Tempest in a Teabag

From Eli Lehrer at Frum Forum:

[T]he current debt limit debate shows what the Tea Party movement (which I once basically supported) really values: being a jerk. Speaker Boehner has a close-to-perfect voting record on conservative issues, is not terribly warm in person […] and has proposed a good, tough spending cut plan. But he has also demonstrated a modicum of willingness to work with the president and appears to want to bring the debt ceiling crisis to a close.

Eric Cantor—who may well become speaker before the end of the year—does not disagree with Boehner on any major issue including the debt plan but, unlike Boehner, Cantor is basically a jerk who is willing to work against his own Speaker, the President, the financial interests that have traditionally supported his party and, indeed, just about everyone else so long as it keeps him in the media. I’m disgusted.

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After a dramatic 24 hours filled with vote delays, arm-twisting, and the Tea Party flexing its political muscle, in the end House Republicans managed to pass Speaker John Boehner’s (R-OH) debt bill quite easily in a party-line vote of 218 to 210.

Boehner ended up agreeing to include a balanced budget amendment — even though it has no chance of passing in the Senate. The concession was enough to attract a majority of Republicans, many of whom were elected on pledges to slash spending. The real heavy-lifting now begins between Boehner and Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) who must forge a compromise that can pass both chambers and be signed by the President before the rapidly approaching Aug. 2 deadline for default.

Despite the last-minute parliamentary gymnastics by GOP leaders, in the end 22 Republicans bolted. Many more wanted to but were convinced to fall in line in support of the bill.

Here’s the list of conservative Republicans who voted against the Boehner bill.


Justin Amash (MI)

Michele Bachmann (MN)

Paul Broun (GA)

Jason Chaffetz (UT)

Chip Cravaack (MN)

Scott DesJarlais (TN)

Jeff Duncan (SC)

Trey Gowdy (SC)

Tom Graves (GA)

Tim Huelskamp (KS)

Tim Johnson (IL)

Jim Jordan (OH)

Steve King (IA)

Tom Latham (IA)

Connie Mack (FL)

Tom McClintock (CA)

Mick Mulvaney (SC)

Ron Paul (TX)

Tim Scott (SC)

Steve Southerland (FL)

Joe Walsh (IL)

Joe Wilson (SC)

You might notice that every Rethug from South Carolina voted against the bill.  From The State:

WASHINGTON – The House of Representatives narrowly passed a bill to raise the debt ceiling Friday evening over the protests of all five South Carolina Republicans who bucked Speaker John Boehner and most other GOP members in an extraordinary display of defiance.

With the clock ticking down toward Tuesday’s default deadline, the Democratic-controlled Senate voted later Friday evening to block the Boehner measure, throwing the fast-changing debt negotiations into disarray and locking lawmakers into a weekend showdown.

The Senate turned to an alternative debt-limit plan by Majority Leader Harry Reid, but Republicans took steps to stymie it as President Barack Obama urged Americans to pressure Congress to move past gridlock.

Like their GOP House colleagues from South Carolina, Sens. Jim DeMint and Lindsey Graham voted against the Boehner legislation, saying it doesn’t force a vote on a balanced-budget amendment or create other structural brakes on federal spending.


In the House, Assistant Democratic Leader Jim Clyburn of Columbia joined his five GOP peers in opposing the debt-limit legislation, making South Carolina the only state from which all House members cast “no” votes in the 218-210 tally.

All the other 187 House Democrats who voted also opposed the Boehner measure, saying it would force cuts in Medicare and other critical programs.

But it was the public break in Republican unity from the state’s four freshman lawmakers that drew national attention and cast South Carolina as a conservative bastion of Tea Party fervor.


All 218 House members who voted for the Boehner bill were Republicans, while 22 GOP members and 198 Democrats opposed it.

That result means that South Carolina’s five Republican lawmakers accounted for almost a quarter of their party’s “no” votes, and it places them within the most conservative one-tenth faction of the party’s House conference.


If the debt limit is not raised by Tuesday, the government could default on its debt, which could trigger panic in financial markets and send the nation back into recession.


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26 responses to “Tempest in a Teabag

  1. “every Rethug from South Carolina voted against the bill.”


    Things are bad when you’re quoting a story from Frum Forum, which seems to be the home for what passes for reasonableness on the Right. Even the Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal has turned on the Tea Party. It looks like the GOP’s corporate overlords have finally figured out what a monster they helped create and have now decided that the Tea Party is not only no longer useful, but dangerous. Unfortunately, this will only encourage the Right-wing populists* of the Tea Party; they’re not scared of Wall Street.

    Finally, I posted your Inholfe image on my blog.

    Silly Sustainability Saturday: The Onion, more manatees, heat wave denial, and a poem

    *Maybe I should call them what I really think they are–corn pone fascists.

    • this was a case of finding a movie poster i wanted to use and then finding a story to go with it. of course, the general story was a no-brainer, but i wanted one to justify the ‘eric cantor production,’ and that’s how i found the frum forum article. i laughed when i read it, so i included it here. the rethuglican civil war has started, and, as you say, the south carolina delegation is already seceding. 😆 history really does repeat itself.

      • You and I aren’t the only ones to notice the history repeating. A history professor from South Carolina writes a blog on current events and how his knowledge of history informs his understanding and he made that similarity a central theme of his most recent post.


