From the Hallowed Monty Halls of Congress

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41 responses to “From the Hallowed Monty Halls of Congress

  1. Republicans got what they wanted. Enough said, and disgusting.

    • i don’t think anyone got what they wanted. they all look like idiots, especially the teabaggers.

      • I’m with Don, even if he is from Mass. (Hi, Don, I’m from NH. But I still don’t hate you.) The TPers managed to hurt our bond rating, make President Obama look bad, have caused disaster for years to come … which is exactly what they wanted.

        I just hope that enough people realize that that’s what happened.

        A huge number of Congresscritters need to be defeated in 2012.

        • i agree with your last point, but i have to disagree a bit with another. i think obama made obama look bad. he may be brilliant, but he couldn’t negotiate himself out of a paper bag. it’s either that, or what he said he believes in during the campaign is completely different than what he really believes. i don’t diss him often. i always try to give him the benefit of the doubt, but this time, he really pissed me off. then again, i’m not really pissed off, just supremely disheartened and disgusted. that said, i still blame the moronic teabaggers as much as i blame the president.

          • Very good point.

            I think that one of the things Pres. Obama is proving in how he handles (read: botches) negotiations is that the Democrats nominated the wrong person in 2008. I think that, at this point, Hillary Clinton has been more or less vindicated.

            Don’t tell anyone I said that, though.

            I wouldn’t have picked either of them as the Democrats’ best candidate, really, but that’s beside the point.

            It might be best if a different Democrat ran in 2012, but that kind of blood-in-the-water thing would likely be the one chance the Republicans have of managing to win given how much more-reviled they are than they were even a year ago.

            • i’ll keep your secret, wken. i voted for hillary in the primary, and i hoped against hope that she would be the nominee and that obama would be veep. i think that would have been a much better scenario. hillary is one tough broad. 8 years as veep would have seasoned obama, and he would have been ready for 2016. don’t tell anyone i said that, though.

  2. johncerickson

    It’s just amazing that such a small number of truly self-possessed jerks could hijack the entire government. I am so tired of these tea-party idiots.

    • you and me both, john. i didn’t even bother to copy and paste any articles to go with the poster, because i’m so disgusted. all sides will try to spin this in their favor, but as far as i’m concerned, they can all sit on it and spin.

  3. GreenApples

    Shameful. A day to provide pain from now on. I’m embarrassed for my country.

  4. Curtis Walker

    The Democrats really need to watch what they say about getting their butts kicked all over the White House, Halls of Congress and across this nation.

    I am sickened by that which we just witnessed.

    Apparently, they don’t get what the word deal means. They have over half a year warning by a reporter asking the President a question about why Debt issue was not addressed in the last grand giveaway,

  5. maggiejean

    I watched The Daily Show tonight and Jon ran a clip of a news conference after the Bush tax cut extension was passed and a nerdy, bow tied Harry Potter type reporter asked the POTUS why he didn’t get the debt ceiling raised with the extension thereby denying the republicans leverage. Man did he look like the smart one. The reporter saw the handwriting on the wall. The POTUS, not so much.

    • i think that was marc ambinder. i was surprised, because i had never seen him before, but i’ve read articles by him, and i always thought he was much older. chris hayes was subbing for rachel maddow tonight, and one of his guests was ezra klein. i always laugh, because they’re so smart, but they look like they could be studying for their bar mitzvahs.

  6. Everyone is so disgusted that they aren’t even poking fun at Boo-Hoo in a mouse costume and Yertle dressed as a turtle. That’s bad.

    Even worse, no one is making a Door #1, Door #2, Door #3 joke. I guess that’s my cue.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for today’s Big Deal. Today’s Big Winner can keep the sugar-coated Satan sandwich he just won, or he can trade it in for what’s behind our three doors. Behind one of them is a clean raising of the debt ceiling and the expiration of the Bush tax cuts. Behind another is a balanced budget amendment. Behind the third is a sovereign default. So, Big Winner, will you keep your prize, or trade it in for what’s behind Door #1, Door #2, or Door #3. Which do you choose?”

    You know what, I’m not sure that’s funny. Instead, I’ll let Cheech and Chong make the jokes.

