O-High-O Family Values

From Plunderbund:

Back in late 2009, Ohio GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine put together a 10 point plan that he hoped would help restore the “conservative credibility” of the Republican party in Ohio.

“The Republican Party has lost its credibility,” wrote DeWine. “We were the party of ethics and morality until our elected officials became symbolic of scandal and corruption,” he said. And “voters did not reject our conservative ideology… they rejected our hypocrisy.”

The final step of his plan was to “Enforce a zero-tolerance policy for misconduct” […]


Jump ahead to this Spring.

In April, Robert Mecklenborg was arrested while driving in Indiana with a stripper in his car. A few days later he lied on his Ohio driver license application – claiming he didn’t have any outstanding, out-of-state violations. Kevin DeWine and John Kasich refused to call for Mecklenborg’s resignation.

Original DVD cover

State Rep Jarrod Martin has had at least three drunken run-ins with the law in the past year and half. First getting kicked out of a hotel for being drunk and fighting with his “friends”. Second for being “found intoxicated and unresponsive in the House parking garage” having “passed out drunk on then-GOP Minority Leader’s William G. Batchelder’s Chevy Suburban.” And then for the recent arrest OVI arrest with his kids in his car. Martin is still serving. DeWine and the Ohio Republican Party have said nothing.

And then, of course, there’s Senator Kris Jordan who is under investigation for “pushing around” his wife while drunk and waving a gun. Jordan is also still in office. DeWine and the ORP have said nothing.

A “a zero tolerance policy for any candidate or elected official who crosses the line” sounds really great on paper. But when the shit actually hit the fan, DeWine was silent and he remains silent as Republican office holders who have clearly ‘crossed the line’ continue to serve.

When the Anthony Weiner scandal broke, Christopher Maloney, the Ohio Republican Party’s communications director, attacked Sherrod Brown for not calling for Weiner’s resignation. But THREE scandals involving Ohio Republicans have broken in the past month and Maloney, DeWine and Kasich haven’t said a word.


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45 responses to “O-High-O Family Values

  1. Another blogging friend of mine does a weekly “Things I’ve Learned This Week” posting. She averages roughly 46 out of 52 weeks with a recurring sub-post, “What The F*@k Is Up With Ohio”. Be it political stories like this, outrageous people stories, or crazy laws, Ohio is the state that keeps on giving.
    Primarily, it seems to give a rodent’s posterior….. 😀

  2. I forgot to mention – my nickname among her and her friends is “No-Hio”. 3 guesses why! 😉

    • you can call be no-hio, too, because i’ve never been there, and i have no desire whatsoever to go. i’m surprised your friend lays off ohio 6 weeks a year. there’s so much stoopid there.

      • How can I put this? She’s a connoisseur of stupid. There’s regular stupid that doesn’t even show on Ohio radar. There’s regular Ohio stupid,; which could fill a library every day. There’s Ohio REALLY stupid, like the Governor claiming living in his own house saves money, not counting that both his house AND the Governor’s Mansion now need staff – doubling costs. And then there’s Ohio-class stupid. That covers your story, or my personal experience – a convicted child molester, who was trying to avoid registering with police, who called the cops on me, for blocking our shared driveway, while he sat on the hood of his van parked in the middle of the drive, completely blocking it.
        Believe me, as soon as we can save up enough money (and the housing market rebounds a bit), we are Indiana-bound. It ain’t Chicago, but it sure as HECK ain’t Ohio!

        • is indiana any better than ohio?

          • They have three universities, Indiana, Purdue, and Notre Dame, that are all better than Ohio State. I should know, I look at their research every week for Overnight News Digest. Other than that, as Inspired and I are fond of saying, welcome to Indiana, set your clocks back 50 years.

            • i look at universities in a lot of the red states as oases in deserts of stoopid. they’re like separate little islands of sanity and innovation.

          • Well, besides not being addicted to a bunch of college twerps (OSU) like Ohio is, Indiana does have a few things going for it – remnants of my wife’s family, better proximity to Chicago than where we’re at, and some vestige of industry outside its’ major cities. “Turn your clocks back 50 years”? I’m used to thinking in terms of 70 years back (WW2), so it’ll be like moving 20 years into the future! 😀

  3. Curtis Walker

    Yikes, looks like my long, lost (a good thing) brother in law on the bottom left. Sorry no reward for his butt if it is him! 🙂

  4. jeb

    Doesn’t matter if you wear diapers with your hooker, try to impeach the President for lying about an affair while you’re having one yourself, preaching about fiscal responsibility while dodging your parental responsibility (the list could go on for pages) as long as you wear and American flag pin on your lapel and scream loudly about God and family. That’s all it takes, really. You ass will always be covered.

  5. Ooops! Did he say Zero tolerance?
    He meant to say Zero accountability.

  6. Wow.

    Just … wow.

    • if i made this stuff up, you wouldn’t believe me. it amazes me that they are the best they can do in ohio. of course, i say that a lot when it comes to floriduhhh, too.

  7. Since no one else has said it yet, IOKIYAR!

  8. maggiejean

    And IIRC only one of these 3 resigned. Like Neon Vincent said: IOKIYAR.

