A Pasch of Blue

From the Los Angeles Times:

During her son’s graduation in May from Bowdoin College, Sandy Pasch listened as filmmaker Mira Nair urged students to get involved in society, citing the impact of citizen uprisings around the world.

“And then she gave as examples what’s happening in Libya, in Egyptand Wisconsin,” Pasch recalled.

“I thought, ‘Wow. I don’t know that everyone sees us in the same light as Egypt and Libya, but there’s something happening here,’ ” she said. “There’s something happening, and the common refrain I hear is that people want to take their state back.”

Pasch, 57, who for three years has represented Milwaukee’s northern suburbs in the state Assembly, is among six Democrats challenging Republican state senators in special recall elections Tuesday.

The elections are the latest fallout from controversial moves by the Republican-controlled Legislature and GOP Gov. Scott Walker to eliminate most collective bargaining rights for public employees.

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Last month, a Democratic incumbent survived a recall. On Tuesday, the incumbent Republicans need to win at least four of the six contests to prevent Democrats from retaking a majority in the Senate and reversing the outcome of last fall’s elections, which gave the GOP control of state government.

If Democrats regain the Senate, they could slow but not reverse the GOP changes. More important, it would set up a possible attempt next year to recall Walker, who by law cannot be challenged until he has spent a year in office.

The campaigns have become test battles for 2012’s presidential and congressional elections, and special interest, business, labor and political groups are contributing millions of dollars.

“The stakes are high,” said state Sen. Alberta Darling, 67, of River Hills, the Republican Pasch is facing. “This is about the 2012 election. It is about Obama. And most of all, it is about the future of our country. Are we going to grow in the United States? Are we going to have entrepreneurs? Are we going to have freedom of opportunity? Or, are we going to have a socialistic state?”


“We really see this as an important victory for women across this country,” said Stephanie Schriock, president of EMILY’s List, which backs Democratic women seeking public office. “It really, for us, highlights the importance of these races as we move into ’12.”


It’s already been a bizarre political year in Wisconsin. In February and March, the state Capitol in Madison was racked by large-scale protests from labor supporters. Democratic senators, meanwhile, fled across the state line to Rockford, Ill., in an unsuccessful attempt to prevent the GOP from cutting the budget and curbing collective bargaining rights for public employees.

In the 8th Senate District, where Pasch is challenging Darling, the contest is of keen interest. Darling, a 21-year legislator, is co-chair of the Legislature’s budget-writing committee, which imposed severe budget cuts.


Pasch maintains that Darling and Walker have pushed through, “in a very rapid way, an extreme agenda, undoing years of Wisconsin history in a very short time.” Darling, she said, had been viewed as a moderate Republican early in her career but “she has been sliding to the right and I don’t think she can go further right.”

Darling counters that Pasch and her union supporters are trying to “flip” the results of last November’s election, which the GOP interpreted as a demand by voters to eliminate the state’s budget deficit and rein in spending.


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24 responses to “A Pasch of Blue

  1. I’ll be glued to the news from Tuesday afternoon on. At last a chance to start on reversing the 2010 disaster.

  2. johncerickson

    I don’t know if this is an indication of me mellowing in my old age, or if the world really has turned on its’ head, but as a born-and-raised conservative Chicagoan, I gotta say –
    “Go Wisconsin Dems!”
    Wow, I gotta get the taste of that outta my mouth. I think I’ll go give Blackjack a big smooch! 😉
    (And yes, the world HAS turned on its’ head. Ain’t no way I’m gonna mellow anytime soon! 😛 )

    • it’s not mellowing, john, it’s evolving. you’re one of the smart ones who actually looks at facts and changes his mind accordingly, and we welcome you into the light. 😀 give blackjack a big smooch from me, too. i hope the dems kick ass as well as blackjack can.

  3. Democrats, progressive, liberals…whatever can’t let up on any level. Every office matters. I saw video of Grover Norquist talking about the possibility of Republicans taking the U.S. Senate and felt sick to my stomach.

    On the lighter side, I love seeing a jerk having to take his lumps:

    • i saw that video last night over at the big orange. i love it!!! i had to watch it again, because it gives me joy. i hope the dems haunt him wherever he goes. i hope wanker walker doesn’t have a moment’s peace until the day he’s recalled.