    • neon vincent, i usually finish or at least almost finish the posters the night before. i started this one last night, and it just depressed the hell out of me. i posted late tonight, because i had to force myself to finish it. usually, dressing up yertle mcconnell in his turtle suit cheers me up, but even that didn’t work this time. i was even too disgusted to find an article to go with the poster, but i suppose i didn’t need one. everyone already knew what had happened.

      p.s. tomorrow’s poster is all ready, and i hope it will cheer everyone up. i enjoyed making it, so i hope the raisinettes enjoy it, too.

    • johncerickson

      I’ll take the consolation prize, Tex. A free passport, and a tank of gas. That should get me and the wife into Hamilton, Ontario, where we can become citizens of the last bastion of common sense in the Western Hemisphere! 🙂

  7. How to make any sense about whats going on requires the telling of a story about some anxious parants dealing with the son who had become of age. Mom and Dad were worried because he had no direction in life. A close friend suggested they try an experiment with the lad to give them a clue to his future: “Set up a table at the end of the hallway by the front door. On it, set a bundle of money, a bible, and a bottle of booze. If he picks up the cash, he will go into finance and banking. If he picks up the bible, he will become a man of God. If he chooses the bottle, he will become a drunkard”. So the parents followed the learned advice and set everything up as instructed. They hid off to the side, out of sight, and waited for the son to return. When he opens the door he sees the table and walks up, looks everything over, hesitates a few seconds, then puts the bundle of money in one pocket, slips the bottle of booze in the other, tucks the bible under his arm and walks away…..”Oh my God” the parents exclaim “He’s going to be a politician!!!

  8. Wow! Things sure are in the crapper. I suspected someone would cave, and we the people, the middle class people & lower would somehow get the short end of the stick.
    Not a happy day.

    • someone always caves, and it always seems to be someone on our side. we had the upper hand in this debate, and obama gave away the farm. while i trust his judgement in other things, i would never bring him along if i was buying a car and wanted to wheel and deal for a better price.

  9. jeb

    The only solace I can take in this is that they’ll just ignore it like they did that stupid Gramm-Rudman law. A lot of fireworks and angst that put our credibility as a nation on the line so that a bunch of cheap whores could please their constituency with the size of their cajones. It’s reminiscent of the stupidity in the run up to the invasion of Iraq.

    • the so-called super congress will be totally ineffectual, because neither side will agree to anything and put their own asses on the line. i wonder if there will be any lawsuits before the holy 12 even get picked, because it sure sounds to me like it’s unconstitutional.

      • From what I read, the super congress is unconstitutional. Knowing the 5-4 Supreme Court, they’d probably okay it.

        • it’s taxation without representation, unless one of your reps or senators just happen to be in the super congress. not sure if the supremes would uphold it, because obama was okay with it, and they hate obama.

          • All I have to say Nonnie, is that it is going to get worse before it gets better, and for it to get better, we have to get rid of the Tea Party shit bags.

            • amen, don, amen. the teabaggers have infiltrated every level of government. they’re on boards of education, city councils, and state legislatures. we had better be looking for good people from the other side of the spectrum, or they will become so invasive, it will be impossible to get rid of them.

  10. this is only the beginning of the hostage taking and terror tactics from the GOP and teabaggers. Obama has capitulated time and time again (health care, bush tax cuts, fisa etc) that the GOP has finally figured out they have the winning hand – Obama has also single handedly revived a party left for dead in 2008. disappointed you bet – i am so friggin tired of voting not repubican. i dont think i can push a lever for the man behind the curtain again…….

    • i think some of the dems who have to run for their seats again will confront obama en masse and tell him that he has to shit or get off the pot. there’s nothing like self-preservation to motivate the congresscritters.

  11. Well, the one good thing about the fiasco as you’ve depicted it, nonnie, is that Barack Obama would *never* wear such a god-awful getup ;-D

    Otherwise … I feel like I’m getting an excellent recap of the jaw-gnashing idiocy in Washington whenever I visit your blog … Your imagination is brilliant 🙂

    • jaliya! 😀 it’s been way too long since you’re visited. so, so, so happy to see you!

      • Thank you, nonnie 🙂

        I’ve been blogging occasionally, and not much else. Energy’s very limited right now. Last night, though, I fillled up on your art and all the commentary 🙂 I’ve seen references here and there on the web that call Obama ‘ the only adult in the room.’ Seems so. I say to myself, “For all his faults, the man is *sane*!”

        • i think he’s a little too sane. maybe he needs rahm back in order to reach his inner hulk. he needs to get pissed off, really pissed off. he needs to stop apologizing for and to the rethugs and call them out for the obstructionists and economy-killers they are.