  9. They can’t resign—what of their holier-than-thou mission to do Gods Work ™? And slapping the old lady around, just claim divine inspiration. And John spoke of Ohio stupid….here’s valley stupid…an elementary lady principle got caught covering up the activities of her hoodlum 12 year old doing what they like best: major vandalism and spray painting the hackencruz on everything in sight. This kid was so stupid that he vertically spelled out, on a tree trunk, the word J O O !

  10. carol

    The excuse Kasich gave for not living in the Govoner’s Mansion was his twin daughters wanted to finish their last high school YEAR, at their own school. Last I heard it was going to take at least one million to upgrade security at his personal residence. I’m pretty sure that would have paid for a few teachers in districts that are struggling. But what the heck, sacrifice isn’t for the wealthy. And what better way for Kasich to let his daughters know how special they are. Take take take and to hell with anybody else.

    • thanks for the explanation, carol, and welcome back to the raisin. how much you wanna bet that kasich doesn’t give a flying shit about kids whose houses were foreclosed on and can no longer go to the schools they attended for most of their lives? those kids are expendable.

  11. carol

    Any way we could stick the Republicans with an unofficial theme song? KC and the Sunshine Band . Shake your booty. We could have John Boner shaking a bag with 98% written on it.

    I’m sure there is lots more buy I have to get to work.

  12. gregg

    Ohio and Repelicans….reminds of the dog who keeps sidling up to his owner for affection only to be kicked about by the sadistic bastard….any how speaking of abused dogs here i am now concerned about who will sit on this mind fuck or a super congress…maybe we need to get all these titles a bit more realistic and call the old congress a sack of self serving morons so we can call this 12 person mutation and sack of self serving borderline serial killers….anyhow i’m “in the game” as it is the only game this great plutocracy affords me so here is a plea i posted at kos this morning for your consideration;

    Super Congress nominee from me; Kirsten Gillibrand of NY
    She beat one of the cretins (Sweeney) who bum rushed the recount in Florida in 2000 to win my congressional district. Since filling Hillary’s Senate seat she has been a strong progressive voice on all issues. She is young and bright and extremely articulate and photogenic. She would be on the news exposing the lies and evil ideas and plans of the Tea Party symps who are destined to be on that group. Please advocate with your own Senators for her appointment.

    • kirsten gillibrand was the nicest surprise of all. i remember when she was first appointed, and so many were wringing their hankies, because she was from a conservative district. i would totally trust her to watch out for the little guy, and i support your suggestion 110%, gregg. that said, the super congress is just another crappy idea from a town that seems to have run out of ideas or, at the very least, is too afraid to mention any new ideas for fear of being booed by the teabaggers.

  13. i just cannot figure out why americans continue to elect the most evil, dumbest and corrupt people on the planet

    oh now i know – they were educated under Reagan

  14. Mecklenborg was driving with an expired license when he was arrested, too; the trooper didn’t even bother to charge him with that offense, and then Mecklenborg lies about the arrest at the DMV four days later. What a fucking piece of work! I mean, look at this guy!
    I’m with Dcap— certain areas of the electorate must be so abysmally stupid they elect drunken, corrupt degenerate Repuglicons to leadership positions. Seriously. WTF.

    • i used to think that they just weren’t paying attention. now, i believe that they’re just dumb and lazy. throw in hate talk radio, paid for by the giant corporations, and you have the formula for a country of willful ignorance.

  15. Montana

    Jarrod Martin is a good old boy and so is the current, Speaker of the Ohio House, his drunk buddy. He also likes hotel wrestling with his friends. The best thing is that this time his parents had to collect him at the police station.


    • hello montana,

      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      thanks for the link to the video. not only is martin a scumbag for putting his kids’ lives in danger, but he has manboobs, too. 😉

      hope you’ll stop by again.

  16. Hi O! from Ohio!

    I live a few blocks from this place.

    A wretched hive, etc.

    • hello thunder (hope you don’t mind the shortened name),

      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      the raisinettes don’t hate everyone in ohio, just the idiots. you poor thing! you have to live so close to them! 😯 drop by again so we know that you survived the fumes. 😉

  17. Montana

    Jarrod Martin (R-Ohio) is a good old boy, Like the current speaker of the Ohio House, they love wrestling at Hotel rooms and what not.

    PS – I love it that his parents had to go and collect him!


    • i just looked at his wiki page, and not a word about the arrest. maybe mommy and daddy cleaned up the page when they got home after bailing him out.

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    • hello joseph,

      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      what a nice surprise to see someone from plunderbund here! you are very welcome for the link. that’s the least i could do after borrowing your story. i’ve bookmarked plunderbund and plan on going there for my news about ohio. thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words. i hope to see you here again soon. 🙂

  19. Ah, family values at their finest. ::COUGH::

    His reported abuse of alcohol is bad enough, but allegations that he mistreated his wife make me see red. There’s no excuse for a man to do that to a woman.

    • i think even worse than that is putting your own children in danger. at least an adult woman has a chance to get out and get help. kids are at the mercy of their parents. there’s another rethug, this one in wisconsin, who had to quit her job as chairwoman of the county rethug party, because she was arrested for having her 3 kids in her car while she was driving drunk. her name is amber hahn, and she was a guest on fox & fiends complaining about kids being taught about labor unions in public schools.