Who’s the Boss?

From Alex Pareene at Salon:

A lot of people were alarmed Monday — with good reason — to learn that the House Republicans were relying on radio entertainer Rush Limbaugh and vile blogger Erick Erickson to tell them what to do about this whole debt ceiling thing. As everyone in Washington went into separate rooms to write their own horrible debt ceiling plans […], Erickson reported that he’s been taking “call after call” from unnamed “members of the United States Congress,” all of whom were seeking his approval, because this dumb, disingenuous hack is who the Republican Party is actually accountable to.

Meanwhile, John Boehner, the speaker of the House, gave his five-step “two-step” plan to famous shouty radio guy Rush Limbaugh, before he showed it to his own conference. (Of course, his conference is full of morons and extremists, many of whom wouldn’t have known what to think about Boehner’s plan until Uncle Rush explained it, so this was more shrewd than disrespectful.)

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People like Erick and Rush were supposed to exist to keep the rubes occupied while the grown-ups sat down with various monied interests to design policy around what was best for oil companies and defense contractors. They are not supposed to be where the GOP base and congressional leadership get their political information and strategy.

But! But but but. Do you know what actually made me get a bit sputtery with rage yesterday? It was not this “Republicans cannot figure out how to tie their shoes without an asinine TV pundit and Clinton talk radio relic telling them it’s OK” business. I expect as much from the modern GOP. It was this Tweet, from Dave Weigel, that set my teeth on edge:

Ominous elevator chatter in Capitol today: “Did you read what Friedman wrote about whether we need a third party?”

Because yes, of course, Thomas Friedman is who the “sensible” ones are listening to.

Thomas Friedman, riding in, with Michael Bloomberg in tow, from Aspen, on the winged stallion of radical centrism, inventing a plan to fix ALL OUR PROBLEMS by misidentifying them and making the actual problems worse. Thomas Friedman’s Sunday column was dumber, somehow, than the last 1,500 identical columns he’s written on the same subject. Faced with a legislative system with too many veto points and a polarized national electorate regularly splitting their votes between the right-wing party and the incoherent party of “everyone else,” Friedman suggests that we elect a third-party president via Web poll. Yes!!! THAT WILL SOLVE EVERYTHING.


Right now you have a situation where the rank-and-file Republicans are listening to irresponsible extremists and the “serious” “grown-ups” hammering out “responsible” plans are listening to simple-minded dolts, like Thomas Friedman, with absolutely no understanding of how politics work.

I honestly do not know which one is worse. Friedman, probably, because at least Rush Limbaugh understands how to work to get his intended policy result enacted. His taxes have certainly gone down, as he’s gotten richer, since he started his talk radio racket. Friedman seems to think the problem with his “moderate politics of a center-left rich guy” platform is that there isn’t a party for it. Mr. Friedman, meet President Obama, of the Democratic Party! I know you hate partisanship, but that is the method by which President Obama is trying to create your flat global technocratic playground dream world!


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35 responses to “Who’s the Boss?

  1. Sara

    They all make me sick to my stomach.
    On the other hand, your movie poster is fantastic! As always.

  2. TRM

    Hi Nonnie and you crazy raisins, just stopped by to make sure you all hadn’t lost your “touch”… I see you haven’t… going back under my rock now….

    • hey, trm. long time, no see. the raisinettes are just fine. what’s going on in d.c. may suck, but the raisinettes can still keep their sense of humor. πŸ™‚

  3. I’m gonna ditto TRM, I’m just dropping in to stay current. Working through my Email backlog. Great stuff as always, Nonnie. See ya around!

  4. Friend of the court

    i want to be a pundit. i’m just as full of crap as any of these fools. why can’t i get paid a butt load of money and have my crackpot views talked about in elevators? what am i doing wrong?

    • if you figure it out, let me know, fotc. i wanna be a pundit, too. ever notice that they never have regular people on as pundits? instead, they have rich people who live in the d.c. bubble flappin’ their lips about what the unwashed masses think and feel. πŸ™„

      • The Coffee Party has a Blog Talk Radio channel. Perhaps I can get you on as a guest there.

        • nobody wants to listen to me. i have a face for radio, and a voice for silent movies.

          you just reminded me. i was interviewed on the radio many, many moons ago. i was the vice president of….drumroll….a local chapter of acorn. 😯

          • Dang it all, will you quit the self-deprecating stuff?!? My goodness, woman, people can’t figure out which is Blackjack and which is me in my Gravatar – no WAY you can be THAT bad-looking! So be nice to yourself, OK? Or else, send me a REAL photo of you, to prove what you’re saying! πŸ˜‰

  5. jeb

    Chickenshit indeed. All of it but like the writer, I expect nothing else from Rushbo but that piece of crap Friedman sickens me.

    • someone might write one good column, and then all of sudden, s/he’s a regular on every talking head show, or they’re being quoted on all of them. i don’t remember when thomas wrote a good column, but it was probably just accidental. that doesn’t make him wise.