        When a historian notices that South Carolina is celebrating the sesquicentennial of the Civil War by echoing the actions of the people who started it, it’s not that funny any more.

        Speaking of “History Repeating” here’s Shirley Bassey!

        • that was a really good post, neon vincent, and a very scary video embedded there. these idiots really think that they are answerable to nobody.

          i love that song! i think it got posted her once before a while ago. i haven’t heard it since then.

        • Check out Padre Steve at http://www.padresteve.wordpress.com. He’s been talking Weimar Republic similarities for weeks now, and very much on the money (in more ways than one). A Navy Chaplain who’s a historian, baseball nut (but I forgive him that) and a Trekkie. He wins MY vote for Renaissance Man!

  2. jeb

    Excuse me, this tea is rancid. I’d like a refund please.

    Sorry, we don’t give refunds for used tea bags.

    Who knew?

  3. Even if these butt nuggets get the debt ceiling raised, we could still lose our triple A rating, because the world knows what we let happen to our Congress.

    • butt nuggets! 😆 we’ll lose the triple A rating, and the teabagging asswipes will refuse to accept responsibility. i hope the fuckwad racists who voted the teabaggers into office will be happy with their higher interest rates.

  4. I never imagined that I’d look at John Boehner as one of the more sensible and responsible players in Washington policy-making.

    The GOP is a weird, weird creature …

    • if bronzo the clown was sensible and responsible, he would have tore into the teabaggers instead of cajoling them. he’s a wuss and allowed the teabaggers and widdle ewic to paint him into a corner that he can’t get out of. i don’t think he’s going to be speaker for much longer, but it doesn’t really matter, because he’s not calling the shots.

      • First of all, sorry I missed this. It’s a point worth making.

        I wasn’t saying that he’s reasonable by any kind of objective standard. But if you grade on a curve, somehow he comes out ahead of the rest of the GOP. Which is pretty pathetic, really. It shows that the GOP has nothing going for it anymore.

        Even Pres. Reagan dealt with Democrats. As much as these cretins claim to venerate the guy. they really wouldn’t like him at all if he were around now.

        • st ronnie couldn’t win a primary for city council in a conservative district today. the rethugs have been trying mightily to rewrite history, but most people are old enough to know that they’re just making shit up.

  5. Why do these “negotiations” remind me so Much of the Munich debacle of 1938? When the brits and frenchys decided to cave on day two the answer of the Germans was-“the deal has changed”. There is no political compromise with these zealots and since the don’t believe in government they are quick to cause it’s demise. Some compare it to demanding Soloman cut that baby in two. The Bush Depression shall be their centerpiece of modern America. In a worst case situation, they will fuck around and collapse the currency.

    • what’s even more galling than the teabagging butt nuggets (™m’liss) bringing this country to the brink of disaster is that they’re actually patting themselves on the back. i used to think that they’re just willfully ignorant, but now i think they’ve proven themselves to be plain stupid.

  6. gregg

    Yes Bronzo indeed! And Bronzo is leading the country further to the end game where we are all pouring Brawndo on our victory gardens and wondering why it’s electrolytes aren’t making our rutabagas grow! This ain’t ideology at play its idiocracy.

    • it’s surprising that rutabagas aren’t springing up all over the place when you see how much bullshit is being thrown all over the place. i think bronzo the clown is digging his own grave as speaker. for a change, a lot of the country is paying attention, and bronzo looks like a weak puppet.

  7. gregg

    hey looking at the time posts on these comments i have to ask what time zone is this emporium oriented to and is it on earth or so other celestial body? i ask because the time posted for my post seems to be four hours later than where i am here in new york which puts noonie9999 in the azores? so it is GMT and if so why? must get more coffee early confusion is setting in.

    • gregg,

      i’m in south floriduhhh, so i’m in the same time zone as you. the raisin is on greenwich time. mighty mikk0mouse is really the owner of the raisin, and he’s on the other side of the pond. that’s why the posts are dated a day ahead of what our calendar says. 🙂

  8. One could hope that the fractures in the GOP show the initial signs of common sense rearing its’ long overdue head. And one could hope that the country will suffer no aftereffects to its’ credit rating due to this whole budget mess.
    One could also hope that the SC brigade could take a wrong turn heading home, and take a REAL long swim in the DC river. But they might die of Potomac poisoning. 😉

    • the rethuglican civil was will be fun to watch, especially because the teabaggers seem to have no filter, and they’ll spew their differences with the leadership whenever there’s a tv camera nearby. the so-called leadership, on the other had, will have to walk on a tightrope in order to simultaneously try to appease the teabagging asswipes and assuring the more moderate rethugs that they haven’t become a party of extremists. my advice is to buy stock in orville redenbacher’s.

      • 😦 You ignored my pun! 😦

        • i’m sorry, john. i did see your pun, and i laughed when i read it. when i’m answering comments, i have all this stuff in my head that i want to include, but once i start typing, i usually wind up going in a totally different direction, and i forget what it was i was going to say originally.

          • johncerickson

            Hey, I gotta give you all the grief I can. With the way my luck with computers has been going, I never know which chance at harassing you might be my last for a while! 😀

  9. Maybe SC could secede with Texas an those SoCal counties. SC Senator Graham hinted this morning that he is leaning against a deal.