      • Did you see Bill Maher’s pitch that liberals should out-crazy the tea party? So damn funny. He suggests they call themselves the Donner Party and proposes people lose their children for mentioning Jesus at a sporting event and be sentenced to 200 hours of community theatre. 😆

        • i loved that! i had to watch the rerun, because i laughed so hard the first time that i had missed some of it. the community theater line was perfect! his new rules segments have been awesome this season.

      • What?? No peace AFTER he’s recalled, either!
        Let him get publicly heckled until he’s a sub-minimum wage employee with no health benefits and no retirement, that forces him to work the night shift at a Kum & Go in a violent neighborhood with lots of gun violence. All God’s children got to get some edumacation, including recalled prick politicians.

  4. Coffee Party USA is calling for an “American Tahrir Square.” Wisconsin is a good start.

  5. Corey Langer

    Walker must be totally tone-deaf if he thinks he can traverse Wisconsin and not encounter protests of this sort. He has totally alienated more than half the population. I’m watching the recall election with immense interest from afar – NJ. I’m praying for a Democratic victory.

    • hello corey,

      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      you from joisey? i’m from joisey! (not really, i’m from new yawk, but i like saying joisey).

      walker is nothing if not tone-deaf. he strikes me as the type who, as a kid, thought he was the most popular guy in school when, in fact, everyone hated his snot-encrusted face.

  6. We can have a Donner Party meeting just up the road (in Donner Pass). Also have a Donner Lake for those who want to take the plunge. We can serve snow ice cream for refreshment. Tuesday will be fun to watch as the miscreants and crumudgeons are given the boot. You know, last week the decision was made to drastically cut polito-TV as it was giving me mental malaise. So far I’m down to Keith/Jon/Stephen and feel much better (and Mahar,in season). Now my time is better spent enjoying nature, reading more books from the thrift store, and teaching sis how to play that Jazz Bass she got last January (she played tonight with me up on the mountain gig and did well)

    • i think raisin ranch would be the perfect headquarters for the donner party! can we barbecue? i haven’t had good barbecue in ages. i think i’ll pass on the snow ice cream, unless you can assure me that it won’t be yellow.

      congrats on cutting down on the political tv watching. that’s what i should do. i think i’m addicted.

  7. Only thing missing from the above video is torches & pitchforks! I love that the masses drowned out anything he was saying.

    Thing is the “right”, which is so very wrong, has gone beyond regular political spectrums & into full blown “Corporatocracy”.
    Everything & everyone- environment, basic rights & common sense are thrown under the bus, so that the rich can have more.

    Walker’s tactics are right out of the Koch bros playbook & really take us backwards. Walker has blatantly circumvented the law as well.

    • it’s really scary that people who will be harmed by their stupid and selfish policies continue to believe the whole crock of shit. what would it take for those imbeciles finally get that there nothing but a cheap workforce to the koch brothers and their buddies?

  8. Nonnie, great stuff as always. My 15 yr old daughgter yesterday took 1st runner in in the Eden Cornfest Miss Sweet Corn Pageant. When asked onstage what era she would choose to live in if she could pick any other time she said she loves the time she is living in right now and wouldn’t want to live in a time when women couldn’t vote and gays couldn’t marry. This is a small town, there were gasps and also shouts of encouragement. It pretty much silenced the crowd though. Maybe she knew all three judges were education majors from Buffalo State, I don’t know but I can’t tell you how proud I was of her. Here’s my latest update, we’re on the air….aye….

    • mick!!! (or do i call you captain or cappy now?) 😀 what a nice surprise. congrats on the success of capt. chuckleberry and and even more heartfelt congrats on raising such an awesome daughter! i don’t even know her, and i’m proud as hell of her! hope to see you again soon. i miss you! 😥

  9. gregg

    I am sending $$ and will make phone banking calls for Wisconsin recall later today. I am really hoping for a big day Tuesday the news for which will keep me up here in New Yawk until Wednesday. No matter how many loses we take I keep wishin and hopin and thinkin an prayin and i’d even wear my old grey head of hair just for them if we could stomp those anti worker, anti kid, pimp shit koch whores real good….

    • you’re my hero, gregg! i sent them a few bucks a while ago. i wish i could afford to send them more. instead of my money, my heart will be with the dems in wisconsin on tuesday.

  10. And I won’t be surprised if Tuesday’s results ripple into Ohio.