughts and deadly heat waves funny.

    • well, you see, wken, al gore invented climate change, so he can invent the opposite, and we’ll all have balmy skies all year long.

      how stupid is it to belittle the deaths of people in one’s own state? how stupid is it that people will vote for a moron who belittles the deaths of people in one’s own state?

  4. The longer the loony right clings to global-warming denialism, the better.

    I’ve thought for a long time that they were setting a trap for themselves, because eventually the effects of global warming will become unmistakable within the US, not just in places like the Arctic where few people live and it’s easier to lie about what’s happening.

    By that time, the right wing will be so firmly identified with denialism, which will have become an untenable position, that it will be completely discredited.

    This heat wave makes me think that trap is going to snap shut a lot sooner than I expected. Not this year — the part of the public which has embraced denialism will still manage to cling to it through one anomalous heat wave. But after two or three?

    Politicians like Inhofe may even realize this on some level, but they’ve painted themselves into a corner. “M for Moron” is right.

    • what gets me is their arrogance. is it that they’re are so convinced that the rapture is coming that preserving the earth for future generations is meaningless, or are they just so selfish they don’t give a shit? i think it’s the latter. they care only for keeping their campaign coffers full and for the cushy jobs they’ll get when they leave political office.

  5. The wit & wisdom of Dummkopf Inhofe, a slender volume subtitled :”Stop Your Whining or I’ll Land My Plane on Your Head”

    • yeah, imbecile inhofe just can’t help displaying his total contempt for anyone’s life other than his own.

      • Sara

        nonnie, that’s what makes me speechless. why say anything? to twit something so incredibly stupid, thereby reminding everyone what a horse’s ass you are. except his press person did it. that will be his explanation. or he didn’t mean anything factual by it.

  6. Way to go (wrong) Senator.

    I notice Inhofe is on the ALEC alumni list. Figures.

  7. jeb

    Oil and water don’t mix, neither apparently do oil and common sense.

  8. maggiejean

    It just amazes me what some people will do for money — like destroy the planet. Actually, the planet will survive, it’s the creatures on the planet who will not survive.

  9. As Paul Simon sang in Paranoia Blues- “I just got out in the nick of time”….my last year in Texas saw a 12″ heavy wet snow on Xmas (it never snows at Xmas) and the end of September, when loading up, we had 10” rainfall in one day (never happened before). And now the state is slowly dying from the mighty drought and unbearable heat, one of the main reasons I left. That and over-urbanization. Sure, it warms up here in the foothills but cools off nicely when the sun goes away, usually 60, maybe 55 at night. I can live again! Would never consider going back to live in that furnace. And Inhofe: go bite the green weenie.

    • i’m so jealous. it doesn’t cool off here, even at night. it’s just as muggy at night as it is during the day. right now, there’s thunder in the distance, and i have no tv at all. if a dog spits, comcast’s service craps out.

  10. jeb

    This reminded me of the smack down of Inhofe by Sen. Boxer

  11. Snoring Dog Studio

    He’s sitting in some air conditioned mansion, like a lot of the deniers, enjoying the benefits of not having to worry about the little people burning up across the nation.

  12. It’s a dry stupidity.

  13. If he lives in OKC, then he and his relatives pump oil from their own front yards. Its a big business down there. And anybody can do it.

  14. I still think the major component in global warming is the exhaust of Congress…..
    Living on a borrowed laptop, hope to be up regularly by Wednesday. Enjoy the silence! 😀

    • oh no! not silence! 😯 like i told jerry, i have no tv, and the silence is killing me!

      • Oh noes! When I arrived out here and had no cable or intertubes, it took me all of two minutes to locate a classical station even better than my beloved WRR-Dallas…..Capital Public Radio (can stream at It’s swell! One can only listen to so much rock-n-roll. Must be all those years in band and orchestra.

        • i survived. i listened to the oldies station while i ate dinner, and then i watched a dvd of the office while i was on the treadmill. the tv finally came back on (only to crap out twice more later on, but for just a few minutes each time).

          • I knew you could do it. By the way, that DOT ORG (non-profit) my mistake.

            • no worries. i actually listen to very little music. i usually only listen to the radio in the car, and when i do, i like the oldies stations. i really should listen more often, because it gets me up and moving instead of sitting at this damned desk.