  6. There is a news piece about Boehner tonight that cracked me up:
    “Competing Democratic and Republican deficit reduction plans were subjected to a fresh round of criticism Wednesday as signs of disarray emerged in a House Republican caucus split between unhappy conservatives and a leadership struggling to maintain party unity.
    “Get your ass in line,” House Speaker John Boehner told his Republican caucus in the face of divisive infighting over his latest proposal, two GOP sources who attended a Wednesday morning meeting told CNN on condition of not being identified.”

    Marching orders to be in Lockstep.
    What is funny to me is these repugs are scittering around like cockroaches. With an election year pending, they don’t know how they should vote in order to save their own political asses.

  7. maggiejean

    Leave it to the republicans to have a big fat idiot with a history of illegally doing drugs as their leader. Oh, and did I mention the viagra incident? His racism is so extreme football locked him out when he wanted to invest in a team.

  8. Never liked CNN, it’s boring. And this notion of 24/7 news is nonsense. A major event goes down on the weekend and there is little or no coverage. And what did I see late Sunday at the top of the hour news on CNN? Amy Winehouse was the lead story (over Norway massacre). And of these know-it-all pundits, why hasn’t Grover Norquist signed on to my furniture polish manifesto, Lemon Pledge.

    • i was just thinking today that msnbc is getting pretty boring, too. every show covers the same stories. there is so much going on in the world, but it’s the same thing over and over and over again. there are just so many angles you can look at a story from, and there’s nobody interesting enough to make any perspective fresh the 3rd or 4th or 5th time you’re hearing it. keith olbermann pretty much covered the same stories that msnbc did, but at least he made it entertaining by calling peter king an asshole. πŸ˜†

  9. gregg

    This is brilliant stuff! And i didn’t realize i had figured out how to post here i guess years ago until today.

  10. gregg

    i wrote this thing at kos the other day about how the tea party coming to get boner was like doctor morbius’s id in “forbidden planet” coming through the lead shields to get him. which could make an interesting one of your works except that movie came out in 1956 or something and i may be the only person on the intertubes who is old enough to have seen it. also that flick had the “plastic educator” which might expand the mind but which also expanded “Monsters from the id! Monsters from the subconscious” which is i think what happened when that twit snow machine driver from alaska got picked to be a vp candidate. anyhow love your stuff.

    • maggiejean

      Gregg, I have watched Forbidden Planet more times than I care to admit. Great comment, btw. Monsters from the id indeed.

      • are they really monsters of the id or monsters of the superego (and boy, oh boy, do they have super egos!)? this has nothing to do with what they’re feeling or anything instinctual. instead, it’s always about what will benefit themselves, and the hell with anyone else.

    • Forbidden Planet is one of my faves. And who couldn’t love Robbie the robot? Although, I think if you tried to explain the current political situation to him, he’d blow sparks faster than telling him to kill! πŸ˜€

    • hello gregg,

      welcome to the raisin! πŸ˜€

      what’s your moniker over at the big orange? i just did a search over there for dr morbius, and i’m deducing that you just might be singe. ❓

      i don’t think i’ve ever seen forbidden planet, but after your comment, i want to!

      please stop by again and comment soon.

      • gregg

        nonnie 9999, yes i am singe. and i appreciate your caring enough to figure that out. i saw that movie in the theater in the 1950’s and i won’t ruin it for you so you can watch it (or maybe i already did?) but the idea that the forces you unleash might unexpectedly come back to visit you stayed with me all these years. again your work brings me great joy in this time of intergalactic insanity.

        • i am very glad to “meet you” as gregg, even though i already knew you as singe.

          the rethugs, and especially the teabaggers, are very short-sighted. they don’t look down the road at what their idiocy will mean for their party, let alone for the country.

          so glad that you finally came over here, and i’m thrilled that you are enjoying my nonsense. if you don’t mind me asking, what finally got you over here? i’d love it if more kossacks visited.

          • gregg

            well i check your piece everyday cause it is well done and fits my sense of humor which was shaped in the early days by mad magazine. i saw you had a comments section that i could figure out how to post on (which is not the way things usually go for me on the intertubes) and so i decided to join in.

            • well, i’m glad that you did. that’s from another mad magazine devotee. i loved mad and allan sherman when i was a kid. i wanted to be able to do what they did.

  11. I love what B.O. said the other day about voting for a divided govt. but not a dysfunctional one. HA!!

    • i just wish he’d admit to himself that the teabaggers in the house are completely dysfunctional, and he shouldn’t waste any more time listening to them.

  12. gregg

    if i remember my elementary school freud ( i went to a very advanced socialist school in mobile alabama in the 1950’s) the id is the wild unchained drives (like wanting to wander into the republican house men’s room with a wood chipper and chain saw or eat eight containers of ben and jerries ice cream in under five minutes) and the super ego keeps the id in check and is like your parents telling you to stop wiping the snots you pick from your nose while laying in bed on the wall or your high school football coach putting salt peter in the bug juice so what you were saving for the prom gets used trying to hit an opposing tight end into the goal post with your head…..if my memory serves me well…

    • i learned about the id, ego, and superego in the 9th grade (or was it 7th or 8th) in english class when we were reading Lord of the Flies. i was absolutely mesmerized by the entire concept, and that was one of my favorite books because of that.