It’s Burnt and Made With Devilled Ham

From The Guardian:

It was easy wandering round the corridors of Congress yesterday to spot who had won the debt standoff. In huddles with party colleagues or heading off to caucus meetings to discuss the details of the deal or standing in front of TV cameras, it was the Republicans who had all the smiles.

Democratic members of Congress looked uneasy, at times shifty; and some downright were angry. “If I were a Republican, this is a night to party,” Emanuel Cleaver, a Democratic member of the House from Missouri, told MSNBC. Cleaver, a Methodist pastor and chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, which met to discuss its reaction to the deal, dismissed it as a “sugar-coated Satan sandwich”.

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Even the Democratic leader in the House, Nancy Pelosi, who helped negotiate the compromise with Barack Obama and the Republican leaders at the weekend, had serious reservations. Pelosi, a Californian on the liberal wing of the party on many issues, picked up on Cleaver’s food metaphor and expanded on it. The deal, she told ABC, was a “Satan sandwich with Satan fries on the side”. She voted last night for the bill to raise the debt ceiling, which passed by 269 to 161, but told colleagues in advance she would leave it to their consciences how they voted.


Republicans aligned to the Tea Party movement voted against but even they did not appear unhappy with the deal. In return for Congress raising the debt ceiling, normally a routine matter, the Republicans have secured more than $2 trillion in spending cuts and forced the Democrats to do this without any tax rises. The Tea Party Republicans did not get all they wanted but they got most of it, and sacrificed almost nothing in return.

The decisive day in Congress after weeks of a standoff was Sunday, when the Republican and Democratic leaders in the House and Senate, in negotiation with Barack Obama, reached agreement on the broad outline of a deal. Congress itself was eerily quiet. The Democratic leader in the Senate, Harry Reid, warned his fellow Democratic senators to remain on Capitol Hill.


One of the left-leaning Democrats in the House, Raul Grijalva, from Arizona, reflected the view of many of his party colleagues, that the White House had surrendered too much: “This deal trades people’s livelihoods for the votes of a few unappeasable right-wing radicals, and I will not support it. This deal weakens the Democratic party as badly as it weakens the country.

“We have given much and received nothing in return. The lesson today is that Republicans can hold their breath long enough to get what they want.”

What is galling for Democrats is that they hold the White House and the Senate while the Republicans hold only the House, the more junior of the two chambers. And yet is it the House that appears to be dictating events.


One of the few independents in the Senate and one of the few American politicians to describe himself as a socialist, Bernie Sanders from Vermont, voted against. Expressing worry about the impact on social security, Medicare, Medicaid, community health centres, education and other programmes, he said he could not support a proposal that “balances the budget on the backs of struggling Americans while not requiring one penny of sacrifice from the wealthiest people in our country”.

The House Speaker, John Boehner, addressing his own members, said that while the Republicans had not got everything they had wanted (such as an assurance that the Pentagon will not be a major victim of spending cuts), they had got most of it and changed the debate in Washington.

But his stance failed to sway the Tea Party Republicans, such as Michele Bachmann, the Congresswoman who is seeking the party’s nomination to take on Obama for the White House next year. She voted against.


Boehner had better luck with other potential rebels. First he used policy arguments, but he saved his best for last: He told his colleagues that if they voted for the bill they could embark on a five-week holiday immediately afterwards. For a few waverers, that might have done the trick.


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38 responses to “It’s Burnt and Made With Devilled Ham

  1. johncerickson

    Well, when they tried to hit us up at work for the United Way, participation always sucked. Then they offered us a day off if everybody gave, and a second if everybody gave the “target” amount. After that, participation was almost always 100%. So the 5-day break was just good business, right? 😉
    And the BBC referred to the House as our lower house of government, like the House Of Commons.
    If only they realised how much lower our houses of government are. In both morals and IQ….

  2. Spiffy analogy. 😆

    And I agree. I think Obama should have told these anti-American shitbags to fuck off and printed 2 trillion coins or borrowed options from the Treasury, let it be sorted out later in the courts. This budget falls squarely on the back of the poor and middle class. Republicans won’t suddenly comprehend the notion of civilization for a Super Congress. One disagreement and the red misery button triggers automatically. You don’t rebuild an economy by shrinking it. This is abjectly moronic…absolutely stupid if you’re interest is governing a nation. This is anti-economics for a democracy….and a fast track to serf labor. I’m so disgusted.

    • i agree. it’s time to kick some asses and take some names. where i come from, we aren’t as polite as rep. cleaver. we’d call this a shit sandwich, and i don’t even want to think what the side dish is.

      it just goes to show you, you should never ever order lunch at the teabagger diner.

      • I loved that Biden compared those @#$# (fill in the blank with the vilest thing you can think of) to terrorists. It’s true. Al-Qaeda and Bush’s mad executive skillz brought down the economy. Republicans have pushed its head back under the water and will hold for a couple of years.

        • they are terrorists, and they’re doing more damage from the inside than anyone could do from the outside.

          • They’re not just terrorists, they’re corn-pone fascists. If you ever see significant numbers of twenty-somethings who aren’t with their parents at a Tea Party rally, start worrying.

            On a lighter newt, ah, note, have you seen this?


            Gawker thinks that most of Newt’s Twitter followers are fake.

            • i would hope that most 20-somethings would be embarrassed to see their parents at teabagger rallies.

              i saw that last night at the big orange. i guess tiffany’s doesn’t sell twitter followers. if he wasn’t such a shithead, i’d almost feel sorry for him. but i don’t.

              • Most 20-somethings would be. What we should be worried about are significant numbers of young toughs. That hasn’t happened yet.

                • i think the world is changing quickly, and that’s what scares the hell out of the teabagging crowd. they know that younger people don’t look at race and gender and sexuality the same way as their parents. while they can be fed lie after lie, they know they can go over to youtube and see what actually happened. at least, i hope that’s what’s happening.

  3. That’s one ugly sandwich! And for sure we can “forget anything that looks like a fair shake”. Great job, nonnie. I had to change bousers to see the pic, though. Chrome doesn’t like it .:o(

    • i borrowed some vermin and other stuff from a previous poster. i like when an old poster comes in handy (and when i can remember that i have a poster with parts that can be dusted off and reused). i suspect that some over at the big orange will be complaining that they can’t see the image either. i wish i knew why that happens with some posters and not with others.

    • apples, i noticed that the last time this happened, it was with a pic from the same album. i created a new album, uploaded the same pic, and replaced the old image with the one from the new album. let me know if you can see it now. if so, it’s something with the old album that’s funky.

      this was the original problem child. see if you can see it now.

  4. jeb

    I agree with Bernie Sanders (as usual). If Obama had balls, he would have told boo-boo and Yertle to either pass a real bill or he’d just say F-it and invoke the 14th amendment. He really needs a spine infusion.

    • i almost always agree with bernie sanders, and this is no exception. i wish there were more like him in the senate and in the house.

      • Bernie’s my new fave now that Russ is gone.

        • i miss russ, and i hope and pray that he’ll be back again soon, either as governor of wisconsin or senator. herb kohl is retiring, and i think russ would run away with that election, especially after wanker walker has poisoned the rethuglican brand up in cheese country.

  5. My representative, Gary Peters, voted against it, while Sandy Levin, who will probably represent me starting in 2013, voted for it. This really puzzled at least one of my fellow precinct delegates, who pointed out that Peters is exactly the kind of moderate one would have expected to vote for the deal while Levin is the kind of progressive who would have been likely to vote against it. I pointed out that Peters has a background in finance, so he could tell exactly how bad it was. Whatever, at least Peters can say that it isn’t his fault!

    • maybe they figured that levin was pretty safe. if peters’s district is being phased out, i would think it would make more sense if he was the one to vote for it and levin against it. who knows what goes on behind the scenes?


    Twenty-two protesters were arrested Monday and charged with disruption of Congress after shouting chants against Speaker John Boehner from a House of Representatives gallery, according to the Washington Post.

    The protesters, including members of the National People’s Action, Vocal New York, and Community Voices Heard, unveiled a large black banner. They chanted, “Hey, Boehner, get a clue, it’s about revenue” and, “Boehner, get off it, it’s time to tax corporate profits” before Capitol Police removed them from the one of the galleries overlooking the chamber.

    “What they were protesting is this, what we’re calling a ‘raw deal’ here, the debt-ceiling deal that does absolutely nothing to raise revenue and really asks elderly people, working families, people who have health care needs to make all these sacrifices, whereas letting Wall Street and the super rich off the hook,” Amanda Devecka-Rinear, campaign director for the National People’s Action, told The Hill.
    You just know the tea bag/shit sandwich servers will be serving this up in 2012 campaigns. “We did not vote to raise the debt ceiling” like that is some kind of positive feather in their cap. Never mind the domestic & worldwide financial situation would have gone into a hellish tailspin.
    Lost my appetite!

    • if people were stupid enough to vote for the imbeciles in the first place, the i voted to destroy the country’s economy will appeal to the same group of asswipes.

  7. maggiejean

    Since the appointment of Bush in 2000 and the subsequent attack of 9/11 this country has been sliding into insanity. If Osama bin Laden was trying to bankrupt the country morally and financially he did a fine job. Satan indeed.

    • i think it started before 9/11. the beginning was the 2000 election. we’ve been going downhill since.

      • We need to see if we can identify the slip markers of this country going downhill. For instance, look at England. Loosing the American colonies wasn’t the start of the decline, it was empire trade that changed the balance with 1892 being the ultimate top and oh so gradually the next year the trade balance shifted with brits importing more than exporting. Then kick it up to 1900 and we sow the ultimate seeds of decline- a stupid useless war, puting an army of a half million in the field to chase 60,000 Boers across the countryside for several years. And then the Great War emptied the treasury and Part II destroyed the empire. See how easy it is to figure things out. Sadly, it is our turn now, a continuing leagacy to the dunce boy who left his legacy of turning everything (almost) he touch to shit.

  8. Satan sandwich with Satan fries. So spot on. And I am in LOVE with the “Forget anything that even looks like a fair shake.”

  9. i think the decline of the country started when Reagan was elected – and the whole world and media began to fawn over a moron……….

    and hence you end up with a plutocracy. and obama – just sealed the deal for them

    • not sure if it started with reagan or with nixon. reagan certainly accelerated things, but the fact that nixon never went to jail might have been the moment when the rethugs realized that they could get away with just about anything and not be incarcerated. if they have to resign, no biggie. some right-wing organization will set them up for life. besides, they get to keep their generous government pensions and benefits. why not break the law?

  10. It started with Nixon. The secret war in Cambodia, Watergate, wire tapping, enemies list, oil embargo, and inflation was starting to set in.